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It’s the time for ElProCus to extend a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation to its beloved followers, visitors, proponents, and customers with a giveaway – a real-time application-based project kit. As we have been maintaining top-quality content on our sites and striving to present the information in the best possible way, we always think about our loyal readers, for a moment, to appreciate them for their admiration and loyalty. Out of motivation and encouragement from our previous giveaway of free electronics projects kits that enabled so many readers to join in the contest and won prizes, we have once again decided to give away yet another exciting kit for our readers.

Indeed! We believe that this is yet another opportunity for us to serve and perfect the way of saying thanks to all our blog readers as they deserve it for motivating and encouraging us. So this month ElProCus is giving an astonishing electronic project kit, which is developed and designed by EdgefxKits, to our keen readers. After all, a few lucky readers can claim this gift by just liking and following us on a couple of social networks.

So what exactly do you need to do?

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That’s all! And, you could get the following:

Prize, worth Rs.5499-Density Based Traffic Signal System

Density Based Traffic Signal System

This kit demonstrates a dynamic traffic signal system based on density at road junctions. By sensing the traffic density at the junctions this system automatically changes the signal timings. In many of the major cities, traffic jam is a severe problem causing a nightmare for travelers and passengers.
In a traditional traffic light system, a fixed time is allotted to each side of the junction, and it doesn’t change with the traffic density. But, sometimes it becomes necessary to keep the green light longer as compared to the allotted standard time due to heavy traffic on that side.

This system overcomes this problem with the use of an 8051 microcontroller duly interfaced with sensors. The IR sensors used in this kit detect the traffic density on each side of the junction in three zones: medium, low and high zones, and these are connected to the corresponding pins of the microcontroller. The microcontroller is programmed in such a way that based on these zones; the timings are allotted to the lights on each side of the junction.

Thus, this project efficiently changes the timings of each side of the junction automatically based on the movement of the vehicles by avoiding unnecessary waiting time for them at the junction.

DIY Kit Details:

Edgefx kits provide Do It Yourself (DIY) kits for engineering students particularly for electronics and electrical students. These kits consist of project belongings like all electronic and electrical components and devices along with the programming codes and guidelines. This makes the students to assemble or build the project on their own. This eventually helps to improve their applied knowledge and also increases their confidence in handling practical electronics projects.

Free Electroncis DIY Project Giveaway for Elprocus Readers
Free Electronics DIY Project Giveaway for Elprocus Readers

This Density Based Traffic Signal System enables you to understand an advanced concept of traffic light controller which has more advantages than the conventional control system. This practical building of the project also ensures hands-on experience while implementing it.

So, hurry up! And make your mark in the ElProCus giveaway – you could be the winner!

A Comment From the First Winnerfree electronic project giveaway winner

As a regular reader of the enlightening engineer community”Elprocus” I came to know about the giveaways . It’s a great effort to encourage engineers . I participated in this most valuable event and I won this kit . DIY kit has everything including solders, multimeter etc. Its an honor to be an active reader of your page . I thankyou for supporting students. Keep on supporting and encouraging students


  1. Devanagaraj S says:

    Iam a Mechanical engineer and a electronic hobiyst.El-pro-cus helped me to learn more about electronics.Now i have a average knowledge about Electronics and their functionings.Thank you so much El-pro-cus.

  2. Beshoy Awad says:

    I am an electrical engineer studying at NJIT. I would love this because it will allow me to have a better understanding for electrical engineering. Besides, this would be a lot of fun to play with in my very limited free time!

    1. Tarun Agarwal says:

      Hi Beshoy Awad, Please check the user friendly website for Electrical based project ideas on all the latest technologies.

  3. pranesh balaji says:

    #thankyou_Elprocus ! Thanks a ton for encouraging the engineer in me. Thankyou Tarun Agrawal

  4. Tarun Agarwal says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Thank you for the amazing response on Elprocus Second Giveaway. We have announced the winner via Rafflecopter Random Engine.

    1) Pranesh Balaji (Density Based Traffic Signal System)

    Winners will be soon intimated with an email response.

    Note: The winners were selected by Rafflecopter Random Engine.

    Thank you!

  5. Saai teja says:

    i m diploma final year student i have seen many projects in your site actually thght of doing this one soo, it is best project from my wishlist. it would be great if i wld get one 🙂

  6. ravinder kumar says:

    I am a engg. student and working of the latest embedded project.

  7. Nate Chapman says:

    I am an electronics hobbyist and would love this to play around with my 2 younger boys. We would have hours of fun but yet very educational.

  8. sai charan says:

    hey! i am a third year engineering student from anna university affiliated college.i have an immense interest towards practical learning.i really feel this density based traffic signal is a great idea and cant wait to see it function.i am really looking forward to this kit.

  9. Muhammad Adan says:

    I am a final year student of electrical engineering and it’s a great social project and it would be great to have all the things to build this project from one single place. It would be a pleasure to increase my practical experience through this brilliant DIY Kit.

  10. pranesh balaji says:

    I am a budding engineer pursing my final year in EEE at anna university affiliated college . I am very aware of my final year project . this give away project is very useful for me to improve my co-curricular activities . Thank you

  11. I am a electronics student at Macomb college 2 years done, I would love this project.
    It will help me a lot with my studies. Macomb college is in Michigan near Detroit.

  12. Juan Flores Quiroga says:

    I want it to Learn and Learn!! only a law student with codeing passion and trying to connect those two worlds.

  13. I want this because I am a final year student. And this would be really great

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