Difference between VGA and HDMI

Interface standards like VGA and HDMI are mainly used for cables for connecting different electronic devices like DVD players, laptops & computers to a display device like a projector, computer monitor or TV. The terms like VGA & HDMI stands for Video Graphics Array and High-Definition Multimedia Interface.

The cable connector like VGA simply carries a video signal whereas HDMI carries both audio signals and digital video. As compared to HDMI, the video quality obtained through a VGA is not good. This article discusses the main difference between VGA and HDMI.

Difference between VGA and HDMI

The difference between VGA and HDMI mainly includes its definitions and key differences between them but the similarities of both the cables are; the interface, they transmit video signals, they include pins and compatible through converters.

Difference between VGA and HDMI
Difference between VGA and HDMI

What is VGA?

VGA or Video Graphics Adapter is a video standard used worldwide today but it is a very old standard. This standard was developed by IBM Company for their personal computers. Most of the manufacturers of PC are conventional to VGA & it became the standard for all PCs. Since VGA was invented simply for video signals transmission, it can simply hold a single video signal & nothing else.

VGA is used to provide a 640 X 480 resolution with 60Hz of a refresh rate. This standard uses analog signals in place of digital. The port which connects the monitor & CPU through the cable is known as a VGA cable.

What is HDMI?

HDMI is a new standard, developed by electronics manufacturers for sending digital signals in between several electronic devices. This standard is very capable because it was designed to hold signals in between a set-top player and an HD TV.


It carries a video signal equal to digital audio with 8 channels & a CEC channel used for communication in between different devices. It is very handy because you need only a single cable for connecting devices in place of 3 to 8 cables

Main Difference between VGA & HDMI

The main difference between these two standards is discussed in the following tabular form.



VGA was implemented by IBM HDMI was implemented by different founders like Hitachi, Philips, Panasonic, Sony, Thomson, Silicon Image,  Toshiba & RCA.
VGA stands for Video Graphics Adapter HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface
It is an older version It is a new version
It is used to carry only video signals It is used to carry both audio and video signals
It is used for analog devices It is used for digital devices
It is not equal to HDMI for video gaming functions. It is very better for video gaming as compared to VGA.
It is well-suited with DVI converters It is well-suited with both DVI & VGA converters.
For audio signals, VGA uses a separate cable. For audio signals, HDMI doesn’t need any cable
It is applicable in computers It is applicable in media players & HD TV sets
As evaluated to passive cables, VGA to HDMI converters is very expensive. HDMI to VGA converter is cheaper.
It does not support high resolution It supports high resolution
Specifications are 15-pins, not hot-pluggable, RGB analog video signal, etc Specifications are 19/29-pins, hot-pluggable, audio signal & digital video,
Single VGA connector is available in blue color with a 15-pinned male form & a 15-holed female form Types of HDMI connectors are type-A, type-B, type-C, type-D & type-E
The refresh rate max is 60 Hz The refresh rate max is 240 Hz
The maximum resolution of VGI is 1600×1200 The maximum resolution of HDMI is 920 x 1200
It is accessible on old monitors It is accessible on current monitors
This adapter can be changedd to HDMI HDMI adapter can change to VGI
Input lag is low Input lag is slight
Signal interference is more Signal interference is almost no

Which is better HDMI/ VGA?

As per the above discussion of VGA vs HDMI, as compared to VGA, HDMI is very better for several reasons. HDMI is capable of transmitting more data and also it carries on audio. VGA, Alternatively, VGA is capable of transmitting visuals & much fewer resolutions. In brief, HDMI transmits a very clearer image with good quality.

For movie watching, you need the finest quality resolution & colors, for that HDMI connector is the best choice. As compared to HDMI, the VGA connector has some drawbacks like color is a little flat. So while watching movies that can make a huge difference on the Television. In addition, the HDMI connector carries audio, thus you don’t require any special cables for speakers.

A VGA connector can simply support 60hz to 85hz of refresh rate. However, HDMI is the best choice for different video games because they are visually very clear & also you can attain maximum refresh rates. For instance, HDMI 2.0 can attain 240hz on 1080p.

Thus, this is all about an overview of the main difference between VGA and HDMI. These two standards are used worldwide today but the main difference between these two is the data format that it communicates. VGA connector or standard is analog whereas HDMI standard is digital. Here is a question for you, what are the disadvantages of VGA?