Top Electronics and Electrical Engineering Projects

Nowadays electronics play a major role in our daily life, without electricity we cannot imagine our life even for a single day. If we learn some basic things about these concepts, it is beneficial to us. The importance of electronics is growing at a rapid rate. The current trend is that many students have started showing interest in electronics and electrical engineering, and therefore learning electronic concepts by joining various electronics branches of engineering, such as ECE, EEE, and EIE. This electronics concept deals with various circuits that may include resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, etc. This particular article encompasses a list of electronics and electrical projects for engineering students of EEE and ECE branches. This article discusses Electronics and Electrical Projects from different categories such as electrical, microcontroller, robotics, GSM, solar, and RFID.

Top Mini/Major Electronics and Electrical Projects for Engineering Students

Electronics and Electrical Projects in conjunction with a specific application always provide enthusiasm for the students in selecting their final year EEE projects. The following are a few of Electronics and Electrical Projects:

Electronics and Electrical Projects
Electronics and Electrical Projects
Climbing Robot
Climbing Robot

Electric Poles Climbing Robot with RF Remote Control

In this project, a special gripping mechanism helps the robot to climb the electric poles that carry power lines. The robot is controlled either remotely or wirelessly by the RF control in such a way that after reaching the destination it performs the desired task. This robot uses a special set of motors to run over the pole structure. A battery power supply provides energy for the entire circuit.

Human Powered Wireless Charger for Low-Power Mobile Electronic Devices

This is a renewable energy generating system used to charge low powered mobiles by harvesting energy from the human knees. This system is attached to the human knees. While walking, kinetic energy is converted to electrical energy, and this energy is transferred to the mobile charging device wirelessly.

Mobile Charger
Mobile Charger

Smart Traffic Control System Using PLC and SCADA

By using Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s) and SCADA HMI, both controlling and monitoring of traffic are possible with this system. This system is proposed to create a smart way to control the traffic of vehicles at toll gates and other parking areas.

Smart Traffic Control
Smart Traffic Control

Based on the density of vehicles, this system automates the parking of vehicles. In this system, the PLCs control the traffic signals while calculating the traffic density, and the SCADA system monitors the traffic density.


Forest Fire Detection Using Optimized Solar-Powered Zigbee Wireless Sensor Networks

This project is developed to prevent the forest fire that leads to dire consequences. The system uses field sensors, embedded circuits, and wireless technology. A solar energy system with a maximum power point tracking algorithm is also implemented in this system.

Forest Fires
Forest Fires

This system also detects any abnormal prowling and rain. It uses LabView software to monitor all the field parameters, an embedded circuit for detection and processing, and wireless Zigbee technology for remote control operation.

PC Based Digital Notice Board with Display on LCD Display Using RS-485

This proposed project displays information from a PC in a scrolling manner. The LCD display systems are placed at different places and are connected through the RS-485 communication protocol network. A Microcontroller controls the overall operation by receiving the information from the PC, and then sends that data to the LCD display systems through the RS-485 network.

LCD Display
LCD Display

Anti Theft Control System Design Using Embedded System

This system is a motor vehicle’s anti-theft device. It is an embedded chip attached to the vehicle with an inductive proximity sensor. This sensor senses the insertion of the key, and also sends the message to the owner’s mobile informing the owner of the vehicle that the vehicle is under heist by the robbers.

Vehicle Anti-Theft Control
Vehicle Anti-Theft Control

The anti-theft control system prompts the user to enter the password before starting the vehicle engine. Therefore, if a user enters the password more than thrice, it automatically sends the information to the police station. Moreover, the fuel injector instantly gets deactivated and the person finds himself locked inside the vehicle as the door-locking system enables permanently.

Green Home Energy Management System through Comparison of Energy Usage between the Similar Types of Home Appliances

The main aim of this project is to compare the energy usage between similar types of appliances by using Green Home Energy Management System technology. With this system, we can not only observe the hourly, daily or monthly energy consumption of various home appliances but also can notice the state of that device whether it is ‘switch on’ or ‘switch off’.

Home Energy Management
Home Energy Management

The monitoring and controlling system of this device are possible by Zigbee wireless technology. The Microcontroller of this device is programmed to act like a controller to control home appliances by receiving commands from the Zigbee Module.

Simulation of Anti-Collision System for Railways

This system completely eliminates the possibility of a collision between trains on the same track. It identifies a train’s position, the collision occurrence indications, and also alerts the control-grid stations in advance.

Anti-Collision System
Anti-Collision System

The anti-collision system uses an RS-485 communication system as a long-distance communication medium, a microcontroller to process the data and wireless communication protocol and to send alert signals to remote control areas. A Proteus virtual system modeling software is used to simulate the entire project along with a compressed type of load cell, which is used as a pressure sensor.

User-Friendly Fuzzy Logic-based Farm Automation Using Arduino and Lab view with Xbee based Control System

The main objective of this project is to reduce the stress on manual labor to maintain the farms. It comprises various sensors to sense parameters like humidity, temperature, soil moisture, lighting, and water levels.

Farm Automation
Farm Automation

Zigbee control sends all these field parameters to a monitoring area or level. Arduino development board receives these signals and sends them to the LabView software.  LabView with fuzzy logic module processes these parameters and sends the controlling signals back to the field area where all the output devices are placed like the drip system, water sprayer, artificial lighting, and display systems.

Arduino based Child Rescuer from Bore-Well

This is proposed to rescue children trapped inside a bore well. It is composed of an inflatable bladder with a high-pixel camera, which is carefully inserted beneath the child trapped inside the borewell.


This system uses the Arduino-development board to process the overall operation, a compressor to fill the bladder with air, and an HMI system to monitor the entire process. Once the bladder is inserted and inflated, the Arduino system controls the motor in such a way that a pulley is operated to bring back the child.

Smart Parking System using Cloud-Based Computing and Raspberry Pi

Internet of Things has become a very attractive technology. Using this technology many sensors, motors, and other devices interact with each other over the internet. Using this technology automation of various systems is achieved which has upgraded our way of living.


In this project Internet of Things, technology is used to detect the free parking slot. Here Raspberry Pi microcontroller, Ultrasonic sensor, and RFID are used for automation. This project is aimed to reduce the people waste for searching for parking slots.

Raspberry Pi Assisted Facial Expression Recognition Framework for Smart Security in Law-Enforcement Services

Facial recognition is an evolving technique used for many applications. This method has diverse applications for solving different real-time problems. Though being effective, some of the challenges faced while applying this technique are the inherent problems related to human emotions, computational complexity, and the lack of sufficient data. In this project, a cost-effective, novel and energy-efficient framework is proposed for suspicious activity recognition based on facial expression analysis.

This project is designed as a smart security system for law enforcement services. Here the video stream is captured by a Raspberry Pi camera and Viola Jones Algorithm is used to detect faces. Gabor filter and Median filter is applied to the face region before feature extraction. Oriented Fast and Rotate BRIEF features are extracted. To predict the known emotions Support Vector Machine classifier is trained.

A Novel Approach in Real-Time Vehicle Detection and Tracking using Raspberry Pi

For the comfortable, smooth, and safe movement of vehicles on the road, nowadays many vehicle detection solutions are being proposed. In this project, a vehicle detection system which uses a video image processing algorithm for detection is proposed. Here, this proposed algorithm works on the color features of the vehicle to detect them, track them, and count them in the video. Kalman filter is used for vehicle tracking. This algorithm is implemented on Raspberry Pi 3 using OpenCV and C++.

Open Source Raspberry Pi Hearing Assistance Device with Consumer Hardware

In this project, a hearing assistance device is designed using Raspberry Pi which implements a Binaural Beamforming Algorithm which helps the user to focus on the speaker in front of him. For audio processing, Python libraries are used.


Python also gives the prototype the flexibility to work in real-time. The source code of the project along with the instructions to build it is freely available on the GitHub.

Smart Power Theft Detection System

In this project, a current measuring and comparing system are designed to detect power theft. Usually, power theft is done either by hooking or by bypassing. In the proposed system the power is first distributed to an intermediate distribution box then to the individual houses. In this intermediate distributor, box power is measured continuously for each individual house and the data is updated in the database. For sending data to the server GSM/GPRS module is used.

Meanwhile, for every house an electric meter is designed which can measure the current values and send the data to the server periodically through GSM. At the time of installation of these meters details such as user address, name, photograph, latitude, and longitude details of the location are saved in the database. For entering this data a user-friendly mobile app is used. When the values of current provided by the distributor box and the houses are compared and if a difference is found, then the theft is detected. Authorities then take the measures to prevent the theft.

Predicting of Battery Degradation

Knowing the battery condition in battery-operated devices like mobile phones, laptops, etc is very important to the user. The battery condition can be known by observing the capacity, charging, lifespan, usage of the battery. Based on these parameters only the battery condition can be observed. In this project, the software algorithm is developed to create a related prediction.

If your device is built with a microprocessor through some extra ADC ports, then this approach can evade the price of an extra part. We will look at the algorithms in general, then look at some real results with lithium batteries.

Cable and Wire Tester

Cable or wire tester is an electronic device used to test electrical as well as electronic connections, signal strength in cables otherwise different wired connections. Generally, they are used for verifying the connectivity of the path whether the wiring is properly connected or not. So cable tester device is used to verify the strength of communication for cable.

At present, advanced cable testers are developed including good quality and features. These devices are mainly used for testing different cable properties like noise, resistance, attenuation of signal, interference, etc.

In this era of electronics, we always come across several electronic devices and machines that are working superbly to ease our workflow to a great extent. No doubt, electronic devices are saving a lot of manpower and un-necessary effort. In this article, we will be discussing the “Electronic eye” circuit that is popularly known as the magic eye.

This circuit can be used in devices to detect the presence of light automatically and operate the circuit accordingly. We have also described the features of the main components used in the circuit to make you understand the working of the electronic eye more clearly.

Electronic Eye

The electronic eye uses a photodetector to detect the occurrence of a beam. After that, based on the light intensity, this device activates the light like when it becomes dim. When this device works automatically then it removes physical switching of the device & therefore reduces the manpower. In this project, an LDR is used to detect the light when it drops on the circuit.

Mobile Horn System without Pollution

In automobiles, when horns are applied then noise pollution can be generated and creates many issues for humans. To overcome this problem, the mobile horn system is developed which reduces noise pollution. In every vehicle, RF transmitter & receiver is included. Once the vehicle driver presses the horn then the transmitter sends the RF signal.

This signal arrives at the automobile ahead of the primary vehicle. In this project, the RF receiver is connected to the next vehicle that gets the signal & the controlling unit works the buzzer within the vehicle. Thus the next vehicle driver can simply listen to the buzzer noise without troubling the public. For different vehicles, separate codes will be sent like LMV, TW, HMV. The program of the microcontroller can be written in assembly language.

Accident Alert System of Trains

This project implements an accident alert system for the users in the current railways. This system can be built with a set of IR Tx & Rx which are connected ahead of the train in parallel. Generally, infrared rays fall on any obstacles then the receiver gets the echo signal.

Once the train travels through the railway track and if any train comes ahead of it, then the infrared rays will reflect from the receiver & transmits the signal toward the microcontroller. The distance of the obstacle from the train can be analyzed by the microcontroller, stops the train & generates a siren. This project is applicable for every train by connecting on the track so that train accidents can be avoided. This project is cost-effective and accurate, so applicable in modern trains.

Protection of Reverse Power in an Alternator

This project implements a system to protect the reverse power within an alternator. At present, the situation of complex power can demand continuous supply for the customer. So at present, the generator is the crucial source and it functions like a heart in the power system. Therefore, it requires the highest safety when the faults occur. This can be used as a synchronous machine because it can either work as a generator otherwise motor based on the type of input energy.

This generator is synchronized through the grid. Several mistakes can cause huge harm to the generator & at the same time to the economical condition.

Precise Inclinometer

This project designs a custom inclinometer to measure angles exactly down to 3000s of a degree. This instrument is used in precision devices to record from down to 100th degree. This project makes one axis mechanical as well as digital inclinometer is used in the scientific machinery or instruments. The ICs used in this project are from different manufacturers and demonstrates several different techniques that you might incorporate into your designs.

Step Up Transformer Construction with Multi-Output

In electric power transmission, the transformer is an essential device. The proposed system is used to design a typical step-up autotransformer through tapping. This project includes a self-induced copper winding and it has several tapping for secondary voltages. And also it includes laminated Iron Core, nut, and bolt to grip the Iron Core very tight.

The transformer winding will determine the wealthier step-up otherwise step-down. In a transformer, the step-up is to amplify voltage rating of the main turn by determining the main coil length to the measured length value after that number of twists was 396, which was twisted up to 400 for simple calculation of the minor number of twists, so minor was estimating transformer ratio.

Control of Battery Charge for PV Systems

In any alternative energy system, a charge controller is an essential device. The main function of this charge controller is to confirm the solar power plays a key role with the load like a battery. This project can be implemented by placing a single diode among a solar panel as well as a battery. This will make sure that the load does not release its charge into the solar panel at nighttime.

A more complicated execution will be adding up the capacity for this controller to separate the solar panel once the batteries are completely charged for preventing over-charging damage in the direction of the batteries.

This project reduces the battery overheating from the photovoltaic array whenever the battery turns into totally charged. For electrical loads, it gives load control tasks to connect & disconnect an electrical load automatically at a particular time. For instance, lighting load operation from dusk to dawn.

Dot Matrix Advert Display Design using Microcontroller

The main function of this project is to design and implement a dot matrix advert display with a microcontroller. Initially, CAD (computer-aided design) is the physical system modeling on PCs which allows both interactive & automatic design analysis variation & the design expression is in the form that is apt for manufacturing.

This system explains a dot matrix advert display using a microcontroller. It is quickly gaining broad acceptance & application within the current days because of its capacity to supply an extremely high precision timing. This display describes an electro-mechanical system to process the data where the data is signified through physical quantities, which are controlled to take separate values only like binary signals.

Batch Counter Design in Industrial

The electronic device like an industrial batch counter handles the counting & the individual’s flow can be controlled through an automatic slide door to give access once the administrator allows. In this project, a sensor unit is used to open & close the door once somebody blocks the light pathway.

These parameters are used for determining whenever somebody enters or lefts from the conference hall. The light detecting type mainly involves in monitoring the unit through photon otherwise optical devices. This includes two units like an encoder and the decoder.

Light-emitting diode emitter is combined through a photodetector within proximity to form an extremely helpful object namely optoisolator/optocoupler. Once the optocoupler is blocked, then the door will be opened & the LCD will display the count of individuals within the room.

Latest Electronics and Electrical Project Ideas for Engineering Students

The list of the latest engineering projects mainly includes electronics and electrical projects which include solar, mini-projects, robotics projects, and computer science projects. These electronics and electrical projects are collected from different categories.

The list of electronics project ideas includes the following.

Electronic Projects
Electronics Projects
  1. Audio CD Player to Video CD Player Conversion
  2. Control and Safety Monitoring Based on RTOS
  3. Security System for Electronic Eye Control
  4. The Load Control with Video Activated Relay
  5. Digital Scrolling Message System with Pre Programmed
  6. Led Based Automatic Emergency Light-Based
  7. Virtual LEDs Based Propeller Display of Message
  8. High Bandwidth and Low Noise Amplifier with Improved Stability over RF Range
  9. Vehicle Driving System based on Automatic Touch Screen
  10. Automatic College Bell Using RTC
  11. Design of a Bus Station Identification System
  12. Load Protector with Remote Switching
  13. Speed Control of a DC Motor Based on Microprocessor
  14. Automatic Road Level Detection for and Alerting System for Cars

The list of electrical project ideas includes the following.

Electrical Projects
Electrical Projects
  1. Power Saver for Commercial Establishments and Industries
  2. BLDC Motor Speed Control using RPM Display
  3. Implementation of WSN based Industrial Temperature Monitoring System
  4. Advanced Temperature Control and Monitoring System with Graphical LCD based on Touch screen
  5. Electrical Oven Temperature Monitoring for Metal Industries based on Timer
  6. GSM based Integrated Energy Management System with User Programmable Number Features and Acknowledgement
  7. Three Phase Fault Analysis with Auto Reset on Permanent Trip and Temporary Fault Otherwise
  8. Power Factor Measurement based on Microprocessor
  9. Design and Construction of Three-Phase 1 H.P Motor
  10. Radio Frequency Control of Induction Motors and Other Industrial Loads
  11. Electrical Station variables Reader or Controller with True graph and SCADA
  12. RF-based Wireless Control of Stepper/ DC Motor Speed Control
  13. Design and Construction of SCADA System for Real-Time Electrical Parameter Monitoring and Control
  14. IR/RF/Zigbee Technologies Based DC Motor Speed and Direction Control
  15. Speed and Direction Control of a Stepper Motor based on IR Remote
  16. Earth Fault Relay Design and Construction for Single-Phase Power System

Solar Projects for Engineering Students

Solar power projects are the most attractive projects. The following list of solar energy projects ideas works successfully and is helpful in real life as well. Some of the best examples of solar projects include solar cooker, solar water heater, sun-tracking solar panels, etc.

Solar based Electronics and Electrical Projects
Solar based Electronics and Electrical Projects
  1. Solar Street Light based on Raspberry Pi
  2. ARM Cortex (STM32) based Solar Street Light
  3. Solar Street Light Based on Arduino
  4. Solar Power Charge Controller
  5. Sun Tracking Solar Panel
  6. Solar Energy Measurement System
  7. Solar Powered Auto Irrigation System
  8. Solar Insect Robot
  9. Solar Powered Path Finding Vehicle
  10. Low Power and High-Efficiency Solar Based Rice Cooker with Fast Cooking Capacity for Power Saving and Renewable Energy
  11. Maximum Power Tracking System Design by Automatic Control of Solar Panel Direction According to the Sun Direction
  12. Implementation of Solar Inverter for Garden, Home, or Street Light Applications
  13. Air Compressor Pump for Car Bike Tire Inflate based on Solar

Mini Projects for Engineering Students

Here we have listed some mini electronic projects ideas and these projects are helpful for II and III year engineering students of EEE and ECE branches. The list includes projects from different categories such as microcontroller, IR, GPS, etc.

Mini Electronics and Electrical Projects
Mini Electronics and Electrical Projects
  1. Water Level Controller Using AT89S51 Microcontroller
  2. Solar Power Based Auto Charging Grinding Machine
  3. Digital Thermometer Design by Using a Selected Temperature Sensor
  4. Life Cycle Testing of Electrical Loads by using Down Counter
  5. Automatic Plant Watering System
  6. Speed Control of DC Motor using PWM
  7. GPS Based Bus Station Indication with LCD Display
  8. IR Based Electrical Device Control with Triac and Optically Controlled Disc
  9. Real-Time Burglar Alarm System using Passive Infrared Sensor

Computer Science Projects for Engineering Students

Computer science engineering projects involve the development, designing of various application-based softwares, and these projects can be implemented by several tools such as .Net, Java, Oracle, etc. The list of computer science and engineering projects is given below.

Computer Science based Electronics and Electrical Projects
Computer Science based Electronics and Electrical Projects
  1. AJAX and XML Based Asynchronous Server Interaction
  2. Authentication service-based Bandwidth Congestion Control for Automatic and Dynamic Reconfiguration System
  3. ATM Networks and Intelligent Packet Filtering to Avoid Traffic and Congestion
  4. AD-HOC Networks Based Network Security System in DNS
  5. Route Reconstruction Method based Support Group Concept for Mobile AD-HOC Networks
  6. Wireless Application Programming with Bluetooth and J2ME
  7. Energy Efficient Event Reliable Transport in WSNs
  8. Code Optimizations on Stanford University Intermediate Format
  9. Linear Temporal Logic based Network Protocol Verification
  10. OS Enhancements to Prevent the Misuse of System Calls
  11. SDLC Models based Collaborative Software Development
  12. Formal Verification and Specification of WiFiRe
  13. VB .Net based Employee Management System
  14. Java Productivity Aids to Track the Control Flow, Parsing, and Log Reader
  15. Verification of Digital Signature using Artificial Neural Networks
  16. Network Density Reduction for Wireless AD-HOC Networks

Robotics Projects for Engineering Students

Robotics is one of the best domains of science in which there is a lot of scope for creativity and innovation. Robotics Projects are very popular among engineering students as these projects do not require an in-depth and lengthy explanation because they speak for themselves.

Robotic projects are applicable for various departments like EEE, ECE, and E&I. ECE projects in robotics make use of communication technologies such as Zigbee, GPS, GSM, and Bluetooth. EEE projects in robotics can also be used to express the usage of various electrical machines like hybrid stepper motors or servo motors. Here we are listing out some useful robotic projects for graduate students

Robotics based Electronics and Electrical Projects
Robotics based Electronics and Electrical Projects
  1. Automatic Two Wheeler Locking System based on SMS
  2. Path Finding Robot Operated by Sensor
  3. Braking Controlling and Yarn Detector Robot
  4. Self Navigating Robot based on GPS and Digital Compass
  5. Speed and Direction Control of a Four-Legged Walking Robot Controlled by Mobile Phone
  6. IR Light Tracing Robot Controlled by TV Remote
  7. Self Balancing Robot based on MEMS/Gyroscope

These are a few of some real-time Electronics and Electrical Projects. We believe that we have been successful in providing you with a bountiful of options. The Electronics and Electrical Projects listed above include the latest technologies such as GSM, neural networks, machine learning, cloud computing, etc…

You can write your views, and comments on this article and also about the Electronics and Electrical Projects you have seen in the comment section given below.

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