Infographics: Different Types of Oscillators Circuits

The oscillator is an electronic circuit used to make a respective electronic signal usually the sine wave & the square wave. It is very significant in other kinds of the electronic gear like quartz which used as a quartz oscillator. The AM (amplitude modulation) radio transmitters use the oscillation to produce the carrier waveform. The AM (amplitude modulation) radio receiver uses a different oscillator it is termed as a resonator used to tune a station. The applications of the oscillators include in the computers, in the gun and also metal detectors. This infographic discusses different types of oscillators circuits.

What is Meant by Oscillator?

The oscillator is a mechanical or electronic device and the working principle of the oscillator is, the periodic change between the two things is depends on the changes in the energy. The oscillations are used in the radios, watches, metal detectors and in many other devices.

The oscillator converts the DC (direct current) from the power supply to an  AC (alternating current),  used in many of the electronic devices. The signal used in the oscillator is a sine wave & the square wave. The best examples of an oscillator are, the signals are broadcasted by the television transmitter and radio, CLKs which are used in the computers and also in the video games.

Different types of Oscillators

There are two kinds of electronic oscillators are available, namely linear oscillator and nonlinear oscillator. The linear oscillator gives the sinusoidal whereas nonlinear oscillator gives non sinusoidal or complex waveforms like square, sawtooth, trapezoidal and rectangular. The different types of oscillators are; Crystal Oscillator, Armstrong Oscillator, Hartley oscillator,Cross-Coupled Oscillator, Colpitts Oscillators,Dynatron Oscillator, RC Phase Shift Oscillator, Meissner Oscillator, Optoelectronic Oscillator, Phase Shift Oscillator, Wein Bridge Oscillator, Robinson Oscillator, Tri-Tet Oscillator, etc.

Different Types of Oscillators


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