UA741 IC: Pin Configuration, Circuit Diagram and Applications

The IC UA 741 is a general purpose op-amp (operational amplifier) and considered to be perfect in the voltage follower applications due to there are no latch-up functions. Moreover, the i/p voltage range is the high common mode. This IC is a high-performance op-amp designed with a single silicon chip. This op-amp is stable without using exterior components, and this IC is safe from the short circuit because of the inner frequency compensation. The offset voltage effect can be canceled by employing a resistor otherwise potentiometer. The working temperature range of IC UA741 is ranged from 00C to 700C.

What is a UA741 IC?

The UA741 IC is a monolithic op-amp with high-performance, and it is designed on an only Si (Silicon) chip. This IC is used in a broad variety of analog applications. The operating voltage of broad range as well as high-gain provides better performances within the applications like integrators, general feedback, and summing amplifier applications. The inner recompense network ensures constancy within closed-loop circuits.

UA741 IC
UA741 IC

Pin Configuration of UA741 IC

The UA741 IC consists of 8-pins, and the function of each pin is discussed below.

UA741 IC Pin Configuration
UA741 IC Pin Configuration
  • Pin1 & Pin5 (Offset N1 & N2): These pins are used to set offset voltage if necessary
  • Pin2 (IN-): Inverting pin of the operational amplifier
  • Pin3 (IN+): Non-inverting pin of the Op-Amp
  • Pin4 (Vcc-): This pin is connected to ground otherwise negative rail
  • Pin6 (Output): Operational amplifier’s o/p pin
  • Pin7 (Vcc+): This pin is connected to a +ve rail of the voltage supply
  • Pin8 (NC): No connection

UA741 IC Features

The features of the UA741 IC include the following.

  • The i/p voltage range is huge
  • There is no latch-up
  • Gain is high
  • Short circuit safety
  • Frequency recompense is not required
  • The pin configuration is the same as UA709 IC
  • The alternative UA741 IC’s are AD620, LM4871, IC6283, TL081, MC33171N JRC45558, and LF351N

UA741 IC Specifications

The specifications of the UA741 IC include the following.

  • The voltage supply is ±18V
  • Differential i/p voltage is ±15V
  • Common mode rejection ratio is 90dB
  • Amplification of differential voltage is 200V/mv
  • Supply current is 1.5mA
  • This pin is accessible in different packages like 8-Pin PDIP, VSSOP, & SOIC packages

Op-Amp Design Considerations

The operational amplifiers are essential integrated circuits in most of the electronic circuit designs. There are numerous application circuits intended for operational amplifiers where each IC has its own characteristics. However, each IC design will have some general design considerations & instructions.


Operational amplifiers are identified through its high input impedance, which means that it will not draw any current. The op-amp’s input phase is frequently difficult as it occupies many stages.

The common-mode series of i/p value should be measured while voltage signals supplying as the input voltage shouldn’t go over the rail voltage as well it will make a latch-up state which will make a short-circuit of the voltage supply and therefore breaking the circuit permanently.

And the main dissimilarity among the Inverting terminal voltage values & the Non-Inverting pin shouldn’t be above the rating of differential i/p voltage.


When the operational amplifier is saturated then the o/p voltage will not attain the utmost positive otherwise negative voltage. The voltage will be always less than the supply voltage that is 2V. The voltage drops happen due to the Vcc the voltage of the transistor drop occurs within the IC. And keep in mind that a saturated IC will reasonably utilize more current & therefore consequences in loss of power.


These ICs are identified by their huge open loop gain, however, this gain can be attended with noise, therefore, most of the electronic circuits are designed by a Closed-Loop. This system will provide feedback toward the input this limiting the gain value of the Op-Amp and the noise associated with it. Inverting feedback is usually chosen because it has expected behavior & steady operation.

Where to use the UA741 Op-amp?

The UA741 IC is a single package operational amplifier which can be used in a wide range of applications especially by students as well as engineers. This IC can be used in general purpose applications such as buffers, voltage follower, adders, amplifiers, comparators, etc. So this IC is suitable for basic circuit design. Even though there are different types of operational amplifiers with higher technology, but this IC is the best choice for the designers due to its reliable properties.

Voltage Follower Circuit
Voltage Follower Circuit

The IC UA741 can be used in the voltage follower circuit, and the circuit can be built with basic electronic components. But this IC plays a key role in this circuit. This voltage follower circuit can be used in the application where a weak signal makes a comparatively high load current, which is named as a buffer amplifier otherwise unity-gain amplifier. The IC inputs have an extremely higher resistance which locates an insignificant current load on top of the voltage basis. The op-amp’s output resistance is approximately insignificant; consequently, the resistance can supply a lot current because required to the o/p load.

Applications of UA741 Op-amp

The Applications of UA741 Op-amp include the following.

Thus, this is all about UA741 IC datasheet, and the alternatives Op-amps mainly include LM4871, IC6283, AD620, JRC45558, LF351N, TL081, and MC33171N. Here is a question for you, what is the equivalent IC for UA741?

Image Credits: Texas Instruments