Drones and Robots used to Fight COVID-19 in China

In the present situation, China country is using drones and robots to sanitize hospitals remotely, transport food and implement quarantine limitations as part of the attempt to fight Coronavirus. The media of this country has reported to the government to use the robots and drones employed to defeat the transmission of disease from person-to-person. There are millions of people in China they were lockdown in homes from the outside world for a few days. Day by day, the Covid-19 is spreading all over the world, so the medical community worldwide is using technical solutions like medical assistants. To prevent the spread of the disease, different MedTech corporations are coming up with drones and robots to assist medical employees by providing them good services.

Drones and Robots used to Fight COVID-19

In some china cities, the 5G based patrolling drones and robots are used to monitor the spread of the virus. Announcing people to clean their hands as well as wear masks. The 8th generation high-performance Intel core processor-based computer & a GPU iModule can make the robot to roll out with high performance.

Drones and Robots used to Fight COVID-19

In addition, different drones and robots are used to observe the body temperatures of citizens in public areas. There are some robots that use cameras with high resolution as well as IR thermometers. These robots are used for scanning 10 people’s temperatures simultaneously.

These robots find out the persons who don’t wear the mask then immediately an alert will be sent to the authorities. The controlling of these robots can be done remotely so that manpower can be saved, emergency services will be reduced. A telepresence robot is designed with high-quality cameras for video communication, patient’s health monitoring and delivering dangerous medical supplies to the hospitals in a secure manner.

There are above hundreds of drones are used in China cities to patrol different places and watch traffic & crowds more efficiently. Those drones can also monitor the persons who are not wearing masks in public areas could be recognized. These drones also broadcast the information to many areas than usual loudspeakers can.

Drones are also used to spray sanitizer in public areas to fight the Covid-19. By using thermal sensing, drones also identify people with high body temperatures. So, drones and robots are becoming essential to give support to humans in fighting the Covid-19.