New Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

The new Raspberry Pi – Raspberry Pi 3-Model-A+ has launched and is being called the little brother of its previous model Raspberry Pi 3-Model-B+. The cost of this new Pi board is around 25$ which is 5$ more than its previous model Original-A+. Most of the features in this model are similar to their previous model Pi Model-B+.

The main advantage of Raspberry Pi 3-Model-A+ is its connectivity which is similar to B+ and this feature is not available in previous model A+. Due to this feature, we can quickly build many DIY projects. It means that as the size of the board decreases efficiency increases.

Raspberry Pi 3-Model-A+
Raspberry Pi 3-Model-A+

Check out the table below for all its features.

Feature Specification
System On Chip (SoC) BCM2837B0 64-Bit ARMv8 A-54 Quad-Core Processor
Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Video core 4 by Broadcom
Network 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz LAN (Wireless)
RAM (Random Access Memory) 512mb RAM
Bluetooth Version 4.2
Storage Micro SD card
Number of Ports 1 HDMI Port, 1 CSI (Camera Serial Interface), 1 DSI (Display Serial Interface), 1 Audio and Video jack (3.5mm)
Dimensions 67 x 56 x 11.5 mm

The wireless network feature provided on this model is improved quite a bit and is very fast when compared to 3-Model-B+. This optimized wireless speed is enough to create many opportunities in the making of homemade DIY electronic models. This 3-Model-A+ also comes with a GPIO header of 40 pins which is used to connect different types of boards, motors, and sensors.

According to the researchers the previous original A+ used to take 1 minute from power-on to desktop ready whereas the new Raspberry Pi 3-Model-A+ takes only 25 seconds. It also has its Operating System which has a collection of educational tools. It gives a clear idea for students on how the software and the hardware works. For beginners, there are simple drag and drop tools with some simple concepts of programming.

According to us, this is the new and advanced board for all the beginners. It is budget-friendly and available online. It also has many advantages when compared to all other previous models.