TDA2005 Amplifier : Pin Configuration & Its Applications

An amplifier manufactured for amplification purposes in audio/stereo and car radio applications is the TDA2005 amplifier. It is designed as an integrated chip with special features like high output power and adjustable gain in the MULTI WATT-11 package. The variants of the TDA2005 amplifier include TDA2005S for stereo amplifier applications and TDA2005M for bridge circuit applications.

This article gives a brief description of pin configuration, specifications, circuit diagram, and applications of TDA2005 amplifiers.

What is the TDA2005 Amplifier?

TDA2005 amplifiers are specially designed for a Class B, dual audio power, and 20-watt audio/stereo amplifier used in car radio or stereo applications. These are used as power booster amplifiers due to their high current capacity (3.5 Amps). It is available in a small IC with 11 pins in the MULTI WATT-11 package.

In stereo applications, it can drive very small electrical impedance loads (1.6 ohms) while in a bridge configuration, more than 20 Watts output power can be obtained.

TDA2005 Amplifier IC
TDA2005 Amplifier IC

The TDA2005 amplifier is used to adjust gain in radios and music players. Its high output power capability helps in driving the woofers and loudspeakers. This type of amplifier is used as a protective diode to drive the heavy inductive loads. If an audio amplifier circuit needs gain to be adjustable, then this is the best choice.

This is also known as a low-power audio amplifier available at a very low cost.  Its  high current capacity helps to design power booster amplifier circuits very easily. The maximum voltage gain achieved by the amplifier is variable and it can be used in several types of sound-producing devices like radios, music players, woofers, and speakers.


Pin Configuration/Pin Diagram

The TDA2005 amplifier is an 11-pin class B double audio amplifier available in the MULTIWATT11 package. It is a stereo integrated amplifier of high quality. The TDA2005 amplifier pin configuration/pin diagram is illustrated below.

TDA2005 Amplifier Pin Diagram
TDA2005 Amplifier Pin Diagram
  • Pin 1: (INPUT +(1)): This pin refers to the positive or non-inverting terminal of the first amplifier
  • Pin 2: (INPUT -(1)): This pin refers to the negative or inverting terminal of the second amplifier
  • Pin 3: (SVRR): It provides supply voltage rejection ratio to the device and also suppresses the power supply variations
  • Pin 4 (INPUT -(2)): This pin refers to the negative or inverting pin of the second amplifier
  • Pin 5 (INPUT +(2)): This pin refers to the positive or non-inverting terminal of the second amplifier
  • Pin 6: (GND): This pin refers to the ground connection.
  • Pin 7: (BOOTSTRAP (2)): This pin refers to the bootstrap capacitor of the second amplifier
  • Pin 8: (OUTPUT (2)): This pin provides the amplified output signal of the second amplifier
  • Pin 9: (+VS): This pin refers to the positive power supply
  • Pin 10: (OUTPUT (1)): This pin refers to the amplified output signal of the second amplifier
  • Pin 11: (BOOTSTRAP (1)): This pin refers to the bootstrap capacitor for the first amplifier

Features & Specifications

The TDA2005 Amplifier technical specifications are given below

  • It is a class B audio or video amplifier that comes with 11 pins in the MULTI WATT 11 package in bipolar technology.
  • It produces high output power – Po= 10+10W @RL = 2 ohms and Po= 20W @ RL = 4 ohms.
  • Provides output short circuit protection and overheat protection
  • It can protect against load dump voltage surges
  • Protects the loudspeaker against the fortuitous open ground
  • Provides programmable gain of 90dB and Bandwidth of 22KHz
  • The amplifier can work with less no. of electrical components
  • The maximum operating voltage ranges from +8 Volts to +18 Volts
  • The maximum supply voltage will be +28 Volts
  • The maximum supply current is 150mA
  • The maximum peak supply voltage is +40 Volts @ 50ms
  • The maximum repetitive current allowed to draw through each output is 3.5 Amps
  • The maximum non-repetitive current allowed to draw through each output will be 4.5 Amps
  • The total power dissipation of the amplifier is 30W
  • The maximum output power is 22W
  • It is featured with stereo design Or bridge design
  • The maximum operating temperature ranges from -23°C to 13°C
  • The maximum storage temperature ranges from -40°C to 150°C
  • The level of moisture sensitivity is 1 (unlimited)
  • It has 11 terminations
  • The type of output is mono (for 1- channel) and stereo (for 2- channels)
  • Provides 10% of harmonic distortion.

How to use a TDA2005 Amplifier/Circuit Diagram

The working of the TDA2005 amplifier is very simple and easy to operate. The main advantage is its flexibility, which can be provided with or without bootstrap operation. It is mainly used in designing stereo and bridge amplifying circuits. An example of a stereo amplifier circuit illustrates how to use the TDA2005 amplifier.

The circuit diagram of a stereo amplifier circuit is shown in the figure below. In this application, we can achieve 51dB of maximum Voltage gain with amplification. This circuit is tested to use in various applications.

Stereo Amplifier Circuit using TDA2005 Amplifier
Stereo Amplifier Circuit using TDA2005 Amplifier

Connect the circuit to the corresponding pins of the TDA2005 amplifier as shown in the above diagram. In this stereo amplifier circuit, input op-amp (L) refers to the left audio channel and the other input op-amp R refers to the right audio channel. This amplifier circuit is referred to as a stereo integrated amplifier circuit with high-quality amplification.

In this circuit, the speaker is connected to the output pins of 8 and 10. The noise in the signal is removed by using an output capacitor. While the fluctuations in the given power supply are reduced by using the input capacitor. This circuit is also called a 2 x 10W stereo amplifier because it drives two 10W speakers at each end of their output. If the TDA2005 amplifier drives a 20W speaker to its output of the bridge amplifier circuit, then the maximum voltage gain would be up to 50dB.

Where to Use/Applications

The following are the applications of the TDA2005 amplifier.

  • Used in Car radio
  • Audio power amplifiers
  • Woofer amplifiers
  • Microphone amplifiers
  • Music players
  • Used as a protection diode in inductive loads

Alternatives of TDA2005 Amplifier are TDA2005R multi-watt 11 amplifiers, TDA2009 class AB amplifier, TDA2005S amplifier, TDA2005M amplifier, TDA2040 multi-watt 11 amplifier, TDA7377 amplifier and TDA7379 amplifier, TDA7294 amplifier, TDA1554, TDA2030 and LM4871 are the replacements and alternatives of TDA2005 amplifiers.

Please refer to this link for the TDA2005 amplifier datasheet.

Thus, an overview of the TDA2005 amplifier is discussed above. So, this TDA2005 amplifier can protect the circuit from short-circuiting and thermal issues. Here is a question for you, “What is an advantage of using a TDA2005 amplifier?”