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A wire loop game has a metal loop and it is to be taken from starting to ending point along the length of the wire. It is moved in such a way that the loop should not touch the wire. It is a hand-eye coordination game. In many exhibitions or parks, these wire loop games are commonly played with a metal loop on a handle and a length of curved wire in which the game is played by slowly moving the metal loop along the curved wire. While playing this game the handle gives electric shock which will be mild and if the metal loop touches the wire, it indicates the game had lost.In order to build a wire loop game, wire and batteries are required. In this game if you lose the game by touching the wire means if the metal loop touches the curved wire, then you will not get shock instead a buzzer will beep which indicates the loop is touching the wire.

Wire Loop Game
Wire Loop Game

Wire Loop Game Circuit

The below Figure is the loop wire game circuit connected with a battery and a light bulb. The entire set up of the loop wire game is as shown in the figure.

Wire Loop Game Circuit
Wire Loop Game Circuit

Electric power always flows from negative end, i.e from one end of the battery (negative sign) to power end, which is marked as a positive point in the above circuit. AA batteries are used in this project and the edge of the power and consists of raising tip and these AA batteries a one of the type of cylinder-shaped batteries and in these batteries the ground end will be flat.

The buzzer is connected to the battery. This buzzer consists of two wires which are called as leads, One is red lead and the other is black lead. Red lead connected to the battery pack and black lead or other wire of the battery is connected to a battery pack as shown in the above circuit. Electricity is carried out along the length of the circuit from one end to another. Due to the chemical processes used in the battery, some pressure is created and this pressure is known as voltage. If the wire is damaged the power supply in the circuit does not flow and this damage results in the non-functioning of the circuit and wire loop game.

Before connecting the circuit, the switch that supplies power should be in OFF position. The black lead is inserted into the black wire side of the battery and the red lead of the buzzer is inserted into the red wire side of the battery. If the circuit is switched ON, the buzzer should make a sharp sound. The red and black wires are connected correctly and if it is reversed the entire circuit does not work.

Steps to Build a Wire Loop Game

To build your own wire loop game project, you need batteries and wires. In this game, players won’t get shocked if they lose. Instead, a buzzer will generate a sound whenever the metal loop touches the curved wire. This game has two challenges, In challenge 1 you will learn how electricity from a battery can be used to make sounds. In Challenge 2, you will build your own wire loop game and then play it.


Required Components and Tools

Required Components
Required Components
  • Battery pack-1
  • Buzzer -1
  • Foam core-1
  • Machine screws (1/2″, 4-40)-4
  • Machine screw nuts (4-40)-4
  • Washers-4
  • Insulated wire (12″ lengths, 24 gauge)-2
  • Battery lead extender-1
  • Utility knife-1
  • Cutting mat-1
  • T square-1
  • Wire stripper-1
  • Scissors-1
  • Screwdriver-1

Preparation for Wire loop Game with Wire

  • The purpose or procedure of the game is to move a wire loop along the curved wire by not touching the two wires. If the wires are touching the buzzer will beep showing that the metal loop touched the wire. The scaling is marked on the foam board before preparing the circuit connection. By using the cutting mat, cuts are made with the utility knife. Finally the connection of the project is as shown in the figure.
  • In the next step Game Board Image is applied by pasting the printed image to the top of the game board and 2 inches of foam core are left for connecting electrical wires.
  • Later the Path wire or the length of wire is added in order to move the metal loop along the curved wire. For this purpose, two insulated wires are taken. Insulation is striped from path wire. The path wire is twisted into a movable shape. Now the loop wire is added to the project, the loop wire and this will be twisted, creating a loop with it in such a way that this will be moved or navigated along the length of wire.  From one end of the loop wire 1 inch of insulation is stripped and in the same way 3 inches of insulation are stripped from the other end. The shorter stripped end is protected for the game base and is connected with a machine screw as shown in Figure.
  • The loop should be of minimum length and prepared on the other end by encircling the path wire
  • The buzzer is added to the circuit in order to find or notice that the wire got touched the metal loop while playing game instead of electric shock. So, the buzzer is connected to the game base and the components are indulged into a circuit with the path wire and the loop wire.
  • The Electrical Connections are connected carefully as this is the main part of the entire setup. The path wire, the loop wire, the buzzer, and the battery pack is connected as shown in the figure. The connection will be in such a way that if the loop wire touches the path wire, the buzzer will ring.
  • At the bottom of the loop wire game board the power lead of buzzer which is the “red wire” and a ground lead “black wire” are noticed. Now the nut anchoring the loop wire should loosen, and roll the power lead of buzzer around this screw and again fix the nut tightly. The path wire or the loop wire is connected to the screw and this screw should be observed and it is wrapped to the ground lead of buzzer,  now fix it again tightly as shown in fig. The power lead of buzzer must be kept safe to one of the two screws anchoring the path wire. Similarly, the ground lead of the battery is secured to the screw with the ground lead of buzzer. The battery leads are connected to the battery pack assuring to align the red and black wires.
  • Finally the game will be played as the entire set up had been completed. The game part will be fun. The battery pack will be turned ON and you have to try to move the loop from one end to other end along the length of the wire without touching it.
Working of Wire Loop Game
Working of Wire Loop Game

Wire Loop Breaking Alarm Signal

The main intention of this project is to generate an alarm signal in the event of breaking of a wire in the loop and generates a signal using  a buzzer to alert the user.

Wire Loop Breaking Alarm Signal Project Kit by Edgefxkits.com
Wire Loop Breaking Alarm Signal Project Kit by Edgefxkits.com

This system is assembled employing a 555 timer in astable mode. A semiconductor is employed to trigger the timer, whenever there’s an opening within the wire loop within the project, a detachable jumper is employed as wire loop.If an equivalent is removed it triggers the 555 timer that successively triggers a buzzer creating AN alarm sound. The detachable jumper is employed rather than a wire for demonstration purpose during this project.

This project in future is often extended by interfacing it with GSM technology electronic equipment in order that whenever the loop breaks, AN alert message is shipped to the user via SMS.Furthermore, any doubts regarding this article or electronics projects, give your valuable suggestions by commenting in the comment section below.

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