Door Sensor Working and Its Applications

The weakest points in the home for burglar are entrances and exits. An unlocked door is a big welcome sign to an intruder. That is why door sensors play a key role in home security. These sensors also named as window, entry, otherwise contact sensors. At present, most of the home security systems were designed with door sensors for security purpose. When an unauthorized person tries to open the door, then it gives an alarm. So this article discusses an overview of the door sensor and its working.

What is a Door Sensor?

The door sensor is an essential component used in-home security system. The designing of these sensors can be done with two parts which are arranged in parallel to each other. So that the circuit can be formed. When someone tries to open the door then these parts will get separated and breaks the circuit. So the control panel will activate to generate an alarm. These sensors are very easy to install and portable.


Working of a Door Sensor

There are different types of door sensors available in the market. Most of these sensors use a reed switch & a magnet to decide the status of a door whether it is opened or closed. Reed switch is applicable in countless devices like doorbells to laptops which depend on electrical connectors.

When the reed switch & a magnet are arranged close to each other, then the switch will be closed then an electrical current will be supplied. Similarly, when the switch is opened, the two parts will be detached then the circuit will deactivate due to no current flow.

The door sensors come with two pieces a reed switch as well as a magnet. Here the read switch is connected to the door and magnet is arranged to parallel to the switch. So that closed-circuit can be formed when the door is closed. When the door gets open, the switch and the magnet will separate to break the circuit. So the sensor gives an indication to the control panel to generate an alarm.

Door Sensor Maintenance

Based on the security system, we can able to modify the type of alert we get once a door opens. We may select a clear alarm for sound whenever a door opens. Otherwise, we may choose the alarm to activate mutely while alerting our defense company. No sensor works forever. Because it may get damaged or the switch may wear out. When a door sensor is not working, immediately call to the home security company to change it instantly.


In addition to a lock system, door sensors are the ideal for home security. These sensors are small and portable. The benefits of these alarms mainly include good security, keep the robbers away, protection of the child, peace of mind and deter danger.

Thus, this is all about the door sensor. From the above information finally, we can conclude that the main features of these sensors mainly include remote control, home security, and wireless installation. Here is a question for you, what are the different kinds of door sensors available in the market?