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Electronic circuit developers often find it a bit difficult to buy electronic components before they start building or developing their projects or electronic circuits. Buying electronic components involve several stages like the identification and location of parts, vendors, and the determination of product-related parameters like range, quality, service, and so on.

The information provided in this article is intended to guide you before you start to purchase the hardware parts of the electronic circuits. This article also highlights the different parameters and steps that you need to consider before purchasing these components. Moreover, it will also guide you about the places where you can buy these components.

Step1: Find Out Your Product’s Requirements

Kit or individual Components
Kit or individual Components

The first step is to know about the products’ requirements; that is, to know whether you need an individual or assembled kit. If you require assembled kit, then stop searching for several individual components, and go for the assembled kit. If you are enthusiastic about DIY projects, then look forward and proceed to buy every single or individual component of the hardware.

Step2: Identify the Target Location or Source

Online purchase
Online purchase

Identification of the target location or source is up to you, whether you buy the products offline or online. Depending on your ease of purchase and convenience, you can either opt to buy individual components or Kit at local stores or simply order them online or buy. Online purchase is preferable as it saves time and money as well. The next important thing is the selection of reliable stores because the quality and other parameters of the individual components are very important for the success of your project.


Step3: Identify the Parameters to Consider 

This crucial step decides the quality, quantity, rating, and other parameters of the components. If you want your project to be ideal, then better go for high-quality standard components from reliable vendors. If you want to reduce the overall cost, rather than buying individual components from individual vendors, go for bulk components’ orders because they will reduce the overall cost of your project.

Step4: Check for Other Resources 

This step involves checking facilitates like repair, replacement, and decommission of components and kits. These facilities talk about the vendor’s reliability and also about its customer services.

Where to buy electronic components?

In this competitive world of electronics, electronic hardware circuit developers can easily find plenty of electronic components suppliers, distributors, and shops, which supply surplus electronic or electrical components. Local stores or shops that provide these components with regard to reliability, product quality, price, and service would be the best option to buy these components.

But it is often preferable to buy these components online from a trusted online store to save the time that you usually spend searching for a reliable store roaming here and there to buy such components. At times some components may not be available in local stores; therefore, the only option remains for us to get them easily is through online shopping.

However, there remains a common misconception for some people regarding the online purchase of electrical components because they feel such a choice as not fair. Many people with such a wrong notion doubt the authenticity of some parameters like quality; ratings, working ability, etc. and are often reluctant to buy such components online.

Online stores
Online stores

However, contrary to all these misconceptions and doubts, online stores have become more reliable and trustworthy in this new era of online shopping and marketing. They offer their products and services providing guaranteed output, replacement facility, service Providence, home deliveries, etc. A list of some of these online stores is given below:

10 Electronic Components Online Stores

Here we have listed the 10 electronic component stores to buy online.


Digi-Key is one of the best electronic components distributors worldwide. Digi-Key provides a huge collection of in-stock electronic components and the finest service to the customers by helping engineers during the whole design procedure from sample to manufacture. Their support & service responds to customer requirements. It is unique in a lot of ways that convert into superior service to customers. Please refer to this link to place an order of electronic components – DigiKey


The SFE or Spark Fun Electronics is an electronics dealer company located in Niwot, Colorado, United States. It makes & sells different types of breakout, electronic components, and microcontroller boards. All these products are open-source hardware. In addition to these, SparkFun provides curriculum, online training with tutorials to expose the amazing embedded electronics world. Please refer to this link to place an order of electronic components – Sparkfun.


eBay is a multinational e-commerce company located in San Jose, California. This company provides C2C and B2B sales. This corporation handles the website of eBay where the customers and business people sell and buy different types of goods globally. This website is not commercial for use; however, sellers are charged some fees for listing goods. Please refer to this link to place an order of electronic components – eBay.


Alibaba is the largest e-commerce company with the biggest investment in worldwide. This company provides C2C, B2B, B2C sales in the world. Its sales and profits have exceeded compared with all USA sellers. It has been growing into the media industry with triple percentage points of revenues every year. Please refer to this link to place an order of electronic components – Alibaba.


Amazon is an American e-commerce company located in Seattle, Washington. It is one of the largest companies with Google, Facebook, and Apple. Amazon is recognized for its capability to disturb well-established business through technical improvement & mass scale. It is the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace with an AI associate provider, & cloud computing platform when measured by income and market capitalization. It is the biggest Internet Corporation by profits in the world and one of the world’s most expensive companies. Please refer to this link to place an order of electronic components – Amazon.


FindChips is the top electronic components distributors globally. By searching in FindChips one can save their time as well as money. FindChips offers electronic parts with instant stock & pricing, component price comparison, and components like ICs, transistors, semiconductors, resistors, etc. Please refer to this link to place an order of electronic components – FindChips.


Element14 provides good service in distributing products with good service & solutions for designing electronic systems. The operations of element14 in worldwide include the US, Europe, & Asia Pacific areas. They provide better customer service on websites with a local language, currency, wide range of products along with delivery options to reach the customer’s requirements around the world. Please refer to this link to place an order of electronic components – Element14.


Robokits is a fast raising e-commerce site in India and they provide a sales distribution system for robotic devices. This was founded in the year 2007 and is presently located in Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat, India. The main concept of Robokits is to design commercial and efficient electronics solutions for robotic devices that are used in different applications like industrial, hobby, educational, and other investigate and expansion efforts. Please refer to this link to place an order of electronic components – Robokits.

Matha Electronics

Matha Electronics is located in Pallimuku in Ernakulam. They provide electronic components, security systems, electronic project kits, home theatre, industrial components, computer accessories, electronic books, laptop accessories, remotes, domestic-led products, inverter, etc. They supply a lot of customers like hobbyists, businesses, and institutions. Please refer to this link to place an order of electronic components – Matha Electronics.


Mouser Electronics is a universal foremost approved semiconductor & electronic components distributor for manufacturing companies. They supply different products like semiconductors, electromechanical, passives, and interconnect components. It has a strong assurance toward customer service. The service they provide for the customers is a well-known global customer service excellence.

Some more online sites to buy electronic components are listed below.


These are some of the online stores where you can place an order to buy electronic components. These stores provide options like cash on delivery and also credit or debit card payments so that a user can place the order with ease of convenience. In addition to this, these stores also deliver the kits or components by some trusted courier services like postal, DTDC, FedEx, etc.

We hope that you might have got satisfied with this article and believe that you got an idea about the listed sites. Apart from this, if you have any queries or suggestions regarding wireless power transfer please write down in the comments section given below.

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