Subwoofer Amplifier Circuit using IC TDA2030

If we want to design the amplifier circuit, the audio amplifier circuit using the IC TDA2030 is the best choice. Because this IC is inexpensive, very simple to utilize, and apt for electronic beginners. For instance, if the subwoofer within the music system is not generating sufficient bass then this amplifier circuit using TDA2030 IC is very useful to improve the Bass. This circuit can be built with various electrical and electronic components. By using this circuit, one can listen to the sound clearly by turn on the volume for many hours. This article discusses an overview of an IC TDA2030 audio amplifier.

What is an IC TDA2030?

Definition: The TDA2030 is a monolithic IC, available in Pentawatt package. This IC can be used as a low-frequency amplifier and generates 14W of o/p power. This IC includes high o/p current, low harmonic as well as crossover distortion. And also includes the protection system from the short-circuit & very high temperature.


The main features of IC TDA2030 include the following.

  • This is suitable for amplification of audio
  • The output power of this IC is upto 20 Watts
  • The power supply range is wide from 6V- 36V
  • Thermal & short circuit protection is available
  • It is obtainable in the package of 5 pin
  • The maximum voltage supply is +/- 18VDC
  • The minimum voltage supply is +/- 6VDC
  • The power driver outputs at 4Ω are 14W & at 8Ω is 9W
  • The maximum current is 900mA
  • The frequency response range at -3dB is 10HZ to 140KHz

IC TDA 2030 Pinout

The pin configuration of IC TDA2030 includes the following.

TDA2030IC Pin Configuration
TDA2030IC Pin Configuration
  • Pin1 (Non-Inverting Input): This pin is the Positive terminal of the amplifier
  • Pin2 (Inverting Input): This pin is the negative terminal of the amplifier
  • Pin3 (Vs): This pin connects to the ground terminal
  • Pin4 (Output): This pin generates the amplified signal
  • Pin5 (Vs): This is a supply voltage pins generates min 6V & Max 36V

Where to Use?

This power amplifier has the capacity of amplifying the audio signals from audio sources like microphone or mobile phone jack to increase the volume once the audio is generated from a speaker. The designing of these circuits can be done using operational amplifiers, however, if we need high volume then this amplifier is the best choice. This chip delivers o/p power up to 20W, so this circuit generates 12W power at 4Ω & 8W at 8Ω.

TDA2030 IC Amplifier Circuit Diagram

The required components used in TDA2030 IC subwoofer circuit are audio jack pin, IC TDA2030 IC, Resistors three-100K, one- 4.7 K and one-0 ohm, capacitors like one-100 mf, two-0.1 mf, two-2.2 mf & one-22mf, one- In4007 diode, one speaker, 12v battery, and one variable resistor with 22k value.
The TDA2030 IC subwoofer circuit using 12v is shown below. A 2.2uf capacitor is connected in series with a noninverting pin of the IC and it acts like HPF (high pass filter). The main function of this filter in this amplifier is to allow high-frequency audio signals.

Subwoofer Amplifier Circuit using IC TDA2030
Subwoofer Amplifier Circuit using IC TDA2030

The R4 resistor which is connected in between pins 2 & 4 is known as a feedback resistor. This resistor can be used to attain the gain. If this resistor is not proper then this circuit will not work properly.
In the above tda2030 circuit diagram, the connection of R1 and C2 can be done in series. Through pin 2 of the IC to hold back the noises within the audio signal and pin-3 is grounded. The o/p of the IC is connected through the 2200uf value of the series capacitor which allows amplified signal toward the speaker.

The pin5 includes a 100k resistor and it functions like the voltage divider biasing. This circuit uses 4 to 6-ohm speakers to generate 12W o/p. The high temperature in this IC TDA 2030 can be removed by using a heat sink. If required we can also include a cooling fan for better operation.

A variable resistor with 22-kilo ohm is used for adjusting the volume. Attach the audio signal wire to any terminal of the variable resistor & attach the middle pin to the C1 capacitor. Connect the other terminal of the resistor to the ground. By adjusting the variable resistor, we can modify the volume. A diode (IN4007) is used to avoid the polarity exchange of IC to avoid two capacitors like C6 & C7 from burning.
The capacitor C5 & resistor R6 helps in avoiding the surplus noises within the speaker. This circuit uses 12v SMPS to provide the power to the owl circuit. For attaching the 3.5mm Audio jack, connect one wire to the ground pin of the stereo jack & the remaining wire can be connected to either right pin or left pin.

Applications of IC TDA2030

The applications of the tda2030 amplifier circuit include the following.

  • In amplifying audio signals
  • Used in high power amplification
  • It operates on Dual or Split power supply
  • It is used in audio speakers for cascading


1). What is the main function of an amplifier?

The amplifier is used to convert the DC power which is drawn from the power supply to an AC voltage signal transmitted to the load.

2). What are the types of amplifiers?

They are audio frequency, intermediate frequency, RF amplifier, ultrasonic and operational amplifier.

3). Why amplifier is used?

It is used to strengthen the input signal without changing any information.

4). What is IC TDA2030?

It is a monolithic IC, used as a low-frequency class-AB amplifier. It is available in the Pentawatt package.

5). What is the difference between tda2030 with tda2050?

TDA2050 uses high voltage supply and it has more watt o/p power output & low distortion compare with TDA2030.

6). What is the available package of IC TDA2050?

This audio amplifier is available in the pentawatt package.

7). What are the equivalent audio amplifiers of TDA2030?

They are TDA2050, LM386 & NTE1380.

Thus, this is all about an overview of IC TDA2030. These ICs are used in subwoofer systems where high bass is required. So this circuit is designed with basic components that are not expensive. This TDA2030 IC generates 14watt o/p and by using another DA2030, the output can be increased upto 30watt. Here is a question for you, what are alternate ICs of IC TDA2030?