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by Tarun Agarwal 4 months ago

What is a Solar Inverter and How it Works?

In any solar system, inverter plays an essential role like a brain. The main function of this is to alter DC power to AC power which is generated from the solar array. It allows for monitoring the system so this system operators can observe...

by Tarun Agarwal 12 months ago

Solar Pump Types and Their Applications

Nowadays, clean and consistent water supply is mandatory however the number of people at present not have this basic provision. The solar pump using a solar energy system is an attractive technology with environmentally as well as socially...

Solar Cooker
by Tarun Agarwal 5 years ago

How to Make a Solar Cooker and Its Working?

In the year 1767, the basic concept of cooking of food in solar cookers started by a “Swiss scientist”. Nevertheless the solar cooker was designed in the year 1950. To know about what is a solar cooker and its working, let’s have...

Solar Energy Myth and Facts
by Tarun Agarwal 6 years ago

Experts Outreach for Solar Energy Myths and Facts

As we stand at the junction of electricity road, from there we can find two ways to go for getting electric power: one with time-dependent non-renewable resources and the other with future dominated renewable energy resources. We are much...

Solar Charge Controller
by Tarun Agarwal 6 years ago

Solar Charge Controller Using MPPT Technology

The amount of electrical energy requirement is increasing rapidly with the population growth and technology development. There are ways for generating electrical energy using renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Multiple advantages...