200 Seminar Topics for Engineering Students

Welcome to the home of all the latest technical seminar topics. Here engineering students can select the best technical seminar topic ideas on the latest technology. A seminar is a form of academic instruction that may be either at a university or a professional organization. The idea behind the seminar system is to familiarize students more extensively with the methodology of their chosen subject and also allow them to interact with the example of practical problems. This article lists technical seminar topics for engineering students.

200 Seminar Topics for Engineering Students

The following technical seminar topics mainly include technical seminar topics for ECE, technical seminar topics for EEE students.

Technical Seminar Topics
Technical Seminar Topics

OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes)

The term OLED stands for the organic light-emitting diode. In the electronics field, OLED is a new technology. Please refer to this link to know more about OLED Display Technology.

Pill Camera

The camera which is in pill shape is known as a pill camera. This camera can be swallowed by the patient for the treatments of cancer, anemia, and ulcers. This camera travels within the body to capture the inside of the body without harming any parts & sends it to the receiver.

Plastic Solar Cell Technology

The main function of solar cell technology is to convert sun energy into electricity by absorbing sunlight. This cell cannot work in cloudy weather. To overcome this situation, the plastic solar cell was developed. This cell uses the sun’s energy and converts it into electrical even in a cloudy weather condition.


At present, technology like a Bio-chip is a rising technology. This technology is mainly used for diagnosing diseases as well as detects bioterrorists. Please refer to this link to know more about Bio Chip technology

Iris Recognition

This is an automatic technique of biometric identification. This method utilizes the methods of mathematical prototype identification on video images of the iris of a person’s eyes, where the person’s complex prototypes are stable, unique & can be observed from some distance.


Electronic-waste can be defined as electrical otherwise electronic devices that are not usable, which means the devices broken items, working items that are thrown within the trash, etc. If these devices are not sold in the store then it will be not usable. So, E-waste is E-waste is very hazardous because of the toxic chemicals like lead, mercury, cadmium, etc that naturally leak from the metals when they are buried.

Smart Note Taker

A helpful device like a smart note tracker or smartpen is used for taking easy and fast notes of everything. This note can be stored within the memory of the pen. This pen is also used to take note of conversations on the telephone & helps blind people.

This smart device is very helpful for people to satisfy the requirements of busy people in the present busy and technological life. This product is also used to write a note on the air when we are busy with some other work. This note can be stored within the memory of the pen.

Optical Ethernet

In the LAN (local area network), the physical layer is known as optical Ethernet. This is used to transmit the data through fiber optic cable. It is used to connect switches as well as internet servers within data centers, equipment racks & among urban data centers.

At present, the data rate which is used most widely is 1 Gb/s. These are inadequate to hold up core networking necessities like routing, switching, routing & aggregation within huge data centers. To overcome this, optical Ethernet is implemented which is extended from LANS to MANs & WANs.

IBOC Technology

The IBOC (In-band on-channel) is one kind of technique used to transmit the radio signals like analog and digital on the equal frequency without assigning other range.

This kind of technology permits the broadcasting of digital audio without using new range allocations intended for the digital signal. This system will be well-matched with obtainable tuners because it uses the accessible AM &FM bands through connecting a digital sideband signal toward the typical analog signal.

The IBOC technology uses a PAC (perceptual audio coder) for digital compression that is expanded throughout Lucent Technology. A system like USADR AM IBOC DAB includes the FEC (forward error correction), the codec, blender, modem & interleaving section.


A honey pot is a well-made computer system that is used to monitor and focus on the changes made by the hackers in the system. This system is very helpful in imitating likely cyberattack targets. Honeypot can also be used for detecting attacks otherwise prevent them from a valid target & gets the data regarding how cybercriminals work.


E-textile or electronic textile is a cloth material that can be used to conduct electrical energy. It is designed with electronic components to detect the changes in its surroundings & react by turn off the light, radio waves, or sound.

These fabrics include electronics as well as interconnections between them. An E-textile is capable of sensing, communication, interconnection technology & power transmission to permit sensors otherwise things like processing information devices to be connected mutually in a fabric. It gives an overview of the challenges experienced to connect the electronics into the cloth.

Metamorphic Robots

A robotic system is built with a set of mechatronic modules which can be controlled independently. Each module can attach, separate, and mount over contiguous modules. This system can reconfigure dynamically through the locomotion of modules over their neighbors. This kind of robot self configures its outline dynamically without human involvement.

Spectrum Pooling

The strategy of spectrum management is known as spectrum pooling where several radio spectrum users can coexist in a single portion of radio spectrum space. The spectrum or bandwidth of an Electromagnetic Wave is a significant, valuable, and incomplete resource that must be used very cautiously. This is a strategy for sending the RF among two systems exclusive of any clashes.

Embedded Web Server using ARM

The www (World Wide Web) continuously develops through fundamental technologies for simply browsing the web. For different applications, web browsers are used as a standard interface like real-time applications of an embedded system like the Acquisition System of Remote Data. The web server can be developed with the help of HTML and it includes different web pages.

The embedded web server can be developed through embedded c language that is helpful for different applications like mission-critical, ATM, acquisition systems for remote data & controlling devices like DC motor, servo motor, stepper motor, control the stereo sets, use like dimmer stat for controlling intensities of light.

It is used in home automation, used to store programs within flash memory & works based on the requirement. An embedded web server using an ARM processor is helpful in the applications of the agricultural field for monitoring.

Robot for Multipurpose

This multipurpose robot is mainly used in the military as well as civil applications for night security, spying enemy, detecting of leakage gas & rescue operations throughout disasters, etc. This robot can be designed with a wheel system, different sensors, mechanical arms, mechanisms like remote controlling & wireless communication.


The microbivore is a nanomedical device or nanorobot with an oblate spheroidal. This device includes billions of structural atoms which are exactly arranged, mostly water molecules or gas once completely loaded. These robots are inserted in patients for an extensive range of antimicrobial functions.


At present, Barcodes are used everywhere for detection in the process of business. This can be represented in the form of visual, machine-readable, etc. At first, these are signified through changing the spacings and widths of parallel lines.


The silicon industry has influenced the electronic industries. But, technologists at present implementing alternatives mostly like plastic circuits to meet our upcoming requirements. So, polytronics was developed in electronics. It is the study of polymeric materials used within electronics.

As compared with Si technology, it has several benefits like less cost; manufacturing is easy, reused, recycled, uses less power, small, movable & less weight. These are used to design the display devices that have an outstanding quality of the picture. The polytronics play a key role within flexible electronics.

IR Plastic Solar Cell

The energy can be produced from gas, coal, water but they will not stay for a long time because the energy requirement is increasing day by day. So, IR plastic solar cells are designed with plastic with power enhanced change efficiency. The technology used in this cell is Nano that includes the solar cells which are connected to the IR and invisible rays of the sun.

The working of these cells is similar to conventional solar cells but these are small in size and less weight. The main function of these cells is to change solar energy into electrical in all weather conditions. These cells include nanoparticles namely quantum dots which are united through a polymer for making the plastic to notice the energy in the IR

Paper Battery

The battery that is very thin in size and used as a storage device is known as a paper battery. This battery is very flexible. Please refer to this link to know more about this paper battery, construction, and its working.

Solar Tree

A solar tree is one kind of tree that uses solar energy on a single pillar. It is a functional power generator & a solar network. The installation of the solar tree promotes awareness, implementation of renewable energy, and understanding. The structure of the solar tree is like a tree trunk where different modules are placed on a single pillar including an automatic tracking technology.

Generally, they are located on the main roads for power publicity hoardings. These kinds of trees provide awareness & also give shade as well as meeting places.

Electronic Skin

Electronic skin is an artificial skin and it is a very thin electronic device that is attached to the human skin like a tattoo for measuring different parameters of the body like brain signals, heart activity, etc. It is developed in a laboratory & it replaces the skin for people who have suffered from skin shock, skin diseases, and skin burns otherwise robotic applications.

E-Skin is related to the human skin that is embedded through a sense of touch working on the skin. The designing of this can be done using thermostats, electronic measuring devices, pollution detectors, pressure gauges, microphones, cameras, EKGs, glucose sensors, etc.


WSNs can be improved human life in several applications including the capability of environment-sensing like home security, monitoring of buildings, and healthcare. The iMouse system uses a wireless sensor network into surveillance for supporting the services of mobile surveillance.

This can be improved by using two methods; the first method is, to facilitate the navigation of mobile sensors by employing localization methods to direct mobile sensors in place of color tapes whereas the second choice is to develop coordination between mobile sensors, particularly once they are on the highway.

Polymer LED

Polymers are flexible as well as lightweight, used like semiconductors within the LED development. The light-emitting diode which uses polymer is known as polymer LED or Polymer LED. There are different applications of polymer LED like bumpers in automobiles, color display, electronic newspapers, and vests designed like bulletproof, etc.

The list of technical seminar topics on cloud computing includes the following.

Cloud Computing for E-commerce

Cloud computing is used in various sectors like health care, E-learning & E-commerce. It provides online services at less cost with high efficiency to provide high financial worth. In the world of the internet and business, cloud computing is the upcoming revolution. At present, E-commerce companies using Cloud Computing for attaining high practical worth. So cloud computing is very useful in E-commerce.

Agriculture Areas Impact with Cloud Computing

At present, cloud computing is applicable in centralized agricultural-based data bank within the cloud. The development in the latest technology in every field is changed especially in agriculture, cloud computing was affected positively to provide related services for the users.

Security Issues in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing provides computing service through the internet on-demand & disburses for each user to access different resources like storage, services, networks, servers & applications without getting them physically. For organizations, it saves time as well as cost. Generally, data can be stored within relational databases on one otherwise more servers that are placed within the organization & the clients require demanding data from server machines.

Cloud Computing Evolution

While implementing cloud, there are different challenges are faced so, various devices, as well as methods, are established for enhancing the cloud architecture’s performance. The control measures can be applied by the cloud vendors among the services based on cloud & mobile users so that secured service can be provided. FPGA usage can add advantages to cloud computing by providing protected cloud architecture.

The reconfigurable hardware can enhance flexibility, consistency & scalability. The multimedia processing mainly includes difficult operations & computation intensive. So, these applications require an optimized result in terms of power & speed. In cloud computing, the utilization of reconfigurable hardware can enhance the act because of the infrastructure & platform virtualization.

The list of technical seminar topics on artificial intelligence includes the following.

Navigation through Artificial Intelligence

This concept is very useful for disable persons because a disabled person can use his physical movements for navigating around with his intelligence. To overcome this problem, the brain-controlled car is invented. This car works using the artificial intelligence system through different sensors namely monitor of weather, video, anti-collision, etc.

So this car can change the disabled person’s life drastically. Previously, the connection between information theory, neurology & cybernetics can be explored by the researcher in 1940-1950. Some of the researchers designed machines by using the electronic network for displaying rudimentary intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Impact on Employment

For labor markets, the development in technology & digitalization has main implications. Reviewing its effect will be vital in developing strategies that encourage proficient labor markets for the profit of staff, employers & peoples. So, employment can be threatened by quick progress in technology & innovation.
Such a worry is not new but the technology change can cause the loss of jobs. Technology innovation can affect the employee in two main methods like displacement effect and productivity effect.

AI Impact on Management of Complex Projects

The management of complex projects is entering a period of extraordinary challenge & one which deserves further notice and test. This concept mainly focuses on occurs from the improved AI incorporation of all forms like machine learning, AI & processing of natural language into a variety of project implementation elements & the broader corporate structures where these projects exist in.

This project is intended to emphasize the level & width of its growth in the fields of engineering to emphasize the challenges to the business & occupation which should be addressed. The profession of project management would help from learning on the chances and threats that AI will generate.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) in power station
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) & Expert Systems
  • AI-based Smart Assistants like Alexa & Siri
  • Mapping of Disease & Tools for Prediction
  • AI in Manufacturing & Drone Robots
  • Treatment of Optimized & Personalized Healthcare
  • Conversational bots for Customer Service & Marketing
  • Robot Advisors for Trading of Stock
  • E-mail Spam Filters
  • Monitoring Tools for Social Media & False News
  • Recommendations for TV/Song from Netflix & Spotify

Technical Seminar Topics on IoT

The list of technical seminar topics based on IoT includes the following.

Monitoring System of Water Quality based on IoT

Previously, water quality can be monitored & tested by using a conventional technique by collecting water samples &send them to the laboratory for testing as well as analysis. But this method takes a lot of time & it is not cheap. To overcome this, the proposed system is implemented for checking the water quality in real-time using different sensors for parameters like conductivity, pH, turbidity, and temperature because of a difference in the parameter value points in the direction of the occurrence of contaminants.

In the system, the Wi-Fi module sends the collected data using sensors toward the microcontroller & sends it to the PC or smartphone. This system checks continuously on the contamination of the water resources & provides protected drinking water.

IoT based Smart Aquaponic System

Getting suitable water resources for farming fish & plants is somewhat difficult. Additionally, the production of agriculture is reducing because of narrower lands so that saving technology for land & water with a range of vegetables is significant to generate the highest yield. The sustainable system for agriculture is Aquaponics by uniting aquaculture & hydroponics. This system must run on the planting medium occasionally to make sure that the plants getting the nutrients whenever the water is filtered correctly through the medium.

So, a smart aquaponics system is developed for monitoring & controlling the amount of acidity, level of water, temperature of water & feed for fish were included through a mobile application based on the internet. In this system, a sensor is used to recover the data which is sent to the IoT Cloud server. Therefore, the circulation of water & quality were well conserved. The final results will show the success rate of different sensors.

Securing IOT Device for Cryptographic Approach

IoT connects different sensing devices to the Internet to exchange data. The IoT shall be capable to include clearly & effortlessly a large number of dissimilar & mixed end systems. Therefore the safety is the most significant thing in this system because this system is very useful in industry, healthcare, etc. This project gives information regarding the safety & cryptographic algorithm that are most suitable for the Internet of Things.

Monitoring System for RO Water using IoT

The most consistent, energy-efficient & cost-effective desalination technology for producing clean water as compared with other technologies is RO (Reverse osmosis). This technology is growing rapidly including a huge number of fittings worldwide. At present, the accessibility of freshwater has been the major factor in the expansion of all peoples.

A key decisive factor of the RO design is the precise electricity utilization, which must be as low as feasible. So, the recovery ratio should be kept high when it is possible & the additional feedwater force must be low when possible, satisfying the drinking water principles & the manufacture’s design guidelines.

The most popular technical seminar topics are listed below. The below-mentioned list of technical seminar topics may help students to select their seminars in the most appropriate way.

1. Mobile train radio communication
2. Paper battery
3. Smart antenna for mobile communication
4. Smart note taker
5. Embedded web technology
6. Low energy efficiency wireless
7. Communication network design
8. Seminar on artificial passenger
9. Blue eyes technology
10. Touch screen technology
11. Traffic pulse technology
12. Pill camera
13. Night vision technology
14. Space mouse
15. Nano-technology
16. Global positioning system and its application
17. Tsunami warning system
18. The smart dust core architecture
19. Advanced technique for RTL
20. Debugging
21. Optical fiber communication
22. Digital image processing
23. Embedded system
24. Electronic watchdog
25. Telephone conversation recorder
26. Aeronautical Communications
27. Agent-oriented programming
28. Air cars
29. Animatronics
30. Artificial Eye
31. Augmented reality
32. Automatic Teller Machine
33. Autonomic Computing
34. BIBS
35. Bi-CMOS technology
36. Bimolecular Computers
38. Bio-magnetism
39. Biometric technology
41. Bluetooth Based Smart Sensor Networks
42. Boiler Instrumentation
43. Brain-Computer Interface
44. Bluetooth technology
45. 3-G Vs Wi-Fi
46. Future generation wireless network
47. Bluetooth-based smart sensor network.
48. White LED
49. Gesture recognition using accelerometer
50. Cellular digital data packet
51. Telecommunication Network PPT
52. Electrical Technical Seminar Topic on CAN-based Higher Layer Protocols and Profiles
53. Application of Swarm Robots
54. Embedded Systems B.tech Final Year Seminar Topic on Smart Phones technology
55. Future Satellite Communication B.tech Seminar Topic
56. 3D image technique and multimedia application
57. Storage area network
58. The making of quantum dots
59. The mp3 standard
60. The Vanadium Redox Flow Battery System
61. Thermal infrared imaging technology
62. Turbo codes
63. Ultra-wideband technology
64. Virtual Reality
65. Voice recognition based on artificial neural networks
66. Web-based remote device monitoring
67. Organic electronics
68. Packet Cable Network
69. Packet Switching chips
70. Personal Area Network
71. Printable RFID circuits
72. Mesh Radio
73. Microelectronic Pills
74. Military Radars
75. Android
76. Control of environment parameter in a greenhouse
77. 3D traditional and modeling
78. Home-based wireless work monitoring system
79. Sun tracker
80. PC interfaced voice recognition system
81. Cybersecurity
82. Big data visualization
83. Interactive public display
84. Next-generation mobile computing
85. Multicore memory coherence
86. Renewable Energy Source Biomass
87. Matter Energy
88. Fusion Technology
89. Electronic Ballast
90. Stepper Motor & its Application
91. Radial Feeder Protection
92. Solar Tower Technology
93. Electric Locomotive
94. Reactive Power Consumption in Transmission Line
95. Flexible A.C. Transmission
96. D.C. Arc Furnace
97. Performance Evaluation & EMI/EMC Testing of Energy Meter
98. Feeder Protective Relay
99. Hydrogen The Future Fuel
100. Quality of electrical power
101. Phase Locked Loop
102. Architecture of an Electric Vehicle
103. 66 K.V. Switch Yards
104. Flexible Photovoltaic Technology
105. DSP For Motor Control
106. Vector control Of Induction Motor
107. Uninterrupted Power Supply
108. Protection of Distribution System
109. Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters
110. 66kv Receiving Sub-Station
111. Nano Fuel Cell
112. Hybrid Electrical Vehicles
113. Relay Performance Testing With High Technology
114. Production of & Protection against Surge
115. HVDC Converter
116. CT scanning
117. Extra high voltage transmission lines
118. Feeder protection
119. Electrical vehicle
120. Energy conversation by soft start
121. Dust collection and scrubbing tech
122. DSP on motor control
123. Earthquake leakage circuit beaker
124. Energy efficient motor
125. Flexi
126. Field oriented control drive without shaft sensors
127. 12 phase capacitor
128. Cable modem
129. Cluster meter system
130. Advancement in inverter technology for industrial application
131. Broadband over power line
132. Development of superconducting rotating machines
133. Direct to home (DTH)
134. E-bomb
135. Smart card technology
136. Fuzzy logic technology
137. MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System)
138. Smart material technology
139. Neural networks
140. Simple heat sensor
141. Traffic signal control
142. Electromagnetic bomb
143. E-mail alert system
144. Energy saving fan
145. Electronic fuel injection
146. Direct fuel methanol fuel cell
147. Dual core processor
148. Compensation of harmonic current utilizing AHC
149. AC Cable versus DC Cable Transmission for Offshore Wind Farms
150. Adaptive Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Circuit
151. Automatic Solar Tracker
152. Artificial Intelligence in Power Station
153. Wireless Power Transmission via Solar Power Satellite
154. Hybrid Electric Vehicle
155. Optical Technology In Current Measurement
156. The Universal Current Sensor
157. Nuclear Batteries
158. Large Scale Power Generation Using Fuel Cell
159. Surge current protection using super conductors
160. Solar Power Generation
161. Buck Boost Transformer
162. Infrared thermograph
163. Digital Testing of High Voltage Circuit Breakers
164. Surge Current Protection Using Super conductors
165. Blue jacking
166. Sixth sense technology
167. 5G mobile technology
168. Nano scale material and device for future communication network
169. Nokia morph technology
170. Confidential data storage and deletion
171. Helio-display
172. Issue of routing IN VANET
173. Touch screen with feelings
174. Femtocells technology
175. Apple- a novel approach for direct energy weapon control
176. Optical Ethernet
177. Transparent electronics
178. Bubble power
179. Hawkeye
180. Data loggers
181. Bluetooth network security
182. Silicon on plastic
183. Human robot interaction
184. Poly fuse
185. Non visible imaging
186. Nuclear battery- daintiest dynamos
187. Mobile IPv6
188. HART communication
189. E-textile
190. FPGA in space
191. Indoor Geo-location
192. Ultra conductors
193. GMPLS
195. Multi-sensor fusion and integration
196. Laser communication
197. Iontophoresis
198. Organic display
199. Introduction to internet protocol
200. Cathode ray tube display
201. Global system for mobile communication (GSM)
202. Smart quill
203. Automatic number plate recognition
204. Military radar
205. MIMO wireless channels
206. Telephone router
207. Speed sensor
208. Microcontroller based dissolving process control
209. Local PCO meter
210. Railway switch and signals
211. Card based security system
212. Cordless power controller
213. Weather station
214. Temperature monitoring system

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