Touch Screen Project Ideas for Engineering Students on Home and Industrial Automation Systems

Touch screen technology has been around for several years but advanced touch screen technology has come on in leaps and bounds recently. Companies are including this technology into more of their products. The three most common touch screen technologies include resistive, capacitive, and SAW (surface acoustic wave). Most of the low-end touch screen devices contain on a standard printed circuit plug-in board and are used on SPI protocol. The system has two parts, namely; hardware and software. The hardware architecture consists of a stand-alone embedded system using an 8-bit microcontroller,  several types of interface, and driver circuits. The system software driver is developed using an interactive C programming language.

1. Touch Screen Based Home Automation System:

The project is designed to wirelessly control electrical appliances using RF communication. It uses a control board at the receiver end and another control board at the transmitting end. A touch screen display along with a microcontroller is used at the transmitting side. By using this display one can transmit the information on which load is to be ON / OFF. On the receiver side, a microcontroller along with other peripherals is used to process the data received by the transmitter.

2. Touch Screen Based Remote Controlled Robotic Vehicle for Stores Management:

A touchscreen-based remote control is designed to control a robotic vehicle using RF technology. At the receiving end, a robotic vehicle is used which picks an object and displaces it from one location to another. A microcontroller is used in this project at both the ends i.e., at the transmitting and receiving side to control the complete project. The robotics vehicle consists of a soft catching arm to avoid excessive pressure on the object which is handled.

3. Touch Screen Based Industrial Load Switching:

A touch screen display is used in this project to manage to switch of industrial loads. Using conventional switches in the highly inflammable area could lead to disasters. So touch screen displays can be used in these conditions for switching of these appliances. The control unit comprises a microcontroller interfaced with the touch screen display along with other peripherals to perform the desired operation.

A touch screen panel is interfaced to the microcontroller. Open touching a specific part of the panel, the microcontroller receives the information about the coordinates of the part and processes the information to obtain the required data (the load number to be switched) and accordingly the particular optoisolator is given the signal to trigger the TRIAC and the lamp is switched on as current flows through it.

Some more touchscreen-based projects


Following is the list of some more Touch screen-based projects:

  • Touchscreen Controlled Wheel Chair
  • Color LCD with Touch Screen Interface Based Motor Speed Control.
  • Microcontroller Based Password Protected Authentication System Using TouchPad.
  • Development of Touch Sensing Application in Different Fields of Electronics Equipments.
  • Finger Print Based Office Attendance and Password Protected Using TouchPad.
  • Touch Screen Based Temperature Monitoring and Control System with Graphical LCD.
  • GPS and Graphical Display Based Tourist-Guiding System with Touchscreen Keyboard Input for Dynamic Location Recording.
  • RFID Tags and TouchPad Based on Petrol Filling Stations.
  • Construction of Touchscreen Based Portable Digital Clock.
  • PC Key Board Based Touch Screen Sensing System.
  • Multi-Channel Analog Capacitive Touch Screen Sensing and Control for Industrial Robotic Realization Environments
  • Automatic Touch Screen Based Vehicle Driving System.
  • Prepaid Digital Energy Meter Using Touch Screen
  • Touch Screen Operated Liquid Dispensing System.
  • Touch Activated Speaking Robot
  • Induction Motor Controlling Using Touchscreen.
  • Design and Construction of Mems Accelerometer Based Tilt Operated Touch Free Mobile Phone.
  • Design and Development of Mobile Phone Using Modem, Graphical LCD, Buzzer, and Touchscreen Based Keypad.
  • Design and Development of Touch Screen Based ATM Machine.
  • Touch Screen GLCD based Digital Devices Control System
  • Touch Screen Based Moving Message Display System Using TouchPad.
  • Touch Panel Based Automation.
  • Construction of Microcontroller Based Touch Screen Mobile Phone with Password Protected Features.
  • Implementation of Mobile Keypad Based Hi-Tech Door Locking System.
  • Touchpad Controlled Robot.
  • Industrial Process Control & Monitor Using Touch Screen.
  • Target Catching Robotic Arm Manipulator Using Touch Screen.
  • Touch Screen Based Electronic Voting Machine.
  • Touch Screen Based Ordering System for Restaurants.
  • Microcontroller and RF Transceiver based Chatting Application with Touch Screen Keyboard Implementation.
  • Engine Temperature Monitoring and Controlling Through Touch Screen.
  • Touch Screen Based Advanced Home Automation System for Next-Generation Apartments.
  • Home Appliance Control Using Touch Screen.
  • Touch Screen Based Wireless Communication Assistant for Dumb/illiterates in Airlines.
  • Touch Screen Based Wheel Chair Implementation.
  • Remote Control Robot Using TouchPad
  • Touch Screen Controlled Motor Speed and Direction Controlling System.
  • Image Viewer in Graphical LCD Touch Screen.
  • Haptic Interfacing for the Disable Persons by Designing Simple Logical Touch Activated System.
  • Touch Screen Based DC Motor Speed Control
  • Microcontroller Based Auto-Dialer Home Security System Using GSM+Touchpad.
  • Touch Screen Based Nurse/attendant Calling System for Physically Impaired.
  • Touch Screen Based Digital Slate for Next Generation Elementary School Children.
  • Microcontroller and Touchscreen Based Wireless Library Book Catalog System.
  • Image-Based Password Authentication for Illiterates With Touch Screen.
  • Touch Screen Controlled Lamp Dimmer for Next Generation Apartments.

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