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by Tarun Agarwal 7 years ago

Induction Motor – Types & Advantages

What is an Induction Motor? A motor with only armortisseur windings is called an induction motor. An induction motor is the most modest electrical machine from constructional point of view, in the majority of the cases. Induction motor...

by Tarun Agarwal 7 years ago

How Circuit Breakers Work?

Circuit Breaker- Need and Definition Electricity coming to our house or any other places from the power distribution grids forms a large circuit with the lines connecting to the power plant forming one end called the hot wire and the lines...

SMPS Block Diagram
by Tarun Agarwal 7 years ago

Types of Power Supplies

Regulated power supplies usually refers to a power supply capable of supplying a variety of output voltages useful for bench testing electronic circuits, possibly with continuous variation of the output voltage, or just some preset...

Different Types of Capacitors
by Tarun Agarwal 7 years ago

Types of Capacitors and Their Applications

In every electronic or electrical circuit, a capacitor plays a key role. So every day, the production of different types of capacitors can be done from thousands to millions. Each kind of capacitor includes its benefits, drawbacks, functions...

by Tarun Agarwal 7 years ago

Electrical Energy Saving Tips

Electrical energy has become the primary need for the universe. Electricity is an important resource for industrial and agricultural aspects. It plays a vital role in improving the quality of life. Electrical energy is generated by renewable...

by Tarun Agarwal 7 years ago

Motor Starter

Induction Motor An induction motor is a 3 phase motor consisting of the 3 phase winding as the stator with a permanent magnet and the rotor as another 3 phase windings. It works on the principle of rotating the magnetic field, i.e. the...

by Tarun Agarwal 7 years ago

Generators – Working, Types & Advantages

Generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. It works based on principle of faraday law of electromagnetic induction. The faradays law states that whenever a conductor is placed in a varying magnetic field,...