What is a T6845C Power Bank Module & Its Working

The power bank is a portable rechargeable device, used to power up different gadgets like mobiles, tabs, laptops, etc. A power bank can be easily fit into your pocket and available in different capacities based on the requirement. In a very less time, they have used everywhere &. intended to change the battery with a single-use. This article discusses an overview of a T6845C Power Bank Module & its working

What is the T6845C Power Bank Module?

The Power Bank Module like T6845C is mainly designed for providing power to mobiles, devices, etc. It comprises different modules like load management, discharge management, protection & and LED indication.

T6845C Power Bank Module
T6845C Power Bank Module

This module is available like a mini-board & compatible with Li-ion battery ranges from 3.7V to 4.2V. This module includes a port like micro USB for charging the battery & USB type A female o/p port supports 5V DC 1A input & 5V 1A o/p. Once this module is connected to a battery then a portable power bank can be made.

This module has less fixed current thus entire circuit can simply use 0.1mA of current without uniting to load, so there is no requirement of physical operation because if there is no load then it will standby & simply uses 0.1mA of current.

Specifications & Features

The features and specifications of the power bank module include the following.

  • Chemistry – Li-Ion (Lithium-Ion)
  • Rated Voltage is 5Volts
  • Range of input voltage from 3.7 V to 5.5 V
  • Max current charging is 1A
  • Max output current is 1A
  • The output voltage is 5 V
  • The charging voltage is 4.2V
  • Accuracy ± 1%
  • Discharge efficiency is 85% where i/p is 3.7V & o/p is 5V/1A
  • Standby current Max is 8uA
  • Charging & discharging can be indicated
  • Red Light Blinks while Charging
  • Controlling of Charging & Discharging
  • Supports 0V Charging & Trickle Mode
  • Temperature control
  • Protection from Overloading & Overcharging
  • Protection from Overheating, Short Circuit, over Voltage, etc
  • Once the batteries charging is completed the RED light blinks for a long time
  • The charging current is 1000mA
  • USB o/p Current is 1200mA
  • Charging Interface is a Micro USB port
  • The size of the single circuit board is 1.8×2.2×1.1cm

T6845C Pin Configuration

The pin configuration of a T6845C power bank module is discussed below.

T6845C Pin Configuration
T6845C Pin Configuration

In the above image, we can observe that the USB port connectors-2, connector points or battery like positive & negative & the IC for the charge controller.

This module includes two USB ports as above mentioned such as USB-A & USB-B. USB A is mainly used for the o/p which is allied to a device to charge (discharging the o/p of USB) whereas the Micro-B USB is connected to an adapter with 5V for charging the batteries (charging the i/p of USB).

How to use it?

A T6845C power bank module is used in powering the Arduino nano. The connection diagram of this module is shown below.

T6845C Module to Arduino Nano
T6845C Module to Arduino Nano

When getting a power supply from an exterior USB charger, then the module like T6845 will get charging with a 18650 3.7V Ultra fire battery. The 5V output of the T6845 module can be connected to the VIN pin of the arduino nano module. Once the outside USB charger is connected to nano then it will work well.

Once the USB charger is disconnected then the output of the T6845 module falls to 4Volts but drives the Nano module & it retunes itself for every few seconds. Even if the Nanodevice is not connected to the output of the power bank module then the voltage fall takes place. In this usual & expected performance from the power bank module, it delivers 5V continually to the Nano board, when the battery ended.

T6845C Power Bank Module Applications

The applications of the T6845C power bank module include the following.

  • The T6845C power bank module is used widely like an application of a power bank because it provides huge load current as well as huge discharge current upto 1Amp. This module is perfect for charging the device. The charging and discharging can be indicated through onboard LEDs
  • This module is used in speakers, solar panels & power banks
  • Boosting
  • Charging of Lithium battery


The following precautions should take while using this power bank module.

  • PCB will burn, don’t utilize o/p to connect above 1200mA devices or else.
  • Please connect two ports of the battery through B+, B-; the polarity should be correct, transposition will damage the chip

Thus, this is all about an overview of the T6845C power bank module. This kind of module is mainly designed for providing power supply to mobiles, tabs, etc. Here is a question for you, what is a power bank?