Best Free CAD Softwares to Download

CAD tools are important as well as most frequently used in design industries. One can experience the importance of CAD software while working and experimenting. This tool is applicable in engineering, architecture, and also used while making video games Because of the high demand of this tool, there are several industries have been recruiting CAD designers and investing much amount on them. Auspiciously, we have collected a list of 10 free CAD software’s which are discussed below. This article discusses an overview of the best free CAD software to download.

What is CAD Software?

The term ‘CAD’ stands for ‘computer-aided design’, and it is one type of computer tool which assists in the construction, alteration, analysis, otherwise design optimization. The main purpose of this software is to enhance the designer’s productivity, design quality improvement, progress communications during documentation, & to make a database for manufacturing. This tool is mainly applicable in most of the production and designing industries for eliminating fatal flaws in product design. There are lots of industries which depend on CAD tools. These tools allow users to execute even complicated engineering projects in a standard web browser.

10 Free CAD Softwares

Here we are listing 10 free CAD software with links, and these are very useful in different 3D modeling and 2D drawing projects. They are SketchUp Make, FreeCAD, NanoCAD, Sculptris, DraftSight, Onshape, TinkerCAD, OpenSCAD, KiCAD

SketchUp Make

This is one of the most accepted 3D-modeling software tools, and it is frequently used for an architectural reason & sometimes for other functions within the 3D-design marketplace. If you are seeking for a professional 3D-model tool for your career then SketchUp is best for you. Please refer the link to download the software. Please refer to this link to download-SketchUp Make tool.


FreeCAD is a free parametric 3D-model tool that supports different plugins to process the experience of the users. This CAD tool can allow various formats to import & export files which include a sheet module for drawing to create 2dimension-schematics of the 3D-models. There’s even an architecture module that functions very similarly to a BIM program. The main features of this CAD software include parametric model, modular architecture, geometry kernel, import or export, robot simulation module, sketcher, rendering, and drawing sheets modules. Please refer to this link to download – FreeCAD tool.


nanoCAD software is an industry standard CAD tool which includes a range of APIs & powerful table editor. It has several tools for 2D- modeling, 3D-modeling & numerous methods for making geometric shapes. The main features of this tool include user interface is Industry-standard, table editor, complete command set, .dwg support, API support, automation, and extended plotting. Please refer to this link to download- nanoCAD tool.



Sculptris is a specialized free 3D-model program designed by 3D expert of Pixologic. It can be used easily and one can design their own versions like a dragon, troll, and otherwise Godzilla with the help of loaded sculpting toolset. If you are a beginner while using the geometry as well as polygons to make your own surface, no need to worry because Sculptris surface includes numerous triangles that are mechanically arranged into the 3D model surface. Please refer to this link to download- Sculptris tool.


The DraftSight tool is 2D CAD editor software which can be downloaded free. This tool is apt for students, specialized CAD users, as well as educator, particularly if you want to make, view and correct your project within the native DWG file format. A set of features of this tool supports you to make professional looking plans with the help of polylines, lines, text, dimensions, etc. The interface is somewhat dull, but this may petition to those who desire modest and easy CAD software. Please refer to this link to download- DraftSight tool.


Onshape software is one type of 3D-CAD tool, and it is free for users who are non-commercial. It includes a range of options like import & export, as well as control of version. An app store provides numerous integrations & add-ons. Different to most CAD tools, this tool doesn’t utilize files, however stores all the information within a database to be allowed by all the users. The main features of Onshape include rendering tools, drawing & 3D-solid modeling tools. Please refer to this link to download- Onshape tool.


Tinkercad tool is a browser-based free CAD program, and it is mainly used for beginners and children. This CAD program depends on a building block system; however, it can also import vector forms & changes them to 3dimension. This tool provides 3D-printing services, incorporation with every 3D printer, & sends to laser cutters. Please refer to this link to download- TinkerCAD tool.


OpenSCAD tool is mainly used for the users who wish to work on the particulars, particularly engineers. This tool is a perfect platform for 3D-modeling. It doesn’t have an interactive model for the designer to plan the user’s model, however, depends more on what you described inside the parameters during the script files. This software is suitable for who want to build machine parts. Please refer to this link to download- OpenSCAD tool.


KiCAD tool is a free PCB (Printed Circuit Board) designing software which comprises a project manager along with four major software like PCB editor, GERBER file viewer, footprint selector, and schematic editor used for the component connection. It also includes extra software tools, a 3D viewer to make your PCB within 3D & 2 library part editors to permit you to make or changes footprint & schematic components. Please refer to this link to download- KiCAD tool.

Thus, this is all about free CAD software tools. From the above information finally, we can conclude that the tools which are discussed in the above are scalable, that means you can purchase extra cloud storage space when require arises. Some more CAD tools are Fusion 360, 3D Slash, LibreCAD, QCAD, 3DCrafter. There are a lot of benefits by using these free online CAD designing software tools, and the main advantage is not commercial to get started and uses much disk place. Here is a question for you, what are the benefits of these tools?