List of Top Mini Projects for ECE Students

Nowadays electronics play an essential role and it is a known fact that it has become a part of our day-to-day life. Electronics and Communication Engineering is one of the most demanding branches in Engineering. There are many students who are optimistic and show a keen interest in this branch of science, and this branch of science also offers endless opportunities for them to move on in their respective careers. Engineering graduates should complete their projects in III and Final year to get their certificate. They have to use their innovative ideas to do the projects individually. Keeping such innovative concepts and ideas in mind, apart from the latest and emerging trends in electronics, this article lists top-notch projects (list of mini projects for ECE students). Moreover, students can avail of many options to select their projects in various categories such as microcontrollers, robotics, embedded, solar, and communication-based like GPS, GSM, and RFID, etc., which give enormous opportunities for them.

Latest Mini Projects for ECE Students

The following mini projects for ECE students were built with different microcontrollers, embedded, sensors, buzzers, wireless communication, motors, etc. These projects cover two domains like electronics and communication to implement the projects easily with the help of circuit diagrams. The compilation of ECE projects can be done by electronics researchers. These mini projects for ECE students are suitable for diploma students, second and third-year engineering students.

Latest Mini Projects for ECE Students in 2014
Latest Mini Projects for ECE Students

Burglar Alarm System

This burglar alarm system is used to protect the premises but all the time, it is difficult to give an alert to everyone. To overcome this, the proposed smart alarm system is developed. This project generates an alarm once any unwanted intrusion occurs in the secured areas.

This simple project works with a copper wire loop that is laid at the entry of the protected area. Whenever a burglar enters to break the loop then this system generates an alarm that is connected to this system. So that everyone in the surroundings, offices can be alerted. Once the wire loop is connected back then only the alarm will be stopped.

Small Audio Amplifier

The amplifier is an essential component in any music system. This component is mainly used to hear crystal clear music. This project is the small version of amplifier systems and it is very easy to implement as well as a test by using an audio jack. In this, an audio transmitter like the mobile phone generates the signals using an audio jack cable with 3.5mm which has less amplitude. Once this signal is given to the loudspeaker then the output from the speaker will be less. So amplifier circuit changes the audio signal and it is fed to the speaker then converts into sound as an output.

The range of audio frequency varies from 20 Hz to 20 KHz. The main function of the audio amplifier is to amplify the amplitude of the signal. So the configuration of the audio amplifier circuit can be done by multiplying the clear audio signals with a positive gain factor. This gain factor can be changed using two potentiometers

Electronic Watch Dog Project

This project designs an electronic watchdog. This project works like a pet dog by noticing the presence of a person at the house gate. At the entrance of the door, a set of IR sensors are arranged. When an unauthorized person enters through the door, then IR rays automatically cut. These rays activate a sequence of events within the circuit to generate a burglar alarm to alert the house owner

RF-based Geo Location Guide

This project is very helpful for the tourist guides to share his location with the user especially in parks, public places, etc. To overcome this problem, a park guidance system is implemented using wireless technology like RF. This project is very helpful in guiding the tourists in the park.

The proposed system works with an RF receiver to follow the user when the user carries this circuit along with him. After that, it includes RF transmitters which are located in different areas across the park. These transmitters generate RF signals, when the user who carries RF receiver reaches in the range of the transmitter then it detects and displays the location on the LCD the screen.

Auto Lap Time Measurement System

Stopwatches are used by professional athletes, bicycle riders, car drivers to keep monitoring their lap timings while practicing. It is not necessary when practicing alone because every time needs to start & stop the stopwatch. To overcome this problem, the proposed system implements a system like a wristwatch to work with the user. By using this watch, the user can focus on their practice or performance.

This project can be built with a push button that can be operated by the user through pushing to start the system. Once the button is pressed then the microcontroller will start the timer. This system includes a set of IR sensors that can be arranged at the finishing line. Whenever the user crosses the sensor then it transmits a signal to the system so that timer can be stopped. Later the user can reset the watch by using a push-button.

LED Interfacing with 8051 Microcontroller

LED stands for a light-emitting diode that is the most frequently used component in most of the electronic as well as electrical applications. The material used to make LEDs is a semiconductor. In this simple project, LED interfacing is done with the microcontroller 8051. Generally, LEDs include some voltage and current drops like 1.7v & 10mA to blink at complete intensity. This voltage drop can be given through the microcontroller output pin.

PC-PC Communication using LASER

The proposed system is used to make communication between two PCs using LASER light. This project works on the principle of free-space optical communication. This communication project uses MAX232IC through a 5V single power supply for level conversion. The communication over two to three meters distance can be possible through IR diodes and the range of communication can also be increased to 100 meters based on the requirement with the help of laser diode by replacing IR.

The transmission of data can be possible with the combination of laser diode & photodiode. The laser beam from the transmitting module drops over the photodiode in the receiver which is to the other PC. This owl setup can be arranged within a black box to keep away from any indication.

Monitoring System of Taxies

There are different kinds of transportation systems are available in cities. In that, taxies are one of the common types of transportation for the people. The proposed system implements a security system for monitoring the taxies to provide security to the passengers along with the information of fare and distance. This proposed system can be used by the police to monitor the taxis. The monitoring of this system can be done using GPS and GSM. Here GSM is used to send the message to authorized persons.

PC based Moving Message Display through Notice Board

The main concept of this project is to display a scrolling message through an electronic notice board on PC. These displays are mainly used for displaying notices, alerts, and events in schools, stadiums, companies, colleges, etc through a PC for controlling it.

Notice boards play a key role in displaying the news, events from time to time. In this project, the PC is used as a controlling machine for text to be exhibited on the board. The message which is transmitted from a pc can be changed & fed to an 8051 microcontroller using a Max232.

The data required can be stored in a microcontroller that can be interfaced through external memory. Later, the display is used to show like a notice board that is interfaced through the 8051 microcontrollers to show the message received from the PC like a scrolling message.

Defense Robot using Zigbee

This project implements a robot using Zigbee. This robot is applicable in defense which can be controlled through a PC. This kind of robot can be used to collects the data regarding the enemies and transmits to the control room. After that, it takes the required actions such as gun shooting based on the order received from the control room.

Electronic School Bell

Generally, the bell is manually operated who has been elected to complete it based on a period. By using digital electronics, this project can be automated to replace the manual operation. This project can be used to ring the bell in schools, industries, factories, etc.

The connection of this bell can be done at the outside of the project to ring the bell based on the periodic automatically. This project is helpful for the teachers to take classes at a fixed time. This system is very useful in industries to begin work, specify breaks & also closing the industry. By using this project, it is possible to count the class periods with 45 mins whereas the break for lunch is 30 mins.

The counting of these timings can be done using two-decade counters along with NE555 timer. Once the
When the particular timing signals reach the set time then they fire a silicon controlled rectifier to allow the output of AC power at the connector of Bell. A push-button is used to control the bell from starting to end.

GSM based Weather Monitoring Wirelessly

This project is used to monitor the weather wirelessly. This project can be built with various sensors such as light, temperature, and humidity. The data which is received from the sensors can be displayed on an LCD. Also, a GSM module plays the main role in this project to send the data through an SMS to a remote system. By using this project, monitoring of weather can be done.

Dish Antenna Controlled through Remote

The antenna is an essential device in the communication field. In several applications, the commonly used antennas are a parabolic type or dish type. The dish antennas are used to arrange the dish according to the satellite. The proposed system develops a system to control the position of the antenna wirelessly using remote. In this project, a microcontroller is utilized for controlling the position of the motor using the IR transmitter & receiver.

The list of Mini Project Ideas for ECE Students is listed below.

  1. Intelligent Traffic Light Controller Design Using Embedded System
  2. GSM Based Data Retrieving and Identifying Objects Using RF Transmitters and RF Receivers
  3. A Remote Based Multichannel Controlling for Home and Office Appliances
  4. GPS Technology-Based Electronic Toll Collection System
  5. A Low cost Fully Autonomous GPS Based Quad Copter for Disaster Management
  6. Robust Navigation System for A Transporter Using GPS/INS Fusion
  7. Indoor Global Positioning System
  8. An Outdoor Navigation System For Blind Pedestrians Using GPS and Tactile-foot Feedback
  9. Clock Sub Division and GPS Fiducial Clock Synchronization Technology-Based Pipeline Damage Locating
  10. SMS Based Smart Parking Reservation System
  11. Auto Guard System Design Using Network and RFID
  12. GSM with ARM Control and Fingerprint Based Wireless Mail Box
  13. Solar Water Pump Implementation and Power Saving with Four Different Time Slots
  14. IR Sensor Based Wireless Mouse
  15. RF Based Wireless Notice Board
  16. Controlling of Wireless Equipment using 8051  Microcontroller.
  17. Anti Theft Alerting System for Two Wheeler
  18. Automatic Engine Locking System for Drunk and Drive System
  19. IR and LDR Sensor Based Automatic Room Light Controller with Visitor Counters
  20. 8051 Microcontroller Based Biomedical Heart Beat Monitor
  21. Speed Controlling of Closed Loop Motor Using Cell phone
  22. PWM Technique Based DC Motor Control
  23. Fuzzy logic Based Speed Control of DC Motor
  24. Light Dependent Resistor and Smoke Sensors Based Super Intelligent Robot
  25. Smoke Detector/LPG with Auto Dialer Using Microcontroller Based on Arm Processor
  26. Types of Handovers Investigation in Wireless Communication System.
  27. Working of HDMI and Display Port
  28. Barcode Decoder Based on Microcontroller
  29. Speed Control of the Motor Based using a Cell phone
  30. Activity Monitoring and Fall DetectionFor Oldsters
  31. Life Saver and Smart Paroxysm Prediction System
  32. Smart Card Technology-Based Access Control and Authenticated System for Device
  33. Home Automation Systems Control Using TV Remote
  34. A Smart Office Automation System Using Raspberry Pi
  35. Speech Recognition Based Home Automation System Using Raspberry Pi and Zigbee
  36. Design and Implementation of an IoT Based Roadside Parking System Based on Raspberry Pi 3 and Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh Sensor Network
  37. Accurate Vehicle Number Plate Recognition and Real-Time Identification Using Raspberry Pi
  38. Development of Raspberry Pi Based Banknote Recognition System For The Visually Impaired
  39. Biometric Attendance Management System using Raspberry Pi
  40. A Smart Intruder Alert System Based on Microprocessor and Motion Detection
  41. RF Based 3-Axis Robotic arm using MEMS
  42. IoT Based Ware House Fire Safety System Using ARM
  43. Automatic Meter Reading Using Wireless Sensor Module
  44. Alerting and Detection of Toxic Gases in Industries using IoT
  45. A Cloud-Based Inventory Management System using a Smart Trolly for Automated Billing and Theft Detection
  46. A Brain-Computer Interface For Smart Home Control
  47. IoT Based Real-Time Water Grade Tracking System Using Solar Energy
  48. Live Human Detection Robot in Earthquake Condition
  49. Intelligent Shopping Cart Based on IoT
  50. Human Health Monitoring Using Wearable Sensor
  51. Train Brake Monitoring and Flame Detection System Using ARM processor
  52. Heart Rate Monitoring Using ARM softcore Processor-Based System on Chip
  53. Passengers Safety Monitoring and Destination Alert System for Public Transport
  54. Speed Controlling of Four Quadrant DC Motor with Microcontroller
  55. RF and IR Based Wireless Vehicle Path Tracer
  56. Arduino Based Tomato Ripening Stages Monitoring System
  57. Bluetooth Energy Meter
  58. Deletion FrameWork and Track Creation for Long Term Online Multiface Tracking
  59. Sparse Combination of Data Points Based Robust Ellipse Fitting
  60. Segmentation of Automatic Dynamic Texture Using Optical Flow and Local Descriptors
  61. Markov Random Fields Based Pose Invariant Face Recognition
  62. Design and Application of Radio Broadcasting System
  63. Theory and Application of Analog to Digital Conversion System
  64. Pattern Recognition Based on Biometric Applications
  65. WSN for Aircraft Heat Monitoring
  66. Railways Accident Avoiding System Based on Microcontroller
  67. Fire Detection by Pattern Matching Using Camera and Raspberry Pi
  68. Wi-Fi Based Smart Notice Board Using Raspberry Pi
  69. Banking Security System based on SMS
  70. PC to PC Wireless Data Transfer System Based on Microcontroller
  71. Designing of a Reader Circuit and Antenna Circuit Based on RFID
  72. Operation of Four Quadrant DC Motor Remotely ControlledBy Android Application
  73. Wireless Sensor Network Based Blind-U-Bus System
  74. Closed Loop Pressure Control System Based on Microcontroller
  75. Solar Powered AGV Based on Microcontroller

Recommended Note: Mini Projects for ECE Students.

Thus, this is all about mini projects for ECE students as well as the project lists for ECE students. These projects are very helpful for a diploma as well as B.Tech students in implementing the projects in the field of electronics and communication.


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