Non-Isolated Switching Regulator Invented by MORNSUN

MORNSUN is a leading manufacturing company, located in China. It manufactures power modules which include converters like AC/DC, DC/DC, LED & IGBT drivers, isolation transmitters. It was gained above 300 patents from the past 19 years. The MORNSUN has multiple management system certifications like ISO9001:2008, ISO14001, OHSMS18001, and TS16949. Around 500 enterprises in the world, this regulator has won praise & recognition. This article discusses an overview of the Non-Isolated K78_3AR3 Switching Regulator.

Non-Isolated K78_3AR3 Switching Regulator

The extension of the K78 series is a new non-isolated switching regulator with 3A output namely “K78_3AR3 switching regulator”. The input voltage range of this regulator is ultra-wide and it ranges from 8V to 36V. It has 97% efficiency with 3mA output. Input current is no-load. This regulator operates at -40°C to +85°C temperature range.


The response of this regulator from the market is good because of its outstanding performance, reasonable cost, and high reliability. Based on the demand for high current output like 3A, it has extended to 3A o/p current.


The Main Features of this regulator include the following.

  • The i/p voltage range of this regulator is ultra-wide that ranges from 8V to 36V.
  • Input current is 2mA
  • Efficiency is 97%
  • The operating temperature range is -40ºC to + 85ºC
  • The range of Input voltage is 8V to 36V


The characteristics of this regulator include the following.

  • It protects from short circuit
  • Ripple noise is less
  • Available in packages like open frame SIP and encapsulated SIP
  • The i/p voltage is higher compare with the o/p voltage. So it is used on the step-down (non-isolated ) circuit
  • It is a universal product


The applications are

  • The applications of this regulator are, it is used as a universal product in industries
  • It is used on the non-isolated step-down circuit.

Thus, this is an overview of K78_3AR3 switching regulator news article discusses its invention, features, characteristics and its applications