CR2032 Coin Cell : Pin Configuration & Its Applications

A coin cell is a tiny, squat cylinder-shaped single cell battery that is made of metal. This type of coin cell is mainly designed to use in portable electronic devices like toys, wrist-watches, computers, etc. As compared to button cells, these are available in a wider size. The best example of this cell is the CR2032 coin cell.

Coin cell is an essential component in personal computers because they allow them to keep certain system settings once the system is turned off. Most of the coin cells include manganese dioxide (alkaline), silver oxide (Sio2), or lithium (Li) and its lifespan is many years based on its usage. This article discusses an overview of a CR2032 coin cell and its working with applications.

What is a CR2032 Coin Cell?

A CR2032 coin cell or a lithium energizer is a round-shaped small battery, used in different high-powered electronic devices like computers, wristwatches, hearing aids, car keyless entry transmitters & glucose monitors. These coin cells are available in a compact size, 1 to 6mm height & 5 to 25mm diameter.

In this coin cell, ‘CR’ is a battery chemistry classification, the first two digits signify its diameter (20mm) whereas the remaining digits signify its thickness or height in tenths of mm (3.2). There are major battery-manufactured companies that design these coin cells like Panasonic, Energizer, Maxell, Duracell, Renata, Philips, Sony, etc.

CR2032 Coin Cell
CR2032 Coin Cell

As compared to alkaline cell batteries, coin cell batteries last longer, are weightless, operating temperature ranges wide but a bit costly. These types of cell batteries provide long service life to the devices where it is used.

The lifespan of this coin cell battery mainly depends on different factors like temperature, conditions of storage, physical damage, quality of material, storage time, etc. If you are looking for a coin cell battery that is made with high-quality materials, works in all climate conditions, strong, long lifespan then a coin cell battery is a very suitable and best choice. The lifespan mainly depends on the application. For example, a car key fob lasts for 4 to 5 years.


Pin Configuration

The pin configuration of the CR2032 coin cell is shown below which includes two pins like positive terminal and negative terminal which are discussed below.

CR2032 Coin Cell Pin Configuration
CR2032 Coin Cell Pin Configuration
  • Pin1 (Positive Terminal): The bottom body of the cell is a positive terminal that is made with stainless steel.
  • Pin2 (Negative Terminal): The insulated top cap is known as the negative terminal

Features & Specifications

The features and specifications of the CR2032 coin cell include the following.

  • Lithium (Li) coin cell
  • Height is 3.2 mm & diameter is 20 mm.
  • It has outstanding leakage resistance characteristics
  • This coin cell uses MnO2 (manganese dioxide) as its positive active material whereas Li (lithium) is used as its negative active material.
  • The required voltage supply is 3.0 Volts
  • Current supply (Max) is 0.19A
  • The typical weight is 3.0 grams
  • Operating temperature ranges from -30C to 60C
  • Self-discharge: is per year is 1%
  • Non-rechargeable battery
  • Its service life is 720 hours at 20°C with 15kΩ Load
  • Its typical capacity is 240 mAh at 20°C with 15kΩ Load

The equivalent CR2032 cell batteries are CR2032, BR2032, 5004LC, DL2032, KCR2032, KECR2032 & ECR2032 based on the manufacturer. These cell batteries may have the same voltage, height, diameter as the coin cell battery.

For instance, the diameter & voltage of a CR2016 cell battery is equal to CR2032 except for the height, so it is not fitted into the device securely. A CR1632 coin cell battery has a similar voltage & height to the CR2032 battery but the diameter is 4mm. So understanding its specifications is very important to use in a suitable application.


The properties of the CR2032 coin cell include the following.

  • Nominal voltage
  • Long life span up to 10 years
  • Temperature resistance
  • Self-discharge is 1% per year
  • The amount of Lithium is 0.109 grams
  • The typical weight is 3 grams & volume is 1 cubic cm
  • No mercury included
  • Leakage protection is high
  • Applicable in a wide range of temperatures which ranges from -30°C to +60°C
  • Weight to power ratio is extremely high
  • Highly reliable & safety


The safety precautions must be taken while using this CR2032 coin cell which is listed below.

  • Dangerous to small children because they may swallow
  • Leakage can occur from the materials used in the coin cell
  • We must place these batteries from medicines
  • Safety actions need to be taken for designing

How to use a CR2032 Coin Cell/Circuit Diagram

The circuit diagram of a simple LED circuit using a CR2032 coin cell is shown below. The required components to build this circuit are; an LED, a CR2032 coin cell, a resistor, and a switch. The connections of all the components can be made as per the circuit diagram shown below.

LED Circuit with a CR2032 Coin Cell
LED Circuit with a CR2032 Coin Cell

Here, the coin cell provides 3V of nominal voltage. To make the LED ON, it requires 2.2V of minimum voltage. So a resistor is used in this circuit for limiting the current and protection purpose. Once the switch is pressed, the LED will be ON and if it is removed then the LED will be OFF.

Where to use CR2032 Coin Cell/Applications

The applications of the CR2032 coin cell include the following.

  • This coin cell battery is mainly used in different electronic devices like motherboards in computers, watches, PDAs, calculators, calorie counters, games, garage door openers, electronic organizers, toys, door chimes, medical devices, LED lights, sporting goods, pet collars, pedometers, stopwatches, etc.
  • It is used in car Key fobs
  • Used in wireless doorbell for houses
  • Glucometers
  • In computers like a CMOS battery
  • Cyclocomputers
  • Digital altimeter
  • Heart rate monitors
  • Digital thermometers
  • Card readers
  • Medical devices

Thus, this is all about an overview of a CR2032 coin cell datasheet which includes its pinout, specifications, safety measures, and circuit working with applications. These lithium CR2032 coin cells are widely used in a variety of electronics applications because of their long battery life and maximum properties of temperature resistive. If these cells are not handled properly there is a chance to occur a lot of problems. Here is a question for you, what is a button cell?