What is a Computer Port : Types and Their Characteristics

A port in a computer network is a communication endpoint whereas, in an operating system, it is a logical construct, recognizes precise method otherwise a network service type. These endpoints recognize the combination of every protocol and its address through 16-bit unsigned numbers, called the port number. The protocols that use port numbers are the TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and UDP (User Datagram Protocol). The port number in every computer networking uses an IP address of the type of protocol & the host. There are some specific ports used for identifying particular services to transmit an arriving packet to a working application. This article discusses an overview of computer ports & their applications.

What is Port in Computer/Computer Port?

A computer port or a communication port is a connection point used as an interface between the computer & the peripherals like keyboard, mouse, printer, display unit, monitor, flash drive and speaker. The computer port transmits the data from any peripheral to the computer. In general, the communication ports are available in two types and the classification of this can be done based on the protocol used & type for communication like Serial Ports as well as Parallel Ports.


Characteristics of Computer Ports

The characteristics of the computer port include the following.

  • It is an interface between external devices as well as a computer.
  • Ports on the motherboard can be connected using an external device cable by plugging in.
  • The external devices which are connected through via ports are the keyboard, mouse, microphone, monitor, speakers, etc.

Types of Computer Ports

There are different types of ports available in a computer network. Some of them are discussed below.

  • PS/02
  • Serial Port
  • Parallel Port
  • Ethernet
  • VGA Port
  • USB Port
  • DVI Port
  • HDMI Port
  • Display Port

PS/02 Computer Port

It is a DIN connector available with 6-pins. This type of port is used to connect keyboard & mouse. It is developed and introduced by the personal systems of IBM. These ports are available in color-coded. For the keyboard, it is purple whereas, for the mouse, it is green.

The pin configuration of both the keyboard & mouse is the same so, computers do not identify once they connected to the wrong ports.

Serial Port

A serial port is used to connect peripherals with the help of a serial protocol to transmit the 1-bit data at a time over an only communication line. The best example of this port is D-Subminiature otherwise a D-sub connector and the main function of these ports are to carry RS232 signals.

Parallel Port

A parallel port is also used as an interface between a computer & its peripheral device with the help of a wire or above one communication line. The best example of this port is a printer port.

Ethernet Port

This type of port is used to unite the network cable to a PC. Once the cable is plugged into Ethernet port, then it can lead either to a cable modem, network hub, an Internet gateway or DSL modem. Most of the computers built with an Ethernet port. If the port is damaged, then it can be changed by integrating the adapter card.

VGA Port

VGA stands for Video Graphics Array. It is a 3 row with a 15-pin DE-15 connector. It is used in many monitors, laptops, video cards, projectors, etc. Sometimes, this port was used on laptops otherwise other portable devices in place of the full-size VGA connector.

The current LCD as well as LED monitors support VGA ports however the quality of the picture can be reduced. This port carries analog video signals up to 648X480.resolution. Some laptops are inbuilt with VGA ports to unite exterior monitors otherwise projectors.

USB Port

There are different types of ports are used in a computer network, in that a USB port is the most commonly used one. The universal serial bus port is very successful. The main function of this port is to connect all the peripherals to PCs like printers, keyboards, external hard drives, mice, scanners, cameras, and many more. This port is available on all kinds of computers like laptops, desktops, notebooks, tablets, etc.

DVI Port

This port is a digital interface among the display controller of computers as well as video o/p device such as a monitor otherwise projector. This was developed to allow the lossless transmission of digital video signals as well as to change the analog VGA technology.

These ports are classified into three types namely DVI-I, DVI-D & DVI-A. Here, DVI-I port integrates analog & digital signals, DVI-A port supports simply analog signals & DVI-D supports simply digital signals.

HDMI Computer Port

HDMI stands for “High Definition Multimedia Interface”. It works like a digital interface to connect High Definition as well as Ultra High Definition devices like HDTVs, computer monitors, gaming consoles, HD Cameras, Blu-Ray players, etc. This port carries audio signals like compressed/uncompressed & uncompressed video.

This port includes 19-pins and HDMI 2.0 is the latest version, used to carry digital video signal up to 4096×2160 resolution &32 audio channels.

Display Computer Port

This type of port is one kind of digital display interface including multiple audio channels & other types of data. This port was developed by an association of computers as well as chipmakers. These ports are Sony, Maxell, Philip & Lattice and then it was standardized through the VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association). The main intention of this Port is to replace DVI & VGA ports. It carries audio, video, USB and other types of data. It is scalable with other types of interfaces like DVI & HDMI by using active otherwise passive adapters. The most recent version of this port is Display Port 1.3 that can handle up to 7680 X 4320 resolutions.


1). What is a computer port?

A computer port is a connector at the side of a computer, used to connect exterior devices like a keyboard, printer, mouse, modem, scanner, etc.

2). What are the different types of ports in a computer network?

The ports are USB, Ethernet, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, etc.

3). What is the serial port?

A serial port is one kind of serial communication interface used to transfer information in or out 1-bit at a time.

4). What is VGA?

VGA or Video Graphics Array is the display interface or standard monitor used in most of the personal computers.

5). What is the function of the HMDI port?

This port is used to transmit high-quality as well as high-bandwidth audio & video signals between external devices.

Please refer to this link to know more about Common Gateway Interface.

Thus, this is all about ports in a computer network. The functions of computer ports are they work a point of attachment, wherever the peripheral cable can be connected in to allow the data to transmit from the device to the computer. Here is a question for you, what is computer port hardware?