What is TL074 Operational Amplifier & Its Working

An operational amplifier or op-amp is an integrated circuit and the main function of this is to strengthen weak electric signals. Generally, an operational amplifier includes two inputs & single output. An op-amp amplifies the signal & generates the voltage disparity between the two inputs. There are different kinds of op-amp ICs available in the market based on the requirement. This article discusses an overview of the TL074 operational amplifier and its working with applications.

What is TL074 Operational Amplifier?

A TL074 is a JFET-input quad monolithic operational amplifier that includes 4 Op-Amps. It includes high voltage BJTs and JFETs. Additionally, Input bias, as well as bias currents, are low. In contrast, the slew rate is extremely high.

TL074 IC
TL074 IC

TL074 operational amplifier is recommended extremely for audio pre-amplification because it includes less harmonic distortion & noise. Most significantly, adjustment of an input offset is achievable by using some specific circuits.

In addition, compensation of frequency can be achievable internally & the TL074 operation is provided like latch-up-free. In the family of TL07X, both the TL071 & 72 are the versions of single & double operational amplifiers.

TL074 IC Pin Configuration

The pin configuration of the TL074 operational amplifier is shown below. It includes 14-pins where each pin functionality is discussed below.

7L074 IC Pin Configuration
7L074 IC Pin Configuration
  • Pin1: Output pin of Op-Amp1
  • Pin2: First Op-Amp’s inverting i/p voltage
  • Pin3: First Op-Amp’s non-inverting i/p voltage
  • Pin4 (Vcc+): The positive voltage supply pin
  • Pin5: Second Op-Amps Non-inverting i/p voltage
  • Pin6: Second Op-Amps inverting i/p voltage
  • Pin7: Second Op-Amp’s output
  • Pin8: Third Op-Amp’s output
  • Pin9: Third Op-Amps inverting i/p voltage
  • Pin10: Third Op-Amp’s non-inverting i/p voltage
  • Pin11 (Vcc-): Negative voltage supply
  • Pin12: Fourth Op-Amp’s non-inverting i/p voltage
  • Pin13: Fourth Op-Amp’s inverting i/p  voltage
  • Pin14: Fourth Op-Amp’s output

Features & Specifications

The features and specifications of the TL074 operational amplifier include the following.

  • JFET Input Operational Amplifier Quad Package
  • Available in Different Packages like 14-pin PDIP, TSSOP, SO-14, with different variations like TL74AB, TL74A, TL74L & TL74AC
  • Usual Operating Voltage ranges from +15V to -15V
  • Protection of Output Short Circuit
  • Operating Voltage Max is 36V
  • I/P Bias Current is 65pA
  • Max Transition time/ Propagation Delay (Pd) is 29 ns
  • CMRR (Common Mode Rejection Ratio) is 100dB
  • Low-Level Input Voltage is 0.8V
  • Input (i/p) offset voltage is 10 mV
  • Input (i/p) bias current is 200 nA
  • Input (i/p) offset current is 100 nA
  • The current Supply is 2.5 mA
  • Slew Rate is 13 V/µs
  • Power Dissipation is 680 mW
  • O/p short circuit current is 60 mA
  • Differential i/p Voltage is ±30V
  • Range of Input (i/p) Common-Mode Voltage is -12V to +15V
  • Voltage Gain of Large Signal is 200 V/mV
  • The rejection ratio of Voltage Supply is 86 dB

Equivalent TL074 Op-Amp isvLM324, TL072 & TL071 whereas alternative op-amps are LM748, LM741C, LM741A, LM709C, MC1439 & LM201 LF351

How to use TL074 Operational Amplifier?

TL074 operational amplifier (IC) works with two power supplies and the two terminals which are used are 4 & 11. Here, pin4 is used for +Ve Power supply whereas. Pin1 is for -Ve power supply.

An inverting input is given at pin2 of the 1st op-amp whereas the non-inverting input is given at pin-3 of the 2nd op-amp. The 1st op-amp output is achieved at pin1.

For the 2nd operational amplifier, inverting input is given at pin6 whereas non-inverting is given at pin5. This op-amp output can be obtained at pin7.

For the 3rd IC, inverting input is provided at the pin9 whereas non-inverting is at pin10 and the output of this IC can be obtained at pin8.

For the 4th IC, inverting input is given at the pin13 whereas non-inverting is at pin12 & the output of this operational amplifier can be obtained at pin14.

How to Terminate Unused Pins in TL074 Op-Amp?

The IC like TL074 includes a package like Quad Op-Amp, so frequently there is a chance to doesn’t use all the four ICs. In that case, the unused op-amp terminals need to terminate properly, otherwise, these pins will build up some capacitance so it can affect the circuit performance.

The Op-Amps which are used in the circuit will use huge power so reduces the design efficiency. There are several methods for terminating an operational amplifier depending on your circuit design, however, the most frequently used one is shown below.

In the above circuit, the operational amplifier works in between the range of voltage like Vdd & Vss. For terminating the IC, the Op-Amps Inverting pin is allied to the o/p pin & the Non-Inverting pin can be provided through a stable source of voltage.

The value of stable voltage could be any but it must be in the voltage supply limits. Hence it is not compulsory to include two resistors as any accessible voltage of that specific range from the above circuit can be mainly used for terminating the Op-Amps non-inverting pins.

Headphone Amplifier using TL074 Op-Amp

The TL074 operational amplifier is used to design different circuits. Similarly, it is used to make a headphone amplifier circuit. So in this circuit, this op-amp plays a key role in driving a headphone.

TL074 Operational Amplifier Circuit
TL074 Operational Amplifier Circuit

This circuit uses a single TL074 IC & a 9V battery for providing voltage supply to the amplifier circuit.
In theory, this headphone amplifier includes the highest power like 100 terms (200 mW peak) at 32 ohms load through a 7,6x (17.6 dB) voltage gain.

Where to use TL074 Operational Amplifier?

The TL074 operational amplifier includes four ICs within it where each amplifier can be separately used.
The main feature of the TL074 operational amplifier is that they include high-voltage based JFET & BJTs to help the transistor to include extremely high i/p impedance & less bias current.

This IC is used for audio preamplifiers because of the harmonic distortion and less noise. This IC is suitable if you’re seeking an IC driven with JFET & Quad package.

The applications of TL074 operational amplifier include the following.

  • It is used where the circuit needs high i/p impedance
  • Comparators
  • Used in buffer applications
  • DC Gain Blocks
  • Voltage Followers
  • Differentiator, Integrator, Summer, Voltage follower, Adder, etc.,
  • Filter Circuits
  • Voltage follower
  • AC/DC Converter
  • Oscillators
  • Unity Gain Inverting Amplifier
  • Half Wave Rectifiers
  • Square Wave Generator
  • Power Supplies
  • Bilateral Current Source
  • Instrumentation Amplifier
  • Voltage Comparator

Thus, this is all about an overview of a TL074 operational amplifier. This IC is a high-speed JFET input quad Op-Amp and the main features are less input bias, high slew rate, offset currents, temperature coefficient with less offset voltage. These ICs are obtainable in different packages like DIP (Dual in Line Package) & SO (Small Outline Package).

This IC is extremely related to the LM324 IC because both the ICs include operational amplifiers within them and similar pin configurations. But the main difference is their characteristics a bit as the TL074 IC includes a JFET within it. Here is a question for you, what is the function of an LM324 IC?