Free Giveaway : DIY Electronics Project Kit for Students

Edgefx team is proud to announce that we successfully conducted the previous 2 giveaway competitions and offered free gifts to our lucky readers. Now, again Elprocus is offering a free DIY project kit as give away for electronics blog readers as an appraisal to its visitors, followers, customers, and subscribers. The loyal readers who are greatly supporting us by surfing on our international and domestic blogs and websites to improve their technical, practical, and academic knowledge.

Free Electroncis DIY Project Giveaway for Elprocus Readers
Free Electronics DIY Project Giveaway for Elprocus Readers

As the usage of advanced mobile internet technology is increasing, the number of visitors of Elprocus is also increasing. Mostly, engineering students prefer the easy way to learn their subject related core topics, online technical websites are the best solution for improving technical knowledge with the top-quality content provided on the websites.

Thus, we feel it’s an opportunity for us to serve in a better way and show gratitude to all our blog readers for their support and encouragement. Hence, Elprocus is offering a free electronics DIY (Do It Yourself) project kit, to our blog readers. So, a few lucky readers can claim our free gift just by liking and following us on a couple of social networks.

How to participate in the Elprocus giveaway competition?

The readers have to visit the Elprocus blog, after reading this giveaway, you need to like our Facebook pages and post your comments about why you want to win this giveaway. The readers can also follow us on social media.

You are done! And, you could get the following:


The prize, worth Rs.5599-Intelligent Overhead Tank Water Level Indicator

The intelligent overhead tank water level indicator is an innovative project to give a display of water level in an overhead tank. The water level is indicated as numeric values through the 7-segment display, such that various levels of water are assigned with various numeric values from 0 to 9. Thus, we can easily know the water level in the tank, and appropriately, we can switch on and off the motor.

Intelligent Overhead Tank Water Level Indicator by
Intelligent Overhead Tank Water Level Indicator by

This project kit built using BCD to 7-segment decoder, priority encoder, 7-segment display, and other basic electrical and electronics components. The priority encoder is used to sense the water in the tank from its nine input terminals. The ground terminal of the sensor is kept at the bottom of the tank or container. The power supply block 230v to 5v that can be done using a step-down transformer, diode bridge rectifier, and IC 7805 voltage regulator,  is used for giving supply to this digital water level indicator circuit.

DIY Kit Details

Edgefx Technologies provides project solutions to the engineering students and electronics hobbyists in the form of (Do It Yourself) DIY project kits. This DIY kit enables students to improve their technical and practical skills. As, the DIY kits provided by Edgefxkits contains a fully designed and pre-programmed plug & play project kit and all the components, devices related to the kit, programming codes (if any), and guidelines for designing the project kit by the students on their own. Thus, these DIY kits help the students in improving their confidence in handling practical electronics projects and applied knowledge.

HURRY UP! Just you need to claim for your gift as mentioned above, to check out your DIY PROJECT KIT FOR FREE AS GIVEAWAY FROM ELPROCUS.

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