National Level Competition on IOT Supported by Workshop

Technical workshops are good opportunities to improvise practical exposure of engineering students. A technical workshop is an event in which the students can implement some projects practically under the guidance of experts. National level competition on IOT supported by the workshop is an event organized by Edgefx Kits & Solutions. In this national level competition, (open to all 1st year to 4th year ECE and EEE branch) engineering students can participate to improve their practical knowledge and also win cash prizes worth Rs.5,00,000 & above. But, why and how to participate in national level competition cum technical workshop on “Home Automation & Monitoring over the Internet? IOT National Level Competition

Why Participate in the Technical Workshop cum Competition?

Every engineering student desires to get an individual identity for their technical and practical skills. To expose their capability, competitions are technical events in which they can not only present their skills to win prizes for their knowledge. If a national-level competition on IoT is supported by a technical workshop, then students not only win prizes worth Rs.5,00,000 & above and also get national-level identity from the competition. In addition, technical experts will guide the students in the technical workshop to improve their practical skills. So, why not students utilize this opportunity?

How to Participate in National Level Competition?

To participate and win in the national level competition, primarily you need to register for the workshop organized by Edgefx Kits & Solutions. Please follow the below steps to register:

  1. Open our direct link to register yourself
  2. Fill in your details such as name, email ID, and phone number appropriately in the spaces provided.
  3. Once you are successfully registered, then Edgefx executive will contact you with full details (to answer all your queries and to explain the procedure you need to follow further).
  4. You can have a maximum of five members in each batch and must have a minimum of seven batches from each college.
  5. The students are required to pay a registration of Rs.1500 per head to participate in the competition. This fee can be paid through online or offline, for registration, fee payment, and for further details mail us at or call us at 09959178000 or toll-free: 18001087475.

Workshop cum Competition

The workshop cum competition will be having three levels and the first level is going to be conducted at your college premises.

Level 1: Digital interface to embedded system & control using multipurpose development board and 7 in 1 digital sensor.

Level 2: Analog interface to embedded system & display using 4 in 1 analog sensor.


Level 3: Analog interface to embedded system & IoT

As mentioned above, in each level the registered participants have to design appropriate projects using the mentioned sensors and obtain the desired outputs. During the workshop, Edgefx technical experts will guide the participants in designing electronics projects. Therefore, this workshop cum competition will integrate the practical skills of engineering students in designing real-time projects. Thus, participants are filtered in level 1, level 2, and level 3 among which the winners will be selected for prizes mentioned below.

Benefits of Participating in Workshop 

The successful winners of the competition will be given prizes worth Rs.5,00,000  above as mentioned below.


  • 1st Prize: Rs.2,00,000 for one student
  • 2nd Prize: Rs.25,000 for two students
  • 3rd Prize: Quadcopter with camera and remote for three students
  • 10 Appreciation prize, free DIY project kits, and certificate of participation will be given to each participant.

The participants have a chance to win prizes worth Rs.5, 00,000 & above, and a National level competition cum workshop participation certificate which will be given to each participant. This workshop cum national level competition not only offers you the opportunity of winning prizes but also integrates your technical and practical skills. This competition helps you to analyze and compare your capabilities to become an efficient engineer. Practical experience in participating in the national level competition will give you an identity and improves your confidence levels.

Edgefx Kits & Solutions ( and Elprocus ( is habituated to conduct events, competitions, giveaways, quizzes, and so on for the engineering students and electronic hobbyists. Edgefx offers a platform for engineering students to integrate their academic knowledge with practical knowledge, such that offers prizes to the winners in every competition conducted by Edgefx.

This time, it is a National level competition on recent technology, IoT (Internet Of Things) supported by the workshop is another platform all engineering students from 1st year to 4th year to participate in the competition and win prizes.

If you are interested to know more about various competitions and workshops conducted by Edgefx, then you can visit and blog that provides technical information to the students or electronic hobbyists regarding (electrical and electronics) engineering academics and advanced technologies.