Steps to Fix a Cyclic Redundancy Check Error

Cyclic redundancy checkers works on the principle of cyclic error correcting codes. The main purpose of systematic cycles code is, it encodes messages by adding a static length check value. So, in the year 1961,W.Wesley Peterson proposed this CRC to detect the errors in communication networks. Cyclic codes are very simple to implement and also have the advantage of being mostly for the burst error detection, adjacent sequences of invalid data symbols in messages. This is vital because burst errors are mutual transmission errors in various communication channels, comprising optical and magnetic storage devices.

CRC Error
CRC Error

What is Cyclic Redundancy Check?

CRC (cyclic redundancy check) is an error detecting code used to check an error in storage devices and digital networks. The check value of the CRC increases the message without adding information and the algorithm of the CRC depends on cyclic codes. These are very famous because they are easy to implement in binary hardware, easy to evaluate mathematically and detecting errors caused due to noise in transmission channels.

Cyclic Redundancy Check
Cyclic Redundancy Check

In CRC, messages which are transmitted are separated into fixed lengths and divided by a static divisor. According to the calculation, the residue number is added onto and sent with the message. When he message is received, the computer recalculates the residue number and compares it to the transmitted residue number. If the numbers are dissimilar or do not match, then an error is noticed. The number of protocols used to transfer the files including Z modem that uses CRC instead of a checksum.

How to Fix a Cyclic Redundancy Check

CRC is an error identifying technique used by personal computers, especially the hard drivers or CD/DVDs. This error is mainly occurring when data on the hard disk or CD/DVD becomes corrupt.

Symptoms of CRC

When the Microsoft outlook downloads an email to your computer, you may get an error message like this: File path\filename.pst could not be accessed. Data error. CRC

Data Error
Data Error

In the above error message the term “File path\filename.pst” related to the location and name of your personal folder file (.pst)—-for example, C:\mypstpst.
Data error (CRC)
You cannot view some of the downloaded messages. When you click on your deleted folder, you may get the message like 0x80040116

Steps to Fix a Cyclic Redundancy Check

Step1: Check the Cause

When your personal folder is corrupted then the issue may occur.

Check the Cause
Check the Cause


To resolve this issue, check your CD/DVD or hard disk for errors and re-form your personal folder. Microsoft has confirmed that this is an issue in the Microsoft devices that are listed in the applies to section.

Steps to Find the Errors in the Hard Disk

Hard disk errors can be checked by using windows check disk utility

Open a Command Prompt

For windows7 and windows vista, click start button and type cmd search box, and press enter button.

If you are prompted for an administrator password, enter the password.

For windows XP, click Start button, click Run, type cmd and then click OK

Type cmd in a Command Prompt
Type cmd in a Command Prompt

At the command prompt, type chkdsk /f and then press Enter

Note:-If you get a message like in the following

The kind of the system file is NTFS. Cannot lock present drive.

Chkdsk cannot run for the reason that the volume is used by another process. Would you like to schedule this volume to be tested the next time the system restarts? (YES/NO)
Press Yes, press ENTER, and then restart your computer.

Restart Your Computer
Restart Your Computer

When Chkdsk finishes, close the command prompt.
Start Outlook, and then if the error still continues, continue to the “Repair your personal folder file” section.

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Advantages of Cyclic Codes

  • Cyclic codes have a very good performance in detecting single bit errors, double bit errors and odd numbers of errors
  • CRC codes can be simply implemented in software and hardware.
  • These codes are very fast when implemented in hardware

Thus, this is all about What is cyclic redundancy check, cyclic redundancy check error and how to fix a cyclic redundancy check.We hope that you have got a better understanding of this concept. Furthermore, any queries regarding this topic, please give your valuable suggestions by commenting in the comment section below.

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