AP43770 USB PD Controller by DIODES Incorporated

The DIODES Incorporated has announced the AP43770 USB Type-C™ PD controller. This is an S&P (Standard & Poor’s) SmallCap 600 as well as Russell 3000 Index corporation. It is an important worldwide manufacturer company which supplies superior quality standard products which are used for a particular purpose like logic, broad discrete, analog & mixed-signal semiconductor markets.

The AP43770 is a power delivery or PD USB Type-C controller and it is used for power source applications with the ability of legacy. It is obedient with the specifications of USB Type-C specification (rev1.2) and USB PD specification (Rev3.0 V1.1).


This controller supports programmable power supply data object (PPS APDO) with 50mA/step current resolution as well as 20mV/step voltage resolution used for power management. In addition, it carries Qualcomm speedy charge 4.0 for the cellular phone market. Also, loss of cable payment and standard operating procedure command for detection of the electronic marker are fixed too.

These controllers support for nonpower delivery protocols which include BC 1.2, Qualcomm 2.0 or Qualcomm 3.0, other legacy protocols through auto detection & keep backward similarity with the accessible situation. There are some powerful features fixed on the controller as well as it can be arranged throughout the CC channel.

When USB power delivery has the capacity to deliver a high range of power, then the USB electronic marker characteristic is progressively more applied for energetic cables. This controller includes the required support to electronic market technology for detecting & recognizing the cables before energy is supplied.

When the controller is connected with an appropriate PWM controller like Diodes AP3108L then this controller has been designed for offering a total power delivery solution. The applications of AP43770 mainly include AC Adapters, USB power delivery converter, Car Chargers, power banks, and power hubs.



The main features of AP43770 include the following.

  • Maintains VOUT 20mV per step from 3Volts to 20Volts
  • USB power delivery transceiver through high noise immunity
  • It supports in detecting the e-market
  • Integral VCONN switch by OCP safety
  • The current limit will be 50mA/Step-up to 6A
  • The maximum i/p voltage rating will be 32V
  • Incorporated with CC or CV Controller
  • Obedient with USB power delivery Rev3.0 V1.1
  • ID code and programmable for design
  • Incorporated 5V or 1.8V low drop out
  • The low current supply is 550μA
  • Incorporated with BC 1.2 Legacy
  • Package is TSSOP16
  • Supports Non-USB power delivery protocol options
  • Incorporated with Qualcomm 3.0/2.0
  • Supports SCP/ OCP/UVP/OTP with auto restart
  • Cable recompense for dissimilar load form