What is an NJM4560 Dual Op-Amp & Its Working

An op-amp that includes two power supplies then it is called a dual operational amplifier like NJM4560 Dual Op-Amp. A positive voltage is given to V+ whereas a negative voltage is given to V-. So, the input signal of this IC can swing from the +Ve to the -Ve voltage supply.

There are different kinds of dual operational amplifier ICs available like LM358, OP221, LM358, LM258, MAX4351, NJM4560, LM2904W, etc. From them, this article discusses an overview of NJM4560 Dual Op-Amp, pin configuration, circuit, and its working.

What is an NJM4560 Dual Op-Amp?

The NJM4560 dual op-amp includes a wide bandwidth & high gain and it is capable of driving peak-to-peak voltage like 20V into 400 ohms of loads. This IC merges several features of the NJM4558 IC & provides wider bandwidth as well as a high slew rate so that this IC is perfect for active filters, telecommunications & several instrumentation applications.

NJM4560 IC
NJM4560 IC

This NJM4560 IC is available in the surface-mounted micro-package so that it can be used in dangerous applications where extremely high packing densities are required.

NJM4560 Dual Op-Amp Pin Configuration

The pin configuration of the NJM4560 Dual op-amp is shown below. This IC includes 8-pins where each pin and its functionality are discussed below.

NJM4560 Dual Op-Amp Pin Configuration
NJM4560 Dual Op-Amp Pin Configuration
  • Pin1: Output of first op-amp
  • Pin2: – Op amp’s -Ve input pin
  • Pin3: +Ve input pin of the first op-amp
  • Pin4: -Ve voltage supply connection
  • Pin5: +Ve input pin of Second op-amp
  • Pin6: -Ve input pin of Second op-amp
  • Pin7: Output of Second op-amp
  • Pin8: +Ve voltage supply connection

Features and Specifications

The features and specifications of the NJM4560 op-amp include the following.

  • The case style of the amplifier is DIP
  • The number of amplifiers used is 2
  • Number of pins-8
  • Max & Min operating temperatures are 70°C to 0°C
  • Voltage supply ranges from 4V to 18V
  • It can drive loads with 400Ω of impedance
  • Dissipation of Power in mW
  • Slew rate is max like 4 V/μs
  • Typical Bandwidth is 10 MHz
  • It operates with a single supply or dual supply.
  • The offset voltage is 0.5V
  • Bipolar IC Technology
  • Offset Current is nA
  • Available packages are 8-Pin DIP, SOP, SIP & DMP
  • Voltage Gain is 100 dB
  • Speaker impedance is 4Ω
  • Typical CMRR is 90

The equivalent NJM4560 dual op-amps are LM386, AD620 & C4556C whereas alternative dual operational amplifiers are AD620, JRC4558 & IC6283.

How to use NJM4560 Dual Op-Amp?

The main function of the NJM4560 dual op-amp is the amplification of the audio signal. The circuit diagram of a single supply-based non-inverting amplifier circuit is shown below. In this circuit, NJM4560 IC is used as an essential component where an input signal from any device like the microphone is provided at the amplifier’s +Ve pin.

The output of this can be fed back toward the input using two resistors like R1 & R2 which are generally used for determining the op-amp gain.

NJM4560 Dual Op-Amp Circuit
NJM4560 Dual Op-Amp Circuit

In the above circuit, the bias voltage can be fixed through R3 & R4 are used to set the bias voltage, whereas the two capacitors like C1 & C2 within the circuit are mainly used for supplying fewer frequencies without reduction.

In an op-amp with a single supply, the movement of the input signal is from the +Ve voltage supply to the GND terminal. However, in the op-amp with dual supply, it can move from the +Ve to the -Ve voltage supply. For AC signals, this operational amplifier can also work very well by allowing the signals to move from a high distance by changing both positive & negative sections of the AC signal.

For a single supply-based operation, pin-4 of the IC needs to connect to the GND terminal in the circuit whereas, for the dual supply-based op-amp, pin-4 is supplied with a negative voltage supply.

Where to Use it/Applications?

The applications of NJM4560 Dual Op-Amp include the following.

  • It is applicable in a wide range of audio amplification, telecommunication & instrumentation-based applications due to its wider bandwidth & high slew rate.
  • This operational amplifier works through AC signals because of the dual supply feature.
  • This IC is used where the densities of high packing are necessary because it is available in the package of surface-mounted micro.
  • This operational amplifier can also be used within the distortion circuits because of the 5MΩ of input impedance & maximum voltage gain.
  • Audio pre-amplifiers
  • Used in Headphones for amplifying the sound volume
  • Inactive filters Implementation
  • Equipment of Industrial Measurement
  • Wien bridge oscillator
  • Audio boosters
  • AM & FM Radio amplifiers
  • Audio amplifiers with low power
  • Handy music players

Thus, this is all about an overview of the JRC4560 dual op-amp datasheet. This IC includes wide BW, high-gain, dual op-amps which is capable of driving 20V into 400Ω loads. This IC is fitted within the design of pedal circuits due to max voltage gain, good i/p impedance & flexible power supply. Here is a question for you, what is the main function of an operational amplifier?