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by Tarun Agarwal 6 months ago

What is the Wavelength of Red Light?

In physics, light is a type of energy and it is in the form of electromagnetic radiation. The speed of light is approx 186282 miles per second. Electromagnetic radiation is a combination of electric and magnetic. These are classified by...

by Tarun Agarwal 8 months ago

Wavelength of VIBGYOR

We know that human eyes have color sensing capability but we don’t know the exact reason behind this concept. The main reason is, color is electromagnetic radiation that includes various light wavelengths. The observable region in the...

by Tarun Agarwal 8 months ago

Wavelength of Visible Light and Its Calculation

The scientist ‘Sir Isaac Newton’ is a mathematician, theologian, author, physicist, and astronomer. He is broadly recognized as one of the most significant scientists for all time. He is the main figure in the revolution of science....

by Tarun Agarwal 8 months ago

What is Wavelength : Equation and Its Working

A wave occurs when energy travels from one place to another. For instance, consider a pool, if we jump into the pool, wave’s start flowing from the spot to all around the swimming pool. These waves are an outcome of the flow of energy...