74LS08 AND Gate IC : Pin Configuration & Its Applications

If we want to design a circuit manually for a single AND gate, then it takes a lot of time due to its large size. So, 74LS08 AND gate IC is implemented to solve this issue. There are different logic gate ICs are available from the same series like 74LS00, 74LS73, 74LS02, 74LS138 & 74LS04. This article discusses an overview of 74LS08 AND gate IC and it’s working.

What is 74LS08 AND Gate IC?

An AND logic gate IC like 74LS08 includes 4 AND logic gates where each gate is used separately without changing other gates so it is called QUADRUPLE two-input AND logic gates. This IC works with a single power supply but it is available in several packages based on the circuit requirement.

74LS08 AND Gate IC
74LS08 AND Gate IC

The series of this IC is 74XXYY IC series where the logic gates within this IC is designed through Schottky transistors for logic operations with high speed. The output of this IC comes always in TTL so that it simply works with other microcontrollers & TTL devices. The size of this 74LS08 IC is smaller & has very speed performance which makes it consistent in each type of device.

Pin Configuration

The pin configuration of 74LS08 AND gate IC is shown below. This IC includes 14-pins where each pin and its functionality are discussed below.

74LS08 AND Gate IC Pin Out
74LS08 AND Gate IC Pin Out
  • Pin 1 (A1): This is the first input pin of the 1st AND logic gate within IC
  • Pin2 (B1): This is the second input pin for the 1st AND logic gate within IC.
  • Pin 3 (Y1): The first AND gate output can be obtained at this pin.
  • Pin 4 (A2): This is the 1st input pin of the 2nd AND gate within this IC.
  • Pin 5 (B2): This pin provides the second input toward the 2nd AND gate within this IC.
  • Pin 6 (Y2): This pin is used to get the o/p of the 2nd AND gate from this IC.
  • Pin 7 (GND): This is a GND pin; used as a common GND through other communication devices using IC & Power Supply.
  • Pin 8 (Y3): This pin is used to get the output of the 3rd AND gate from this IC.
  • Pin 9 (A3): This pin is used to provide the 1st input to the 3rd AND gate toward the IC.
  • Pin 10 (B3): This pin is used to provide the 2nd input toward the 3rd AND logic gate toward the IC.
  • Pin 11(Y4): This pin is used to get the output of the 4th AND gate from this IC.
  • Pin 12 (A4): This pin is used as the 1st input pin of the 4th AND gate.
  • Pin 13 (B4): This pin is used as the 2nd input pin of the 4th AND gate
  • Pin 14 (VCC): At this pin, the power supply can be provided to make the IC active.

Features & Specifications

The specifications and features of 74LS08 AND gate IC include the following.

  • The operating speed of IC 74LS08 is must fast
  • This IC has less power consumption
  • It has Quadruple 2-Input AND Gate features
  • It is available in several packages like SOP, PDIP & SOIC
  • It is very simple to operate
  • It is much cheaper
  • The output of this IC is TTL so that it can operate with microcontrollers & devices
  • A single power supply can activate all logic gates within the IC
  • An AND gate is used without affecting other gates
  • The maximum current provided by this IC is 8mA
  • The rise & fall time of this IC is 74LS08
  • The operating temperature of this IC ranges from 4.75V to 5.25V
  • The recommended voltage of this IC must be 5V however this IC holds up to 7V max.
  • The operating temperature ranges from 0 – 70 degrees however it has the capability to store -65 to 150 degrees temperature.

How to use 74LS08 AND Gate IC?

To understand 74LS08 AND gate IC, first, we have to recognize how a single AND logic gate works. Generally, AND logic gate includes 3 types of combinations where each combination includes similar outputs on precise inputs.


Here, the transistor-based logic AND gate circuit is shown below. The following circuit includes two transistors which are used as a switch to modify the condition of output for different inputs. In IC 74LS08 AND logic gate, both the transistors are connected in series. The power is given to the first transistor’s collector terminal & the output can be obtained on the emitter terminal of the next transistor.

AND Gate based on Transistors
AND Gate based on Transistors

For both the transistors, the two inputs are given to the base terminal. The inputs allow the flow of current from the two transistors. Once the input signal is HIGH then-current supplies throughout this transistor & complete voltages will be obtained on the o/p pin.

In other situations, if one of the input pins is LOW within the circuit next the o/p will be LOW due to the current supply from the transistors. Here the output will not depend on the type of AND gate but the output will be always according to the truth table of AND gate which is given below.

A single AND gate or two AND gates combination cannot be utilized to make any other logic gate however AND logic gate can be utilized to make other logic gates.

Here, AND logic gate can be converted to NAND gate with one single NOT gate. AND logic gate plays a key role in designing other logic gates like XNOR & XOR, however, to design other logic gates, it needs OR & NOT gate.

Where to use/Applications

The applications of 74LS08 AND Gate IC include the following.

  • This IC is mainly to achieve general-purpose AND gate logic.
  • It is used in different devices of servers, ALU, digital electronics, memory units, networking devices
  • It is used in several digital systems.
  • This IC is mainly used wherever the logic operation of AND gate is required. This IC includes 4 AND gates where a single gate or all logic gates are used simultaneously.
  • This IC is also very useful where AND gate with high-speed operation is necessary.
  • These logic gates are designed with Schottky transistors for making the logic gate switching delays less. So this IC can be utilized for AND operations with high speed.
  • This AND gate IC is very cheap used for AND gate logic operation. It is very famous & accessible everywhere.

Thus, this is all about an overview of a 74LS08 AND Gate IC datasheet. This single IC provides 4 AND gates. As compared to a single handmade AND gate, this IC cost is very less. The size of this IC is very small and available in different packages so that it can be adaptable in any small size device. This 74LS08 AND Gate IC can be operated with any TTL device without using any interface device. Here is a question for you, what are the advantages of 74LS08 logic gate IC?