Infographics : A Brief about IC 741 Op Amp

In the year 1963, the first op-amp was invented by “Fairchild Semiconductors”. The term operational amplifier is the full form of an op-amp and it is one kind of IC (integrated circuits). An op-amp is a DC-coupled high gain voltage amplifier with a differential i/p and a single o/p. In this structure, an operational amplifier generates an o/p potential that is usually many times larger than the potential difference between its i/p terminals.

Op-Amps had their roots in analog computers, where they were used to accomplish mathematical operations in several, linear, non-linear & frequency-dependent circuits. The popularity of this IC as a basic building block in analog circuits is due to its flexibility. Due to its characteristics, features these are determined by an exterior component and also have a slight dependence on temperature coefficients otherwise manufacturing differences in the IC itself.

Nowadays, operational amplifiers are the most commonly used integrated circuits. The applications of these ICs include an immense array of industrial, scientific, and consumer devices. The cost of the several typical op-amps is low in reasonable production volume; but some hybrid, integrated op-amps with different performance conditions may cost over 100 dollars. Operational amplifiers may be packed as apparatuses, or used as fundamentals of more compound integrated circuits.

The operational amplifier is one kind of differential amplifier. Various kinds of differential amplifiers include the instrumentation amplifier, the isolation amplifier, the negative feedback amplifier, and the fully differential amplifier. The IC 741 looks like a ‘small chip’. But, it is a general-purpose. You need to know basic information about this. This infographic shows the pins of the IC 741 operational amplifier, its operation, pin configuration, applications. Notice the triangular shape in the IC denotes an Op-Amp integrated circuit.

What is a 741 IC?

IC 741 is one kind of operational amplifier. Please refer to think the link to know more about The IC 741 Op-Amp tutorial and Characteristics


741 IC Pin Configuration

IC 741 includes 8-pins. To know more about UA741 IC: Pin Configuration, Circuit Diagram, and Applications

Operating Modes of 741

The IC 741 is used in two ways such as inverting amplifier and noninverting amplifier

An Inverting Amplifier

Leg two is the input and the output is always reversed.

A Non-Inverting Amplifier

Leg three is the input and the output is not reversed.

IC 741 Op-Amp Characteristics

The characteristics are input impedance, output, frequency range, offset voltage, current, and voltage gain.

IC 741 Op-Amp Applications

The applications are ADC, voltage follower, S&H (sample and hold) circuit, summing amplifier, the V-I (voltage to current), and C-V (current to voltage) converting, etc.

About IC 741 - The 741 Operational Amplifier


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