Arduino SIM for IoT based Devices Launched by Arduino

The Arduino SIM was launched by Arduino exclusively for IoT based devices depending on the Arduino platform for offering the developers cellular access to the Arduino IoT. The main concept of this Arduino SIM is to give the simplest lane to the development of cellular IoT device.

The cellular service is offered by Arm Pelion Connectivity Management that means a single SIM can be utilized worldwide with a simple data plan. Initially, the data plan is launching in the US and it is available in Asia, and Europe to follow.


It is inbuilt with Arduino IoT cloud to make cellular IoT available to one and all those are already using Arduino at present. The sensor data can be simply sent by the consumers to spreadsheets, databases, without using the code with the help of Webhooks.

These boards can be connected securely without using code and it is possible by Arduino IoT Cloud. However, they are still programmed using libraries like Arduino IDE tool. This SIM offers a smooth lane for developing cellular IoT with free data up to 10 MB with validity 90 days, & for simple subscription charges for 5 MB is $1.50 USD for each month.

The simple plan gives the same data plan for the equal price where the device is being functioned in the world. By associating with APCM (Arm Pelion Connectivity Management), the service of cellular has a solid establishment for customers scheduling to extend large devices in the upcoming days.

Arduino CEO Fabio Volante announced the Arduino SIM like a path for simplifying the cellular connection toward the Arduino IoT cloud.

By associating with Arm Pelion Connectivity Management they are offering international data plans from only IoT prototypes to manufacturing IoT operations. The ease of incorporation with Arm Pelion Connectivity offers the choice to concentrate on customers; as well as speed up improvement and implementation in cellular IoT.