Vehicle Cabin Safety Alert System by Hyundai Mobis

In automobiles, an unexpected rise within temperature level and decrease in oxygen level can impact on humans as well as animals because; the reduced level of oxygen can lead to drowsiness, tiredness which occurs every year. Every year, animals, as well as children’s deaths, are increasing due to heart strokes. These strokes can occur because of the rise in temperature in the vehicle. To overcome this problem a smart monitoring system was developed by Hyundai Mobis namely vehicle cabin safety alert system.

Vehicle Cabin Safety Alert System

The vehicle cabin safety alert system was developed by Hyundai Mobis. The main intention of this system is to notice the children in back seats with the radar-based sensors. Thus, the monitoring system monitors the oxygen, humidity and temperature level continuously. So that it can give health, comfort, security as well as safety to the passengers in the vehicle.


This system is mainly used to detect the children in the back seats with the help of radar sensors. This system aids the children by preventing heatstroke & safety accidents of vehicles. The sensor used in this will enhance the accuracy of detection & provides safety for passengers.

The system like ROA (radar-based rear occupant alert) gives an alert to the vehicle driver using the Smartphone if a child remains in the rear seat. This monitoring system works normally with nearby rain-roads or high-voltage lines. It is capable of differentiating in between infants, adults & animals precisely.

Camera sensors in the vehicle cannot detect the children once they covered with blankets, however, radars can measure small actions of the flow of blood, chest of the children by passing through their clothes.

In the future, this technology can be improved like autonomous driving mode; So that the vehicle can serve as an ambulance to transport the traveler to the hospital in an emergency. Furthermore, Hyundai Mobis is planning to develop radar to measure the heartbeats of travelers & biometric functions.