Pressure Pump Types and Its Applications

Nowadays, low water pressure in the home is a common problem even though we have new pipes in your home. This could be happened due to several reasons like clogged pipes. This pressure can be solved by employing a water pressure pump. There are some reasons to cause this problem. So one has to check this problem. For instance, check the shutoff valves which are close to the water meter when it is fully open. Sometimes the trouble can be occurred due to the valves open incompletely. When the valves open fully, make sure your pressure of water pump. If the water which is supplied to homes is city water, then one should check the water pressure by the water department to fix the water pressure ideal like 45 – 55 psi.

What is a Pressure Pump?

Generally, this pump is a pressure booster pump, which can be used to raise the water pressure which is supplied to your homes. The low water pressure can supply from the metropolis supply. This problem can be solved easily by fixing a pump. These pumps are mainly used for increasing the water pressure instantly which comes out from the faucets & appliances.


There are some factors should be considered while selecting these pumps like the amount of pressure booster offered, pressure adjustability, pump casing, and its mechanism.

Types of Pressure Pumps

High pressure-pumps are classified into different types. These pumps are used daily, which work with different applications but selecting the right pump for getting the best results is very important.

  • Centrifugal Pump
  • Container Pump
  • Drum Pump

Pressure Pump Working Principle

This pump has a type of electrical switch on it to operate the pump. The operating of this pump can depend on the system pressure. Because, when the system pressure. This is one type of pump which includes a type of electrical switch on it. When the pressure of the system achieves a fixed point, then it turns the pump off. In some cases, this is adjustable and fixed. When this pump is working & a valve on the system is unlocked, then the flow of water will be out of the tap.

Whenever the tap closes, then the flow of water will stop flowing, then the pressure within the system assembles. Whenever the pressure gets offsetting of the controller otherwise switch, then this will turn off the pump to stay pressurized.


Whenever water is not many compressible & only pipes will store a little amount of water. Whenever we open the tap once more, the pressure falls very rapidly and a little amount of water will come out. Similarly, whenever the pressure falls to the “on”- setting of the switch, then this pump activates again to start pumping.


The pump applications mainly include the following.

  • Steel Industry
  • A metal industry like Non-ferrous
  • Mining
  • Automotive
  • Cleaning and Abrasive Liquids

This, this is all about pressure type pumps and its types. Other than the above-mentioned above pumps, there are some more pumps we can see. But there is a lot of differences between them. Some pumps look identical. Before selecting the pump, one should check each pump and confirm which one is suitable for your requirement. Here is a question for you, what are the advantages/disadvantages of pressure-pumps?