Electrical Seminar Topics for Engineering Students

This article gives a list of the most popular and latest seminar topics for electrical engineering students. These electrical seminar topics are an essential part of the curriculum during engineering. Choosing the best seminar topic is essential not only from an academic point of view but also from the knowledge point of view. Because the selection of the best topics enhances the knowledge of the students about the latest topics as well as the latest technology.

Electrical Seminar Topics for Engineering Students

This article list out recent advanced electrical seminar topics for electrical engineering students. These core electrical seminar topics are very helpful for electrical engineering students.

Electrical Seminar Topics
Electrical Seminar Topics

Smart Dust

Innovative technology like smart dust is based on MEMS with vast capacity. These are frequent across smartphones to adjust the screen direction otherwise collect ambient data. Smart dust is used to detect temperature, light, vibration, and chemicals/magnetism, whereas MEMS includes small elements which are connected with electronic components.

These devices may be power efficient & little sufficient to draw energy from nearby air, so that lifespan, as well as its functionality, can be extended greatly. This is one of the best electrical seminar topics to choose from for engineering students. In the development of engineering materials & 3D printing, MEMS are capable of gathering cellular data, discovering the places which are hard to reach & making powerful the upcoming generation of human communication.

Solar Refrigerator

At present, solar energy is playing a key role to meet the requirements of energy in our country. The development of this can be done at a very fast rate and its usage in several areas is being discovered. One of the applications of solar energy is a solar refrigerator. This is one of the best economical solutions to the areas wherever there is no electrical energy & cooling is necessary. This is used in hospitals in rural areas to keep the medicines cool and mini industries.

By using this kind of refrigerator, there are many advantages like reliability is high, exact temperature control, uses less area, eco friendly, less cost, etc.


HAPTIC Technology

Haptic technology is an interface between the consumer & a virtual environment using touch sensing through applying vibrations, forces & motions to the consumer. This is a mechanical simulation, used to help while creating virtual objects to enhance the remote control of devices and machines.

This technology helps investigate how the touch sense of human works using cautiously controlled HAPTIC virtual objects which are used to systematically investigate the capabilities of human haptic.
Even though haptic devices are used to calculate the forces that are applied by the user like bulk otherwise reactive, it should not be confused through the sensors like tactile/touch to calculate the force used by the consumer to the interface.


Poly fuses are PTC (Polymeric Positive Temperature Coefficient) Thermistors. In the characteristics of this device, the resistance of this device will be increased along with the temperature. The designing of these devices can be done with the thin conductive semi-crystalline plastic polymer sheets using attached electrodes to any side. It is a non-conductive loaded through an extremely conductive carbon to build it conductive.

These are available in various forms like an axial, radial, chip, surface mount, etc. The voltage ratings of these devices range from 30V- 250V & current ratings are 20 mA-100A. These thermistors offer savings of net cost with decreased component count & a decrease in the size of the wire. These fuses give protection to the circuit from short circuits.

Solar Mobile Charger

At present, there are different types of alternative energy sources available in that, solar energy is one of the best, most popular & frequently used energy. This energy is free and obtainable everywhere. This energy can be obtained from the sun to provide power from mobiles, MP3 players, different gadgets, etc.

Generally, the energy of the sun can be harvested using solar panels that are designed with PV cells. The main function of the PV cell is to change the energy of the sun to electricity. This solar battery charger can be used to charge small devices like a camera, mobile, mp3 player, etc.


Day by day, the population is increased in every city, so the demand for transportation also increased but road networks are narrow and congested. To overcome this problem, the monorail is implemented which uses fewer spaces and reduces the time for traveling. This mono train gives supports rapid transit system of the public like suburban & metro rail system, where this system is not obtainable & roads widening are not possible because of the constructions on either side.

The main features of this system include, it runs on a thin guideway beam, where the wheels of this train hold on either side of the beam. This train is less weight, the manufacturing cost is less which takes 1.5 years to 2 for manufacturing.

These trains are eco friendly because these systems generate less noise as compared with others. Mono train is available in Tokyo, Japan from 1963, in Malaysia, Kuala-Lumpur from the past five years & the past three years, it is available in china. These trains are reliable and safe.


The system like electrical, mechanical otherwise hydraulic is used to direct an aerial vehicle without the involvement of a human. It also keeps the direction of the airplane by checking the related flight information using inertial measurement devices, after that this data can be used to cause remedial actions.

This project is used to design, implement, and develop an autopilot intended for a glider airplane. The necessary remedial measures are involved by a set of servo motors. These motors assist the flight to find the path and direction which are maintained at the preferred levels.

Floating Power Plant

The floating power plant was invented in the North of Brazil after many years of work on the rivers to study the behavior of the river for the force and velocity of the water in the flood time. So a system is developed like floating of power plant for generating electrical energy without affecting the environment in any way otherwise the area where the system is installed.

This system is installed in a small river, after that this system is installed in the oceans and seas for Floating Power Plant to control the plentiful energy in the plants through waves & tides.


HVDC (high voltage direct current) is a highly efficient system, used to transfer a huge amount of electricity over long distances in some special applications. As compared with AC, this DC system is low cost & drops low energy.

The high voltage direct current can be transmitted using cables which are used underwater & underground. HVDC is used due to several reasons like ecological benefits, economical, interconnections are asynchronous, controlling of power flow, etc.

HVDC system includes different components like the converter station, the electrodes, and the transmission medium. HVDC is more preferable in transmission projects because of changed conditions in the electrical industries, developments in technology, and considerations of the environment.

Smart Grid

The smart grid is a blend of management, reporting software, hardware, etc. In the smart grid, the utility companies and consumers include different tools for handling, controlling as well as reacting to issues that occurred in energy. The flow of current from utility to the customer is a bidirectional conversion that conserves user’s money as well as energy by transmitting clearly in terms of decreasing carbon emissions.

Transformation in the delivery system of electricity, it checks, protects & optimizes the process of consistent elements from the distributed generator using the HV network as well as a distribution system to automation systems of the building, industrial users, installations of energy storage and their appliances, electric vehicles, thermostats.

Buck-boost Transformer

This transformer is usually small, lighting with low voltage and single-phase transformer. The connection of this transformer can be done like an autotransformer to supply fewer voltage corrections for the applications of single & 3-phase. An autotransformer includes a direct connection between the two windings.

This transformer doesn’t perform like an isolation transformer. These transformers include buck-boost, solar grid, and motor starting transformers. Buck-boost transformers are mainly used for providing power to the circuits which operate with less voltage.

Wave Energy

Wave energy is also called ocean wave energy and this is one of the renewable energy sources based on the ocean. This kind of energy uses the wave’s energy to produce electricity. Tidal energy uses tidal flow and ebb, whereas wave energy uses the surface water vertical movement to generate tidal waves.

The wave power can be converted into electricity once the waves move up & down by locating a device on the ocean’s surface. This device captures the movement of waves & changes the energy from mechanical to electrical.

Power Generation through Footstep

This system is used to generate power by applying force through the footstep without using any fuel. In this system, a piezoelectric crystal can be used for generating electrical energy by applying a foot presser & finally the energy will be stored within the battery. Please refer to this link to know more about doorstep through power generation.

Antisleep Alarm for Drivers

On highway roads, accidents may occur because of the continuous exposure to the lights of other vehicles while approaching vehicles. So this can cause poor vision to the drivers due to tiredness within the eyes. To overcome this, an anti-sleep alarm is implemented to awake the driver.

This project keeps the driver watchful by sounding irregular beeps & generating flashing light to remind him that he is not sleeping on the bed however driving a car. This system is very useful at night times because of the control of an LDR based switch.

Paper Battery

Please refer to this link to know more about the paper battery.

Power Generation through Speed Breaker

This system is implemented for generating voltage from the traffic. Conversion of energy from mechanical to electrical is mostly used concept. Similarly, the energy can be generated from the vehicle once it goes on the speed breaker. This potential energy can be changed into rotational energy. In this project, a mechanical rod through the dynamo is used by placing on the outside of the road.

Once any vehicle on the road moves on this roller, then the vehicle will turn the rod because of the friction, this rod will move the dynamo. Once the dynamo moves, it produces a voltage & this voltage can be connected to the bulbs. Practically, this voltage is applicable for battery charging and turns ON the bulbs.

Underwater Windmill

This is one kind of device, used to extract the power from the waves. Renewable energy sources are becoming very favorable alternative energies as compared with conventional types to ease fossil fuel-related problems. Tidal or wave energy gives a huge & consistent energy source & it is related to wind energy.

In this, the rotor blades are activated through tidal current but not by wind energy. The swift tidal current can be generated by the gravitational force of the moon, then long blades in the turbine can spin to generate electricity using different parts in the underwater windmill. This energy can be used to provide power in a tiny arctic village

Power Generation through MHD

In the electrical generation of power, the power generation using MHD (magneto-hydrodynamic) is an innovative system with less pollution & high efficiency. This generator is used in several developed countries. But in India, it is still developing. The development of MHD is in progress under the efforts of BHEl, BARC at Tiruchirapalli, Tamilnadu. As the name suggests, this kind of generator is concerned through the conducting liquid flow in presence of two fields like electric and magnetic.

This liquid may be gas at high temperature. This generator converts the energy from heat to electricity without a usual electric generator. Si, the main difference between MHD and usual generator is, the MHD generation is discovered through faraday once an electric conductor moves across a magnetic field, and then an emf can be induced to generate an electric current. The same principle can also apply to the conventional generator, wherever the conductors include copper strips.

Nuclear Energy

In a reactor, once the atoms are divided to warm water into vapor then the turbine can be rotated & generates electricity. This energy is known as nuclear energy. Please refer to this link to know more about Nuclear Energy: Its Importance, Facts & Advantages

Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution

The electrical power transmission & distribution design system plays a dangerous role in the management of technical, development, complex power acquisition & energy technology systems. These are accountable for coordinating, planning,& supervision group efforts that converts technology solution from operational need, whose skills & tools decide whether a system will reach the goals of cost, plan & performance.

Modern Trends in Machine Design Technology

An electric machine, the modern trends mainly include NNs (neural networks), AI (Artificial Intelligence), integrated electronics, fiber communications, expert system, hot superconductors, dielectric materials, ceramic conducting & magnetic levitation, etc. These trends assist the electrical engineers while designing newer, cheaper & more efficient converters & their controllers.

Electrical energy provides economic, flexible as well as efficient method for transmission, generation & utilization. This energy is used for industrial processes like heating, lighting, transportation & communications. The power used by the human activities can be received by the electrical machines from the huge generators which are installed within power stations to the tiny motors within automatic control systems.

Analysis of Solar Thermal Power Generation

The generation systems of solar power use mirrors for gathering sunlight and generates steam through solar heat to make the turbines rotate for producing power. The power can be generated by using this system through revolving turbines such as nuclear and thermal power plants & thus, is suitable for large-scale power generation. The generation of energy from the sun can be done in two ways like the sunlight can be converted into electricity directly using PV & CST (Concentrating Solar Thermal) is used to produce electricity.

Vortex Bladeless based Wind Generator

Vortex Bladeless is nothing but a wind generator with vortex-induced vibration resonant. This type of generator controls the wind energy from vorticity occurrence, so this is known as Vortex Shedding. Mostly, bladeless technology includes a cylinder that is fixed vertically through an elastic rod.

This cylinder swings on a wind range and then produces electricity using an alternator system. It is a wind turbine but not a turbine. The generators of Vortex are more related based on the features & cost-effectiveness eventually to solar panels as compared with usual wind turbines.

Synchronization or Paralleling Of Generators

Generators are available in different types based on the applications which can supply a larger load than a single machine automatically. The power system reliability can be increased by using different generators because the malfunction of any generator does not affect a whole power loss toward the load. The operation of many generators by connecting in parallel permits one otherwise more of them to be detached for shutdown & deterrent maintenance.

If the generator at full load is not operated then it will be quite incompetent. However using several machines, it is probable to work simply a fraction of them. When the generator works near to the load then, the generators RMS voltage line must be equivalent and the phase sequence of these generators must be the same. These generator’s frequency is known as the approaching generator that must be a little higher as compared with the running system frequency.

Rain Power – Energy Harvesting from the Sky

This project uses the energy which is stored in rainwater for generating power for the constructions, which are located in the areas affected through power cuts in the summer season. So energy harvesting from the rainwater can be achieved through a pipeline system with structured disposal, separate generator turbine & piezoelectric generators. This system works with the necessary piping system that is used for getting the utmost output power. This system also highlights the benefits & the faults of the proposed system.

Electrical AC & DC Drives

An electrical drive is used in controlling the motor speed by altering the electrical supply’s frequency to the motor. These drives play a significant role in motion controlling the systems to provide stability as well as reliable electrical supply toward the motor, even during rapid speed changes.

These drives come in many different sizes and forms, but the most commonly used basic level drives are AC otherwise DC. The difference between these two will tell which would be suitable for your requirement.

An AC drive uses AC input & changes it into DC, after that it converts back to AC from DC. This dual conversion may look counterintuitive; however, the method enhances the output current too many times to maintain with current, complicated drives without blazing up the coil within the motor.

The DC drive is more simplistic and converts the current from AC to DC to provide power for DC motors. Usually, a DC drive will influence numerous thyristors to make a half-cycle otherwise full cycle of DC o/p from a single otherwise three-phase AC input.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle

At present, a hybrid electric vehicle is the best solution for different problems. This electric vehicle is a spacious & lighter vehicle since there is a low requirement to carry several heavy batteries. The inside ignition engine within hybrid-electric is very smaller, lighter as well as efficient more as compared with the engine within a conventional automobile.

Automobile manufacturers have already announced tactics to construct their hybrid type vehicles. As compared with standard automobiles, these electric vehicles give 20 – 30 more miles for each gallon and give less pollution.


Human beings take out so much of information regarding their surroundings with their ears. To recognize what data can be recovered from noise & how precisely it can be complete. For that, we need to seem at how noises are perceived within the real globe. So, it is helpful to smash the acoustics of real-world surroundings into three main components like the source of the sound, the audio environment & the listener

The List of 50 Electrical Seminar Topics for Electrical Engineering is listed below. These electrical seminar topics are very useful for electrical as well as electronics engineering students.

  1. Improved Reactive Power Capability of Grid Connected Doubly Fed Induction Generator
  2. Synchronization or Paralleling of Generators
  3. Analysis of Solar Thermal Power Generation
  4. Modern Speed Control Technologies of AC Motors
  5. Robotic Motors or Special Motors
  6. Transformers: Basics and Types
  7. Soft Starting of Motors with an Improved Power Factor
  8. Applications of Fuel Cells
  9. Energy Efficient Motors
  10. Improved Direct Torque Control of Induction Motor with Dither Injection
  11. Electrical AC and DC Drives
  12. Modern Trends in Machine Design Technology
  13. Variable Frequency Transformer Model Analysis by MATLAB
  14. Home Automation System.
  15. SCADA and Power System Automation
  16. Fuzzy Logic Based Flow Control
  17. Distributed Control System for Industrial Automation
  18. Process Dynamics, Control and Automation using LABVIEW
  19. Irrigation Control System
  20. PID Controllers for Industrial Process Control
  21. Industrial Networking Using Various Field Buses
  22. Closed-Loop Control of Converter Fed Motor
  23. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) vs. DCS
  24. Real-Time Simulation of Power System
  25. Wireless Power Transmission via Solar Power Satellite
  26. Substation Automation Communication Protocol
  27. Power Quality Issues with Grid Connected Wind Energy Systems
  28. Power Factor Improvement Methods
  29. Need for Reactive Power Compensation
  30. Automated Energy Meter Reading for Billing Purpose
  31. Voltage and Power Stability of HVDC Systems
  32. Power System Operation and Control
  33. Performance of 400KV Line Insulators Under Pollution
  34. LED Lighting for Energy Efficiency
  35. Wireless Power Transfer through Coils
  36. Smart Grid – Future Electric Grid
  37. Load Scheduling and Load Shedding
  38. FACT Devices in Power System Network
  39. Power System Protection Equipments
  40. Solar Photovoltaic: Basic & Applications
  41. Nuclear Power Plants
  42. Renewable Energy and Environment Protection
  43. Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
  44. Power Electronic Devices and Applications
  45. Introduction to EDA tools for PCB Design
  46. Current-fed DC/DC Topology Based Inverter
  47. Boost-derived Hybrid Converter with Simultaneous DC and AC Outputs
  48. Electric Traction Systems
  49. GPS Interface in GSM Networks
  50. Introduction to Wireless Communications.

This is the list of the latest electrical seminar topics for electrical engineering students. We hope that this list will definitely help the electrical engineering students in choosing their electrical seminar topics and project ideas. Apart from this, we have a simple task for our readers and students: from the above electrical seminar topics list, you are requested to select the topics of your choice, and then do mention them in the comment section given below. Also, we request our readers to write their queries and give their feedback in the comment section given below.

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