Alternative Career Options After Engineering

I finished my BTech with high aspirations and dreams to join the multi-million dollar software industry. I stepped into the job market to realize I was a misfit in this industry in terms of my knowledge, Skills and Attitude.

Not knowing what to do I joined distance MBA from a University abroad, to later realize that I ended up paying huge money and earned nothing in return, as my interest was not in pursuing MBA, but to find an answer when people ask me what I am busy with after engineering.

Get it right guys. You have earned a degree does not mean you have earned the privilege for a fat pay package and a good job.

In fact life begins after Engineering. We have got our concept of Engineering wrong. For us engineering had defined limitations as to what we can do in our career. In fact engineering has to open up better job prospects rather than restricting them. A normal graduate today gets a JOB EASIER AND FASTER THAN an engineer. You feel all the careers except PROGRAMMING or PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT is not meant for you. You stop working on your skills and lose your attitude entirely. This is the time to get your skills and attitude right.

I struggled very hard after engineering to realize that there are many other career options WAITING FOR ME. I decided to try my hand at marketing and VOILA! it worked for me. Not because I had the requisite skills already but I developed all the required skills a very hard way. I suggest if you work hard on something long enough with honesty you will eventually reach your destination. So, I am here today with big brands to bank upon and earning money which a job definitely would not have delivered.

Remember money is always a by-product. Drop you label of an engineer so you can get going fast and  build an attitude to grab opportunities in so many different fields.


Following is the list of career opportunities waiting for you. Go embrace them.

1) Blogger

You can start a blog of your own, add relevant content on a regular basis and drive traffic to your blog. For better understanding all the content you read in this blog Elprocus are termed as blog posts/articles. Follow the links below to very innovative and user-friendly blogs I can suggest you to learn more about blogging:

You can monetize (earn money) from the same by publishing advertisements through Google AdSense, and millions of other advertisers. You become an online publisher. You can also pay and get the blog posts/articles written by people who have a flair for writing. There are millions of people like you who would like to read your blog and use this knowledge for seeking job opportunities. The more you contribute to uplift and touch as many lives in the same proportion you earn. Also there are many benefits to blogging as suggested by a famous blogger. Follow the link to read the same:

Blog example:

2) Content developer

You can contribute articles and posts to innumerable blogs who need your help. You can write on any technical/non-technical topic of your choice. Before writing research and gain enough knowledge in the particular niche you plan to contribute. This will help you to gain lot of knowledge, uplift your self-image and earn a living from the comfort of your home. If you land into a lucrative job in future you can continue to earn substantial passive income by producing quality content.

Follow the link if you want to contribute to this blog.

3) Author

Similarly, you can write books if you have a flair for writing. You can choose to write on any topic irrespective of your field and believe me, you can publish e-books on global platforms like Amazon without spending on publishing costs or running from pillar to post. Please follow the link to learn more about self-publishing.

4) Online Marketer

Now, this is one field that is expanding in all dimensions exponentially. All the businesses today need online presence if they have to be successful. There are innumerable job opportunities out there to work in the areas of:

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Social Media Marketing
UI/UX Expert and many many more……

To get into this field start reading blogs online and get knowledgeable about the skill set required to get into this field. All the knowledge is available in plenty on the net and everything is absolutely free.

Examples of an ecommerce sites:

5) Web design/development

As discussed above everyone needs a website for their business, so opportunities for a web developer is huge. Again develop the required skill set and who knows one day you can start a new web development company and develop international projects too. If you have a flair for design you can pursue your career as a graphic/web designer wherein the demand is endless but the supply is very much limited.

6) Business

To start a business you require a mind-set and the daringness to challenge the world. If you think you have an idea which is innovative, go conquer the world. Be consistent in your effort and believe me you will fulfill your dreams one day.

7) Marketing and Sales

Do not underestimate the popularity of a Marketing/Sales job. If you love travelling or interacting with others and if you are creative there is a huge opportunity waiting for you out there. I did trust my abilities 20 years back and consistently put my 100% to my job and here I am very much satisfied with my life and career. You can also work in your niche segment as a techno-marketing person and later pursue an additional degree of MBA to have an edge.

8) Tech support and service

If you have the desire in you to excel customer service, there are a plenty of job openings with Small, Medium and Large organizations who are struggling to find good people in this field. You can choose for a non-voice or voice process depending on your interest.

9) Faculty-Teaching in Engineering colleges, Institutes

The noblest profession I can think of is a teacher. You can become a faculty in Engineering colleges and also at private training institutes for the subject of your choice. You can pursue MTech and then PHD and rise higher in your career as a Principal and then Dean of the college. If interested you can do research and publish technical papers in your field of study and win accolades.

10) PCB designer

The area of Embedded system needs lot of expertise in PCB designing. You can master software like Proteus, Multisim or PSpice which helps you to design PCB layout which is extensively used in the field of Embedded System.


Indian Administrative Service

The Indian Administrative Service (popular as IAS) is the administrative civil service of the Government of India. Indian Administrative Service officers hold key positions in the Union Government, State governments and Public Sector Undertakings. The Administrative Service is one of the three All India Services. The other All India Services are Indian Police Service (IPS) and Indian Forest Service (IFS). You need to clear an exam conducted by the UPSC to get into the civil service.

“Always remember, you are just a breakthrough away from humungous possibilities.”

Let me know if you can think of any other opportunities or contribute to this article in the comments section so we together can uplift our community.

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