LM324 IC Pin Configuration and Its Applications

The operational amplifier LM324 IC can work like a normal comparator, and it comprises four independent op-amps internally. This IC has designed with low-power, bandwidth and high stability for operating with single power supply over extensive voltage ranges. The range of operating voltages of this IC includes 3.0 V for low and 32 V for high. The range of common mode input mainly comprises the negative voltage supply, thus removing the requirement of outside biasing components in several applications. The range of output voltage also comprises the negative voltage supply. This article discusses an overview of LM324 IC comparator.

What is an LM324 IC Comparator?

The LM324 IC consists of 14-pins with four independent op-amps in one package. These electronic voltage amplifiers are available in high gain with differential input as well as a single output. The voltage difference among the input terminals of the IC is very less than the output voltage. These comparators operate with a single power supply and need of dual supply is removed. These ICs can be utilized as comparators, oscillators, amplifiers, rectifiers, etc. By using this IC several applications can be implemented very easily.

IC LM324 Pin Configuration
           IC LM324 Pin Configuration

LM324 IC Pin Configuration

The pin configuration of the IC LM324 is shown below, and the function of each pin of this IC is discussed below.

  • Pin1 (OUTPUT1): O/p of the 1st comparator
  • Pin2 (INPUT1-): Inverting i/p of the 1st comparator
  • Pin3 (INPUT1+): Non-inverting i/p of the 1st comparator
  • Pin4 (VCC): Positive supply voltage
  • Pin5 (INPUT2+): Non-inverting i/p of the 2nd comparator
  • Pin6 (INPUT2-): Inverting i/p of the 2nd comparator
  • Pin7 (OUTPUT2-): O/p of the 2nd comparator
  • Pin8 (OUTPUT3): O/p of the 3rd comparator
  • Pin9 (INPUT3-): Inverting i/p of the 3rd comparator
  • Pin10 (INPUT3+): Non-inverting i/p of the 3rd comparator
  • Pin11 (GND, VEE): Ground or negative supply voltage
  • Pin12 (INPUT4+): Non-inverting i/p of the 4th comparator
  • Pin13 (INPUT4-): Inverting i/p of the 4th comparator
  • Pin14 (OUTPUT4): O/p of the 4th comparator

LM324 IC based Cell phone Detector Circuit Diagram

The circuit diagram of LM324 IC based cell phone detector is shown below. The designing of this circuit is very simple and can be used to detect the cell phone from a distance of 10 to 20 meters away. The range of detection can mainly depend on the mobile phone because each mobile has their own signal generation capacity. This circuit only detects the encoded signal, not the voice contents. The encoded signals can be received when the cell phone receives a call or do calls while sending and receiving the SMS. This circuit can be used for multipurpose like searching for a lost phone, finding a cell phone in prohibited areas.

LM324 IC based Cell phone Detector Circuit Diagram
LM324 IC based Cell phone Detector Circuit Diagram

The circuit is very simple to built using basic electrical and electronic components. The LM324 operational amplifier is the heart of the circuit. This IC contains four high gain operational amplifiers. But this circuit uses only single op-amps from the four op-amps

A transistor 2N4401 is connected at the output of the LM324 to make the LED as well as piezo buzzer ON. The connection of LEDs count can also be improved up to 25. The circuit can be operated at 4.5Volts to 12Volts DC. If the circuit is operated below 9V (lower voltage) then we need to replace the value of a current limiting resistor from 470 ohms to 220 ohms for all the LEDs in the circuit. The circuit sensitivity can be changed by a variable resistor with the value 100K.


LM324 IC Packages

The LM324 IC is available in four different packages along with individual dimensions

  • TSSOP package with 5 x 4.4 mm
  • SOIC package with 8.65 X 3.91 mm
  • CDIP package with 19.56 X 6.67mm
  • PDIP package with 19.177 X 6.35mm

LM324 IC Ratings

The ratings of voltage, current, and power of an integrated circuit specify its power necessities.

  • The power ratings of LM324 IC include the following.
  • The input voltage of LM324 ranges from -0.3 to 32 V
  • Differential i/p voltage of LM324 is 32 v
  • The input current of LM324 is 50 mA
  • Power dissipation of LM324 is 1130 mW
  • Storage temperature of LM324 ranges from -65 to 150 0C
  • Supply voltage of LM324 is 32 V

LM324 IC Features

The features of this IC include the following.

  • Frequency compensated within IC for unity gain
  • DC voltage gain is large that is 100 dB
  • Bandwidth is Wide that is 1 MHz
  • The range of power supply is wide, and for single voltage supply ranges from 3volts to 32volts
  • Basically independent for supply voltage
  • The range of differential i/p voltage is equivalent to the voltage power supply.
  • O/p voltage swing ranges from 0V to V+ & − 1.5V

LM324 IC Applications

The applications of IC LM324 include the following.

  • Generally, this comparator is employed in the robot-like line following
  • By using this IC, the conventional op-amp applications can be implemented very simply.
  • This IC can be used as oscillators, rectifiers, amplifiers, comparators etc.

Thus, this is all about an overview of LM324 IC. From the above information finally we can conclude that there are many advantages by using this IC which includes the LM324 IC is utilized like both operational amplifier as well as a comparator, and it is an electronic voltage amplifier with high-gain. Furthermore, any doubts regarding this or any technical information please get back to us by commenting in the comment section below. Here is a question for you, what are the unique characteristics of LM324 IC?