How to Design Circuits Online Free with EasyEDA?

There are different kinds of circuit design softwares available in the market based on the requirement like easy, Everycircuit, Eagle, etc. But selecting the best design software to design schematics as well as the simulation is very important. So these circuit designing tools are equipped with some key functions like Schematic capture, PCB design Schematics, Spice simulation, Built-in schematic, etc. So, are you a beginner at PCB design? So you need a free and reliable circuit designing software then EasyEDA is the best tool for all your requirements because it is a free circuit designing/PCB designing software. So this is the reason to become a user favorite in the world! This article discusses an overview of the EasyEDA tool for engineering students.

What is EasyEDA?

EasyEDA is one kind of PCB design & Simulation Online Tool especially for Electronic Circuit Design in engineering projects. For designing all these, we need to login otherwise sign up with the EasyEDA website. This online tool supports any operating system like Windows or Linux or Mac as well as any Browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox or Chrome or Safari. Once a circuit designing is done, we can also edit many times if any component or connection is misplaced because the data can be stored on the website. So the designed file can be accessed anytime. So day by day, several features are including in this tool, so this tool is very helpful for beginners as well as engineers.

Basics/Features of EasyEDA

The main features of EasyEDA include the following.

  • This tool is very simple, user friendly, easier, and very powerful to draw the circuits
  • Schematic Capture can be done
  • PCB Layout
  • It can be operated anytime, anywhere on any device
  • Team Cooperation in Real-time
  • Online Sharing can be possible
  • Hundreds of Open Source Projects can be designed
  • Script Support
  • Millions of Free Libraries
  • Incorporated printed circuit board fabrication
  • Components selection can be done easily through direct links
  • Open-source designs
  • A single tool for all the manufacturing processes of PCB
  • Simulation
  • Automatic Upgrade of Libraries
  • Free or Low-cost subscription

Steps to Design Circuits in EasyEDA

The following steps are used to design circuits in EasyEDA.

  • Getting Started with EasyEDA for PCB Design
  • Design a Schematic Diagram
  • Checking the Connections
  • Simulating the Circuit
  • After saving the circuit, click on “Green Button” on top of the screen for Simulation and choose “Run the document”.
  • Conversion of PCB Layout through EasyEDA
  • Advantages & Disadvantages as Compared to Other Tools
  • How to Place an Order
  • Conclusion

Getting Started with EasyEDA for PCB Design

The EDA is the abbreviation of electronic design automation and it is one kind of tool used to design the desired PCB quickly and effortlessly. This tool is very suitable for beginners and engineers who want to experiment or try different circuits with free of cost. This tool can be downloaded or run online.
First, you need to log in to the EasyEDA website like

EasyEDA Tool
EasyEDA Tool

So the screenshot of the website is shown above


for your reference. After that, log in to the site by clicking on the LOGIN button. Here, you can simply create a new account otherwise you can directly log in through your Gmail account.

Design a Schematic Diagram

Once the website login is done by entering login credentials, start working on the circuit diagram by beginning a new project. Once the new project is created, you need to go into the drawing board & select all the required components from the libraries which are required. If you cannot discover the required component, then the option like MORE LIBRARIES is there to search for your required component.
Select all the required components from the left side of the monitor and start drawing the schematic diagram. Click on the required component to choose & click on the canvas once more to drag that component.

Design a Schematic Diagram EasyEDA
Design a Schematic Diagram EasyEDA

Once the component is placed then click the Esc button or Right-click to exit. To connect the components, wiring is very important. So it can be done by dragging the wire among the terminals of components. And also you can change the component’s properties otherwise attributes by clicking over the component. On the top menu, you can found some shortcut keys also to use. Once the drawing is done, the schematic diagram can be saved with the name of the circuit in the project folder so that simulation can be done easily.

Placing the Components
Placing the Components

Checking the Connections

Once the circuit designing is finished, you need to cross-check each and every connection. For that, you need to open the folder like Nets on the Design Manager tab. For instance, if the connections of components within the circuit are not properly connected so automatic warnings can be generated. While designing the circuit, the following errors may occur.

  • Partly cover the new path contact region of the element.
  • Overlay of contact pads for elements, because they appear to be connected, however, they are not.
  • There is no require underestimating the circuit size. Reducing the PCB board to save the size, cost of the device to reduce the circuit.
  • The paths are vertical to the contacts. Once you move any component, you can condense the paths without observing.
  • You need to verify the connections of tracks always to contacts of the components over the Design Manager tab.

Simulating the Circuit

Once the circuit is saved, look at the green button located on the top of the menu. So, click that green button for Simulation & immediately select the button “Run the document”. Afterward, you have to arrange the simulation you wish to run from the available types of simulation.

Simulating the Circuit
Simulating the Circuit

Once the simulation is done, we can notice the diagram at the selected terminal that must be selected by bringing the probe toward that end. You can choose the probe to drag it toward the end where you wish to observe the chart.

Conversion of PCB Layout through EasyEDA

Once we enter into the schematic board then click over the option line PROJECT TO PCB.

Conversion of PCB Layout
Conversion of PCB Layout

When you click over that then the PCB design board page will be opened. If there are any components over the schematic diagram which doesn’t contain PCB traces, then it asks to select the most suitable one to continue. Select the suitable one depending on your observation & click on submit.

Once you entered into the PCB design, all the used components will be dispersed approximately the PCB model board.

Connect all the required components in order. When the arrangement of every component is done you must include input at one ending whereas output on the other ends.

PCB Layout
PCB Layout

Now trace the light blue color lines over the PCB board without interrupting another one, you can perform several loops. Once the tracing is finished, select a PRINT option within the FILE menu, so that you will find the PCB board trace.

Print the suitable layer by choosing the option like top layer or bottom. Finally, you can print the image onto sleek paper for etching the PCB otherwise you can provide the module to makers for mass production.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages & disadvantages of EasyEDA as compared to other kinds of software mainly include the following.

The advantages are

  • This kind of tool is very simple to utilize & also user-friendly.
  • An enormous library for different components lets you illustrate schematic diagrams rapidly.
  • This tool permits you to download a schematic diagram as well as other files from other tools like Eagle, KiCad, etc
  • No need for installation, we can directly operate through a web browser
  • It supports all types of operating systems
  • It can access from any system, anywhere even on mobiles also by connecting it to the internet.
  • Once the server software is updated then automatically this tool will be updated and applied to all the users.
  • Design can be easily shared with other clients online.
  • You can get the new designs from the community.

The disadvantages are

  • This is a new tool as compared to KiCad so it takes some time to get awareness.
  • Without the internet, this tool cannot be operated.

How to Place an Order?

On the EasyEDA site, you can simply place an order for PCB by visiting the website. One can easily login through g-mail or by creating a free account. If you are using a desktop client, utilize similar data to log in there. On the website of EasyEDA, a page will be opened by the software. From there, PCB can be easily ordered by using the reasonable prices offered.

Thus, this is all about an overview of the EasyEDA tool. This tool is very helpful for engineers, teachers, students & hobbyists to make powerful schematic capture, PCB layout & mixed-mode spice simulation. This circuit designing software has many features EasyEDA has all the features which take your design from beginning to production. This tool mainly targets to give a good experience to every beginner or user. This is the reason to call this tool as easy. Here is a question for you, what are other PCB designing tools available in the market?