What is a Remote Control Light Switch : Working & Its Applications

In industries, a remote control switch permits you to control load without using cables. Generally, cables need more maintenance because they wear out quicker in industrial surroundings. The remote control switches allow you to control a device or machine from any place. So it helps in saving valuable time & increases efficiency. These switches give more security and also protection to the operators from any unexpected injuries. So this article discusses an overview of a remote control light switch – working with applications.

What is a Remote Control Light Switch?

A switch that is used to control a load like an AC light by turning ON/OFF is known as remote control light switch. Generally, the remote control is used to control different appliances like TV, music system, AC, DVD Player, etc.

Remote Control Light Switch
Remote Control Light Switch

This is a low-cost switch and its design is simple. This switch is used to control household appliances using a remote. This switch includes two main parts transmitter and receiver where the transmitter acts as a normal remote and the receiver will be in a stable position that connects to any load.

Remote Controlled Light Switch Block Diagram

The remote-controlled light switch block diagram is shown below. This block diagram includes a transmitter & a receiver section which are discussed below.

Block Diagram
Block Diagram

The transmitter section includes a power supply, NE555 timer & IR LEDs. In this section, a NE555 timer is connected in astable mode, IR LEDs are used whose IR rays are directed through the concave lens & the power supply is taken from a 9V battery.

In the transmitter section, the switch within the circuit plays a key role. Once the switch is closed, the power supply from the battery activates the NE555 timer which will work as an astable multivibrator. The IR LEDs are connected to the o/p of NE555 which generates the IR signal throughout the concave lens.


Once the IR beam from the transmitter is attained by the receiver section, then photo LEDs will get the IR beam & charge the capacitor to enhance the i/p voltage of one pin of op-amp & high output is produced. Here, the high output from the op-amp is given as input to the 4018 Counter so that the counter will drive the load throughout a relay to control accordingly.

Remote Control Light Switch Circuit Diagram

The remote control light switch circuit diagram is shown below. The required remote control light switch components are; CD 4017 IC decade counter, 12V relay, AC light bulb, bulb holder, BC558 PNP transistor, small remote control, 2N2222 NPN transistor, 1 KΩ resistors -2, 10 KΩ resistor-1, 1N4007 PN junction diode, and TSOP 1738 IR receiver.

Remote Control Light Switch Circuit Diagram
Remote Controlled Light Switch Circuit Diagram

The essential components used in this circuit are; TSOP 1738 infrared receiver and IC CD4017. Here, the output of the infrared receiver is a decoded o/p signal from the remote control.

This decoded output signal is provided to the base of a PNP transistor throughout a 1 KΩ resistor. In addition, a capacitor is simply connected between the o/p of TSOP 1738 infrared receiver & GND to level the o/p signal.

The transistor’s emitter terminal is given to the CLK input of the 4017 IC. The enable pin or CLK inhibit are connected to GND. The Q2 pin also called output-2 of 4017 IC is simply connected to Pin 15 (Reset pin). At last, the pin3 (output) is simply connected to the relay module’s input.

How Does a Remote Control Light Switch Work?

In this project, a simple application is implemented like a remote-controlled load switch for controlling AC light by turning ON or OFF. This switch works in two sections transmission and reception which are discussed below.


In the transmission section, whenever a button is pushed on the remote, it sends a modulated IR signal and this modulated IR signal is detected by the TSOP1738 receiver, then it demodulates the signal & generates a suitable output. The TSOP 1738 output is LOW once it detects & demodulates the IR signal. As this output is connected to the PNP transistor’s input, then it is turned ON once any button is pushed on the remote control.

Consequently, the IC 4017 Decade Counter’s CLK pin gets a positive transition which makes the Q1 output to go HIGH. The Q1 pin of IC 4017 is connected to the relay board’s input, the relay is triggered to turn ON the light.


Once a button on a remote is pressed, the TSOP output goes low so again the PNP transistor is turned ON. The CLK of the 4017 IC gets a low to high transition once again the Q2 output will turn into HIGH.
When the Q2 output is connected to the RST pin of the 4017 IC, then the decade counter IC will be reset & the Q1 Output will become LOW. So, the light will be turned OFF.

Once again if any button on the remote is pushed, then IC gets reset and the Q1 output will go HIGH to activate the Light.

How to Install a Remote Control Light Switch?

There are several options available whenever searching for a remote control light switch; although before making a decision, you must decide which control system is preeminent for your home. The basic remote control switch will let you control the function of lighting & its intensity in the house when this light switch is operated wirelessly from either outside or inside of the house using your smartphone.

The following steps will give you information about how to install a remote control switch.

Turn off the Power

Before planning to install a remote lighting switch, deactivate the breaker and to confirm they are deactivated or not, flip the breakers until the light gets turned off.

Turn off the Power
Turn off the Power

Connect the Switch

Remove the old switch by disconnecting the connecting wires. Connect the remote switch by connecting the wires. Protect the switch within the wall just like a regular switch. by screwing the cover plate.

Connect the Switch
Connect the Switch

Mount the Receiver

Take down the light from the lightning fixture & unscrew the holding clip on the light fixture and cautiously pull out the light fixture. Check the system of remote & discover the wires you wish to connect through the receiver.

Lightning Fixture
Lightning Fixture

Program the Remote

Initially, turn on the breakers, after that continue by rotating the remote ON. Check with the instruction for programming the remote.

Program the Remote
Program the Remote

Check the Remote

Check the light remote control is properly working by turning ON & OFF the lights for few times. If the system came through a dimmer, verify its strength & function.

Check the Remote
Check the Remote

What kinds of things can a remote control switch be used with?

Remote control switches can be used with most lights and appliances. They can be used with your TV and cable box, your DVD player or Blu-ray player, your stereo system, your computer monitor and speakers… basically anything that runs on electricity!

How to turn a remote control switch on?

To turn your remote control switch on, follow these steps:

1. First, make sure that the phone is connected to the WiFi network or has cellular data access. If it does not, check that the connection to an internet service provider (ISP) is fine and that the ISP has good coverage in your area.

2. Next, open up the Remote app on your phone (it should be pre-installed) and tap “Add Switch.” A list of switches will appear—select yours from this list and then tap “Done.”

3. You’ll be asked if it’s okay for the app to use location services; select “Yes” if you’re okay with this happening

Advantages & Disadvantages

The advantages of remote control light switch include the following.

  • Operating remote control light switch is hassle-free and very convenient.
  • It conserves energy.
  • It is very helpful for elder and disabled people.
  • Making is not expensive.
  • This circuit can be implemented with a Microcontroller to control multiple loads. So each button on the remote can be assigned to control a different load.
  • This circuit can also be implemented by using an Arduino.

The disadvantages of remote control light switch include the following.

  • This remote switch is used to control only one load.
  • The range of communication is limited.
  • Wireless systems are not reliable.
  • They need ongoing maintenance


The applications of remote control light switch include the following.

  • This is used to control an AC light by turning ON/OFF.
  • These switches add smart home functionality to your house

Thus, this is an overview of a remote control light switch which is a very popular home automation system. This remote switch simply allows you to control the light intensity inside and outside of home lighting using remote technology. Here is a question for you, what is an IR sensor?