Most Popular Projects for ECE Final Year Students

In the current scenario, the appetite for robust development in technology has led to the demand for innovations and uniqueness. This demand has, in turn, led to the development of many latest ideas and applications. Good understanding and knowledge of the latest technologies in electronics are not only essential for enhancing one’s credibility, but also for developing major projects for ECE students. This article lists the top 50+ latest electronics project ideas for the students who are in their final year of engineering.

Major Projects for ECE Final Year Students

The list of major projects for ECE mainly includes based on IoT, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, embedded systems, robotics, etc.

Major Projects for ECE
Major Projects for ECE

Major Projects for ECE Students based on IoT

The list of major ECE projects based on IoT includes the following.

Internet of Things
Internet of Things

Monitoring & Detection of Manhole using IoT

Nowadays, manholes without caps or damaged manholes are increasing & these are not monitored properly which can lead to major injuries as well as deaths. To overcome this problem, the proposed system is implemented like monitoring & detection of manhole using IoT. This project is designed with a set of sensors like a tilt and float sensor to monitor the cover of manhole so that accidents can be avoided.

This project comprises a gas cover to check the gas produced from the mud systems so that toxicity can be checked. These sensors play a key role in detecting different parameters so that an SMS can be sent to an authority number & on the website of IoT so that all the parameters can be updated within the website.

IoT based Home Automation System

The IoT based Home Automation System is used to control the home appliances remotely using the Internet. The proposed system not only checks the sensor data such as gas, temperature, light, but it also activates a procedure based on the necessity.

For instance, turning on the light once it gets dim and also it stores the parameters of the sensor within the cloud in an appropriate method so that this method will assist the user to study the situation of different parameters in the house at anywhere and anytime.

IoT based Reduction of Electricity Theft

At present, energy theft is a major problem because it is precious but the available resources are limited and electricity theft is increasing. To overcome this issue, the proposed system is used like IoT based Reduction of electricity theft.

This system is used to notice electricity theft and also checks the usage of energy & informs the customer. This system uses Wi-Fi connectivity to implement the IoT based network. Any difference in the utilization of electricity, then the data can be transferred through the internet to the remote server.

Traffic Management System using IoT

Day by day, traffic jamming problems are occurring in metropolitan cities, particularly in the downtown regions. To overcome this problem, a system like IoT based traffic management system is implemented.

In this project, IoT plays a key role to interact with ambulance drivers to discover the signal condition for selecting the way wherever traffic jams and violations are monitored and controlled dynamically by traffic officers onsite via centrally monitored otherwise controlled using the Internet. But this is a general method & it is applicable in any Metropolitan city.

Coal Mine System for Safety Monitoring & Alerting

The procedure of removing coal from the ground is known as coal mining. In different industries like cement, steel, and many more use this coal-like fuel. In underground mining industries, day by day different parameters can be monitored like temperature, methane gas, fire, etc.

The disasters in a coal mine will occur frequently which leads to a huge loss for humans due to several reasons. So monitoring of the working environment is very essential in the coal mine. So the proposed system is used for coal mining using IoT.

Please refer to this link to know more about IoT Projects.

Embedded System Projects for ECE Students

The lists of major projects for ECE final year on embedded systems include the following. Please refer to this to know more embedded system projects for engineering students.

Bank Locker System using Embedded System

The main objective of this project is to design a security system for a bank locker using technologies like GSM & RFID. This project gives security to homes, offices, and especially banks. In this project, only an authentic person recovers money from the bank locker. This system includes a door and this system can turn on, verify the user & unlocks the locker door for accessing the bank locker. As compared with other systems, both the RFID & GSM are very secure systems.

In this system, the RFID reads the identification number using a passive tag & sends it to the data to the microcontroller. If this identification number is applicable then immediately locker will be opened otherwise microcontroller will send al alert to the user mobile number. This project is very secure as compared with other systems.

Detection of Air Pollution in Vehicles using Embedded System

The proposed system is used to design an embedded system for detecting air pollution in vehicles. In worldwide, air pollution is one of the major problems. To overcome this, this project is used for detecting the pollution within the air. This project uses an LPG sensor and a carbon monoxide sensor.

The arrangement of this CO sensor can be done close to the outlet of the emission in the vehicle whereas the LPG sensor is connected close to the pipeline to notice any outflows. Once the emission is above the threshold value, then the buzzer gives an alert to the user.

EVM using Fingerprint

The fingerprint-based electronic voting machine is a very innovative project. This system allows an efficient way of voting operation but the main drawback of this system is, there is no technique to approve the elector. This project uses a PIC microcontroller along with a fingerprint scanner. This system allows the idea of approval, checks for eligibility & avoid fake votes.

Propeller LED Display

The propeller LED display uses a set of LEDs that rotates at high velocity for generating around the screen. In this system, a set of LEDs can be rotated so that numbers, symbols, and characters can be rotated circularly, so this is the reason to call this system as propeller LED display. The shape of this system is cylindrical or disc.

The cylindrical displays are used to display the text and digit whereas the disc-shaped is used for displaying the analog clock. This mechanically scanned device is used to display the characters in the form of digital. The applications of these displays include analog & digital clocks and also display messages

Vehicle Speed Controlling System through Embedded System

We know that many road accidents can be occurred due to over speed of vehicles. So, an embedded system is designed to overcome this problem so that vehicle’s over speed can be monitored & generates an alarm to the driver. This system can be built with a microcontroller & a GPS to get the live traffic updates & displays over LCD. This system also uses a speed control driver for alerting the driver automatically.

Please refer to this link to know more embedded system projects.

The list of major ECE projects based on robotics includes the following.

Robotic Arm for Industrial Purpose

The main function of this robot is to help while processing automation and enhance manufacturing/production. This robotic arm is mainly designed as an embedded system. The main function of this robotic arm is similar to a human arm. This robotic arm uses a microcontroller and also it includes motors. This robot also avoids accidents by using an obstacle sensor and this arm robot is also used for welding, surgery, gripper, painting, etc.

Robot for Human Detection

This project is used to design a robot for detecting humans. There are different kinds of robots available for human detection based on the requirement. This robot is very useful in natural calamities because at that time, rescue the people under the building is a very difficult task by the rescue team because it consumes more time. To overcome this issue, this robot is designed so that humans can be detected in less time in that situation.

Line Following Robot

Please refer to this link to know more about the Line Following Robotic Vehicle Project 

Fire Fighting Robot

Please refer to this link to know more about Fire Fighting Robot

Robotic Vehicle Controlled through Touch Screen based Devie

This project is used to design a robotic vehicle that can be used in stores by controlling through the android based device. As an input of this robot, a touchscreen-based device is used. This project uses a microcontroller and RF Tx & Rx.

The touch screen device is connected at the is Tx end whereas the microcontroller is connected to the receiver end. By using this remote, the motor in the robot can be controlled like forward, left, backward, or right up to a distance of 200 meters.

MEMS-based Self Balancing Robot

The main concept of this project is to design a robotic vehicle to control through a MEMS sensor. This sensor is a highly sensitive type that is capable of detecting the tilt. This robot is used to detect the tilt, so used in the construction field to detect the slopes within the floors, beamers, etc. By using this robot, manual operation can be reduced.

Electric Wheel Chair Controlled through Voice

This project is mainly concentrated to design a robotic wheelchair that can be controlled through the human voice. This wheelchair is very helpful for a disabled person to move all over by alone using a voice command. This voice application is connected with motors.

This project is designed with a microcontroller. These robots are versatile, less cost, and gives good performance while communicating with other devices. So this system is designed cost-effectively due to these features. So this project is now commercialized for the needy users.

Please refer to this link to know more robotic system projects.

The list of major ECE projects based on Raspberry Pi includes the following.

Raspberry Pi based Monitoring System for Weather

The proposed system is used to design a system using raspberry pi as well as a DHT sensor. This system is used for observing & recording the humidity & temperature in a specific region

In this mini-project, you will use a Raspberry Pi and DHT sensor to develop a device to observe and record the temperature and humidity of a particular region & stream it through the internet.
By adding a special feature to this system, an alarm can be generated by sending an e-mail or SMS once the temperature increases a fixed level. By using this project, data analysis can be done using the cloud platform.

Robot for Surveillance using Raspberry Pi

This project builds a robot for surveillance using raspberry pi. Additionally, we can also send recorded video footage using the internet. This developed robot is also operated from remote areas using the internet.

Raspberry Pi based Biometric System

This project is used to design a biometric system using a fingerprint for authentication as well as detection of attendance management. This project includes two devices one handheld & a local server used for the handheld. These biometrics are essential devices and it uses less time like below two seconds for processing. These are more precise.

Design of WSN System using Raspberry Pi

This project is used to design a WSN using raspberry pi. By using this project, the WSN, web server, and database server integration can be done into a Raspberry Pi. Therefore, the WSN difficulties can be reduced.

Solar Data Logger using Raspberry Pi

This project is used to design a system namely a data logging system using solar and raspberry pi. Here, the Raspberry Pi board is used to process the data & uploads the data, which is obtained through various sensors in the direction of a web server with HTTP protocol. The sensors used in this system are temperature, current, and voltage.

Please refer to this link to know more about Raspberry Pi Projects

The list of major projects for ECE using Arduino is discussed below.

Arduino based Capacitance Meter

The capacitance meters are available with an extensive range of parameter measurements such as inductance, resistance, capacitance, transistor hFE, etc. This project designs a simple capacitance meter using Arduino. This meter is designed for two variety of capacitance ranges, one circuit is used to calculate a capacitance in 1 µF – 4700 range whereas the other one is used to calculate small capacitance that ranges from 20 pF – 1000 nF.

Arduino Controlled Stepper Motor

This project designs a simple system for controlling a stepper motor with the help of an Arduino. In this project, Arduino UNO is used as the main controlling device so that the steps of this motor can be controlled. These motors are frequently used in CNC Machines, robots, small appliances, industrial automation, etc. These motors are mainly used where an exact positioning is required because of the holding torque and high accuracy.

Please refer to this link to know more Arduino based projects.

Major Project Ideas for ECE Students

The list of major project ideas for final year ECE students includes the following.

ECE Projects
ECE Projects
  1. Level Indicator for Petrol Dispensing Stations with Audio Alert System.
  2. Advanced Timer-Based Suicide Machine (Plug).
  3. Hi-Tech Wireless Equipment Controlling System.
  4. Recognition Technique For ATM-Based On Iris Technology Using Arm-7.
  5. Binary Clock Inside Power Supply Brick.
  6. Automatic Street Light Controlling System Using PIR and Zigbee.
  7. Wireless Digital Fuel Indicator for Cars to Avoid Sudden Stoppage of Vehicle.
  8. Two-Wheeled Self Balancing Robot.
  9. Arduino Based Remote Control Robotic Vehicle.
  10. Microcontroller Based Walking Robot with Multi New Features.
  11. Light Following Robot.
  12. Arduino Based Dc Motor Speed Control Using PWM Technique.
  13. CAN Protocol-Based Automotive Street Light Switching System.
  14. CAN Protocol-Based Traffic Light Control System.
  15. Detecting the Conditions of Remote Areas through Data Acquisition System Using Rf Module.
  16. Design and Implementation of Home Automation Using CAN.
  17. Automatic Active Phase Selector for Single-Phase Load from Three-Phase Supply.
  18. Solar-Based Mobile Charger for Rural Areas (Charge Your Mobile Anywhere with Sunlight) with a Battery Voltage Analyzer Using ATMega 8/16/32.
  19. Digital Vehicle Speedometer with Password Enabled Speed Limit Setting.
  20. Touch Screen Based Prepaid Digital Energy Meter with GLCD.
  21. Vehicle to Vehicle Communication Protocol for Co-Operative Collision.
  22. Laser Touch-Based Voice Transmitter and Receiver.
  23. Accident Information System Using GPS, GSM Sensor.
  24. Sending SMS with Speech Reorganization Interface.
  25. Decentralized Smartphone-Based Traffic Information System.
  26. Raspberry Pi Temperature Humidity Network Monitor.
  27. Raspberry Pi Based Security Surveillance Camera.
  28. Raspberry Pi Based Pick and Place Robotic Vehicle.
  29. Solar Highway Lighting System with Auto Turnoff on Day Time With LCD Display.
  30. Dual LCD Display Using 8051 Microcontroller.
  31. Increasing the Safety of Bomb Disposal System Using Zigbee Technology.
  32. Calling Number Identification Using a Calculator.
  33. Automatic Elevator Light and Fan Control System.
  34. Easy to Use Automatic Light Controller to Turn on Lights in Dark Using Advanced Sensors.
  35. Electronic Nose to Indicate Gas Leakage in Underground Mines and Industries.
  36. Visual Monitoring and Alerting System for Restricted Areas.
  37. Water Level Indicator and Filling Time Estimator.
  38. Electromagnetic Climbing Robot for Industries.
  39. Sleep Sensing and Alerting System for Drivers.
  40. Voice-Based Wheel Chair Controller for Physically Handicapped.
  41. Design and Development of Microcontroller Based Drug Dispenser Using Biomedical Technology.
  42. Microcontroller Based Substation Monitoring and Controlling System.
  43. Speaking Microcontroller for Deaf and Dumb.
  44. Mobile Phone-Based Street Light Monitoring and Controlling System.
  45. PC-Based Motor Speed Monitoring System.
  46. PC-Based Wireless Code Locking System for Machines.
  47. Coin-Operated Cell Phone Power Charger.
  48. Advanced Helmets for Bikers for Security Measure.
  49. Automatic School Bell with User-Defined Time Schedule Using I2c Protocol.
  50. Ultrasonic Based Path Planning for Blind Persons.
  51. Effective Solar Tracking System for Optimal Power Generation and Lift Operation through Solar Power.
  52. Intelligent Mobile-Based Patient Monitoring System.
  53. Automatic Light Lamp for Morning Alarm.

In recent times there has been a great development in technologies like the Internet of things, Machine Learning, and Cloud computing. Projects related to these technologies are also easy to design and implement. Below are some of the projects for ECE students which they can opt as major projects for there academics.

  1. Solar power Environmental Air pollution and Water Quality Monitoring System
  2. IoT based Interactive Dual-Mode Smart Automation
  3. IoT based Indoor location detection system for the smart home environment
  4. IoT based real-time traffic control using cloud computing
  5. A Modular IoT platform for real-time indoor air quality monitoring
  6. Organic light-emitting diode lifetime measurement system using Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  7. Working Model of a self-driving car using the convolutional neural network on Raspberrypi and Arduino
  8. Smart parking system using cloud-based computing and raspberry pi
  9. Hazard Reconnaissance Rover using raspberry pi and multiple sensors
  10. An Automated fire suppression mechanism controlled using an Arduino
  11. Smart harvest analysis using Raspberry Pi based on Internet of Things
  12. A Raspberry pi controlled cloud-based air and sound pollution monitoring system with temperature and humidity sensing
  13. A cloud computing based damage prevention system for marine structures during berthing
  14. A Raspberry Pi-based event-driven quasi-real-time attendance tracker
  15. IoT cloud-based real-time automobile monitoring system
  16. Wearable vision assistance system based on binocular sensors for visually impaired
  17. Remote health monitoring of the elderly using wearable sensors
  18. An automated remote cloud-based heart rate variability monitoring system
  19. Density-based traffic signal control using Arduino and IR sensors
  20. Smart glove for sign language translation using Arduino
  21. A GSM-based water quality monitoring system using Arduino
  22. IoT based smart garbage monitoring and collection system using WeMos and ultrasonic sensors
  23. Energy-efficient smart street light for the smart city using sensors and controller
  24. An automatic street light that glows on detecting night and objects using Arduino
  25. Intrusion detection via MLP neural network using an Arduino embedded system
  26. Detection of unhealthy plant leaves using image processing and genetic algorithm using Arduino
  27. Facial recognition using convolutional neural networks and the implementation of smart glasses
  28. Training a remote-controlled car to autonomously lane follow using end-to-end neural network
  29. Design and implementation of a smart energy meter based on IoT and neural network approach
  30. Forest fire detection system using IoT and Artificial neural network
  31. A neural network-based automatic crop monitoring robot for agriculture
  32. Arduino based FLC implementation of speed control of induction motor
  33. EEG- Controlled wheelchair movements using a wireless network
  34. Flood early detection system using the internet of things and artificial neural network
  35. IoT and GSM integrated a multi-purpose security system
  36. Real-time solid waste monitoring using GSM and sensors technology
  37. Smart drip irrigation system using moisture sensors
  38. An IoT based environmental radiation monitoring through wireless sensors network
  39. Driver drowsiness detection system using sensors
  40. Object detection and collision avoidance with train using GSM
  41. Vehicle ignition locking system using fingerprint with GSM module
  42. Cloud-based in-vehicle air quality monitoring system using GSM module
  43. Event detection using physical vibration and audio sensors on mobile devices
  44. Implementation of a smart anti-theft security system based on GSM
  45. Design and development of SMS-based prepaid electricity billing system using GSM and Arduino.

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Thus, we hope that the above list of top 50+ latest electronics project ideas for the students will provide robust and unique ideas that offer a wide range of choices for the students, who are in their final year, to develop their final year engineering projects without facing any difficulties.

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