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ElProCus is giving away an amazing electronics project kit and a brand spanking new tablet for our loyal readers this month! All you have to do is like and follow us on a couple of social networks and you could earn yourself these fantastic products.

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First Prize (Worth Rs. 8799) – SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) for Remote Industrial plant

SCADA is a supervisory control and data acquisition system used to monitor and control a plant or devices in industrial hazardous places like oil and gas refining and transportation, water level control systems.


The main aim of the project is processing the acquisition of real time data under controlled supervision for large scale remote industrial environment.

This project is to monitor the temperature and control the affecting factors of it using SCADA. The first step is temperature sensors which senses temperature and sends signals to 8051 microcontroller and these continuously drive pulses to microcontroller. This microcontroller is connected to DAQ system (software) where you will be monitoring this entire scenario, you can also set parameters to the signal it receives, once the parameters Increases or decreases, it automatically alarms by using an alarm connected to it.


DIY Kit Details:

EdgeFXkits provides a DIY (do it yourself kit) for electronics students. This consists of all the components and devices related to kit along with programming codes and guidelines. Students can easily assemble the project by themselves which will help increase their applied knowledge and raise the confidence in handling practical electronics projects.

This supervisory control system can also be involved in gathering information like where gas pipeline is leaked and transfer the information back to central site and alerting home station about the leakage issues where occurred in pipeline.

Second Prize (Worth Rs. 6999) – HP Slate 7 Tablet

The HP Slate 7 Tablet is a powerful new 7 inch tablet from the computer giant with all the features you could ever ask for. It features a dual core 1.6 GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor, 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal storage which can be expanded upto 32 GB and 2 cameras. The crisp 7 inch screen will let you experience multimedia like never before and the front and rear facing cameras ensure that you will never miss a moment worth remembering! With a battery that will last you all day and Beats Audio for music lovers, the HP Slate 7 Tablet really does have everything you want!


So hurry up and make your mark in the ElProCus giveaway, you could be our winner!

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A Comment From the First Winner

Being a regular reader at Elprocus, I came to know about the Elprocus-Giveaway for students. Following the simple steps of contest, I shoFree electronic projects give away winnerwed my interest for the DIY project and simply commented why I wish to win this Giveaway. And I got selected by Rafflecopter Random Engine as a winner.

Elprocus-Giveaway for students has provided me an oppotunity to win my own project kit to earn practical knowledge. This is a very good initiative by Elprocus to giveaway absolutely free Do-it-yourself kit as a gift to the students. Such contests appreciates the learning of their readers on Elprocus and make them to find their own ways to get their practical knowledge according to the needs of real world.

I would like to thank Elprocus-Giveaway for making simple but valuable efforts to bring me a DIY project kit. I would like to say to the organizers of Elprocus-Giveaway that their approach is clear and sincere towards its readers. And I hope, the Elprocus will organize such amazing contests in near future also.


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