Top Paper Presentation Topics for Electronics Engineering Students

There are several students who often ask why paper presentation skills are required in the corporate world. The paper presentation topics are more valuable for the students to share their knowledge and improve their communication skills. These skills play a prominent role not only during their engineering course but also after the completion of their course, especially during their job search and career advancement. Therefore, in this competitive world – one of the important qualities to have, in business, or in any other field to move ahead swiftly – is the ability to present well. Many times, while selecting topics for paper presentation, many questions come to mind, particularly in the minds of engineering students about the selection of topics to be presented as papers. The dilemma about the topic selection gets aggravated further when a guide demands the selection of a new and latest topic or subject.

Therefore, for the engineering students, it would be better if they can select topics from the IEEE papers as they contain good reviews, topics, subjects, and matter. However, the topics given in this article are all latest, and therefore, many engineering students will find them worthy to consider for their paper presentation.

Paper Presentation Topics for Electronics Engineering Students

The list of Paper Presentation Topics for ECE students or PPTs for Electronics Engineering Students is discussed below. These unique topics for presentation are collected from different sources.

Paper Presentation Topics
Paper Presentation Topics

Apple Talk

The set of LAN communication protocols which are created originally for Apple company computers is known as apple talk. A network of apple talk supports equal to 32 devices & the exchange of data can be done with 230.4 kbps/sec (kilobits per second). These devices are located at 1000 feet apart. The Datagram Delivery Protocol of apple talk communicates directly to the Network layer in the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) communication model.

VNC – Virtual Network Computing

VNC or virtual network computing is a kind of remote access used in computer networks for sharing the remote desktop. This virtual network computing displays another computer’s desktop display & controls the computer through a network connection. VNC is the remote desktop technology used in home computer n/w’s to allow a computer from another house. It is also by the network administrators in different IT-based companies who need to troubleshoot the systems remotely.

Clockless Chips

Electronic chips like clock chips are used for timing signals without using the clock. These chips are used in asynchronous circuits. In these circuits, the parts are mostly independent, because they are not controlled by a clock circuit, however, waits for the signals to specify the completion of operations as well as for instructions. These signals can be indicated through easy protocols for transferring the data.


This design is compared with the synchronous circuit to operate based on the timing signals of the clock. At present, transistors in the circuit are used to process the data very fast that it uses a wire for carrying a signal from one face of the chip to another face. To keep the rhythm identical, the chip requires careful design.

So clock chip uses a method called as asynchronous logic that change from the design of conventional computer circuit to control the digital circuits independently by particular data parts to force all of the circuits on a chip to protest in unison. So it reduces all the drawbacks like less speed, high electromagnetic noise, usage of high power, etc. Furthermore, this technology is enhanced to drive the bulk of electronic chips in the upcoming years.

5g Wireless Technology

5G is the 5th generation wireless mobile network technology. After many mobile networks like 1G -first-generation, 2G-second generation, 3G-third generation, 4G-fourth generation, this 5G allows a new type of network. The main intention of this network is to unite almost everyone & everything as one like objects, devices, and machines.

This wireless technology delivers very little latency, enormous network capacity, high reliability, increased availability, and high multi Gbps with peak data speed. So, enhanced efficiency & high performance will empower the new user & connects with new industries.

Invisible Eye/Smart Eye Technology

The main goal of this system is to implement an advanced security system through a less complex as well as affordable is known as the smart eye or invisible eye. At present, property crimes are increasing more so developing an advanced security system is necessary. This security system is built with a camera to defend the valuables things which are kept within the room.

This security system is mainly used whenever slew in the region of the room & recorded once it is alerted by the existence of any interruption. This footage can only be observed by the Manager once it is alerted when an intrusion occurs.

This system uses less time in tracking the intruder very easily. Whenever the intruder was detected then it sends the information regarding the intrusion through the e-mail to the cop. This system includes three components like sensors to notice intrusion; the camera to slew the intrusion point & captures the pictures & finally the keypad that allows any individual to deactivate the security system by entering the correct password.

Aircraft Tracking through GPS

The tracking system using GPS is used for commercial as well as personal aircraft with several benefits like safety as well as convenience. There is a lot of difference in tracking the aircraft as compared with tracking a car. This tracking can help to find out the location within the sky & protects it while flying.
In this aircraft, a GPS sensor is used to broadcast real-time positions of GPS in any plane in the direction of a server board that is arranged on the ground.

The arrangement of this sensor can be done in several areas otherwise on the plane based on the specific model, however, all the types of sensors function equally in tracking the exact position of the plane at any time. Air traffic controllers are arranged on the ground to pick up the positions to place all sizes of airplanes at all altitudes in any given area & time.

Artificial Intelligence in Power Station

Nowadays, a consistent, as well as continuous power supply, is required in the advanced and modern society. Globally, the enhancement in the energy sector is increasing day by day and also facing growing challenges like increasing demand, competence, varying supply & demand models & a lack of analytics required for optimal management. In this, the issues due to efficiency are mainly difficult, because of the occurrence of easy connections toward the power grid which means a huge amount of power is neither calculated nor payable, so it results in different losses & high CO2 emissions.

The power sector is used artificial intelligence (AI) & related technologies in developed states for communication among smart meters, smart grids & IoT devices. These technologies enhance the efficiency, power management & transparency to enhance the usage of renewable energy sources.
Power systems are increasing on the base of geographical region, assets additions & electricity generation, transmission & distribution.

The techniques of artificial intelligence have become very famous for resolving different issues that occurred within power systems such as control, scheduling, planning, forecast, etc. So the methods deal with complicated tasks that are faced through applications within current huge power systems using more interconnections that are connected to meet enhancing load demand. In power system engineering, the utilization of these methods has been successful in several regions.

3D Internet

The 3D Internet is an influential new method for you to arrive at customers, industry customers, associates, company partners & scholars. It unites the closeness of TV, the flexible content of the network & the building relationship strengths for social media such as Facebook. The 3D Internet is intrinsically interactive & engaging. Immersive 3D internet can be experienced by virtual worlds to replicate real life.

In practical, the people who stay online for a long time with a high range of attention for taking benefit of that interest, different businesses & companies have claimed in this quick-growing market like Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, and companies like Toyota, Calvin Klein, BMW, Coca Cola, Circuit City & Universities like Stanford, Harvard & Penn State.

Google Glass

The Google Glass is a prototype of smart glass with a transparent HUD (Heads-Up Display) used like goggles. It is the primary wearable eye display developed by a huge company like Google. The main function of this google glass product is to display the current information available to most Smartphone users & commands with the Internet through voice commands in normal language.

The main features of these glasses are virtual reality as well as augmented reality. These are wearable computers that work with the same Android software to activate Android-based devices like tablets & smartphones. At present, it is an innovative device which is very useful for the handicapped and disabled people also.


Electronic paper or E-paper is an innovative substance mainly used to build next-generation electronic displays. It is a handy and reusable storage device with a display that looks like paper however it can be frequently written 1,000s of times.

These displays are uses to display the information of battery power in different gadgets like pagers, hand-held computers, cell phones & watches.

This technology has been recognized & developed in five years, it is imagined electronic books to display amounts of information as simply as flipping a side & stable newspapers that update themselves every day through wireless broadcast.

Smart Skin

A Fabric that has data processing capacity including sensors to detect very important signs of human & airborne chemicals. This kind of skin is used to cover the whole surface of a human body or a machine. Based on the skin electronics, it gives its carrier the capability to detect its surroundings through the proximity of skin, temperature, pressure, touch, chemical, or biological, otherwise other sensors.

Sensitive skin based devices will make possible by using invalid machines which are operated in shapeless, changeable surroundings between people, numerous obstacles, outdoors on a jammed street, underwater, otherwise on remote planets. Responsive skin will make equipment “careful” and therefore responsive to their surroundings.

Cell Broadcasting

In mobile technology, Cell Broadcasting is one kind of feature for messaging and it is part of the GSM standard. An alternate name for this is SMS-CB (Short Message Service – Cell Broadcast). The main intention of this design is to broadcast the messages simultaneously to several users in a particular region, whereas the SMS-PP (Short Message Service – Point to Point) is one kind of service similar to one-to-one & one-to-a-few service. So, CB is a geographically focused one-to-many messaging service. CB messaging service supports through UMTS.

This kind of technology allows a text to distribute to all the terminals of mobile which are connected to a set of cells, whereas SMS messages are sent point-to-point and CB messages are sent point-to-area which means that a single CB message can achieve a vast number of terminals immediately.

Portability of Cell Phone Number

Cell phone number portability provides a facility for mobile users to change his/her network service without altering their phone numbers. So, this supports the user to switch, enhances competition within the market & the user enjoys a good quality of service with good tariffs because operators are troubled with additional costs of applying MNP. This system observes the consequences of initiating MNP (mobile number portability).

Some more new paper presentation topics include the following.

  1. Spin Electronics Devices
  2. Artificial Hand Using Embedded System
  3. Applications of Nanotechnology in Electronics
  4. Advanced Wireless Communications
  5. Importance of Verichip in Electronics
  6. The Evolution and Improvement of the ARM Architecture
  7. Context Monitoring of a Patient Using Wireless Networks
  8. An Emerging Technology in Wireless Communications
  9. Fingerprint Identification and Its Advanced Applications
  10. Paper Presentation on 3D Integrated Circuits
  11. Third Generation (3G) Wireless Technology
  12. Holographic Data Storage Memory
  13. Concentrated Solar Power
  14. Haptic Technology
  15. Silicon Microphotonics in Basic Electronics
  16. IRIS Recognition as a Biometric Technique
  17. OFDM Basics for Wireless Communications
  18. A New Revolutionary System to Detect Human Beings Buried Under Earthquake Rubble.
  19. System on Chip Designing Challenges
  20. Channel Tracking for a Multi-Antenna System
  21. Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED)
  22. A Comparative Approach to Architecture and Technology in Optical Switches – An Overview
  23. Medical uses of Nanotechnology
  24. Nanotechnology for Electronics and Communication Engineering
  25. The Future’s Fastest Transcars
  26. Intellectual Camera Unit
  27. Using the Theory of Bio-Metrics
  28. Embedded NDE with Piezoelectric Wafer-Active Sensors Aerospace Application
  29. Digital Jewelry Made Possible Using Wireless Communication
  30. Wireless Communication IRIDIUM Satellite System (ISS)
  31. Wireless Optical Communication
  32. Bionic Eye
  33. Artificial Vision towards Creating the Joys of Seeing For the Blind
  34. Smart Car Wheels
  35. Windows Based Embedded Systems
  36. Steganography
  37. Autonomous Cars
  38. Introduction to Surveillance Camera Control System
  39. Satellites for Amateur Radio
  40. Radio Frequency Identification
  41. Compressed Image Processing
  42. Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (Wi-Max)
  43. Wireless Communication Zigbee
  44. Next-Generation Wireless Communication- Free Space Optics (FSO)
  45. Smart Card Security
  46. Cellular and Mobile Communication
  47. Smart Antenna Opens Lanes For Wireless Highway
  48. A Fully Adaptive Approach to Smart Antennas
  49. Brain Fingerprint Technology
  50. How do Biometric Systems work?
  51. The Bluetooth Technology
  52. BioChip Informatics Technology for Electronic and Communication Engineering
  53. Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes (PLED)
  54. Blu-Ray Disc VS. HD-DVD
  55. Ultra-Wideband Technology Creating a Wireless World
  56. Diamond – The Ultimate Semiconductor
  57. Parallel Logic Simulation of VLSI Systems
  58. Optical Computers: The Future of Technology
  59. Nano Wire Growth for Sensor Arrays
  60. Space Solar Power
  61. Nanotubes
  62. Pill Camera
  63. Biometric Voting System
  64. How does Night Vision work?
  65. Dvb-H Broadcast Mobile
  66. Concealed Weapon Detection Using Digital Image Processing
  67. Internet (Broadband) Over Electric Lines
  68. SOS Transmission
  69. Zigbee – A Wireless Mesh
  70. Wireless Capsule Endoscopy
  71. VLSI Logic Circuit Using Single Electron Transistor Set
  72. Sniffer for Mobile Phones
  73. Secure Symmetric Authentication For RFID Tags
  74. Wireless Battery Charger
  75. Strained Silicon
  76. Wireless Technologies, Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) & World Wide Interoperability for Microwave Access (Wi-max)
  77. Power Minimization Strategy in MOS Transistors Using Quasi-Floating-Gate
  78. Plastic Solar Cells: Implementation of Nanorod and Screen Printing Technology
  79. Plasmonics: “Vision for the Future”
  80. Satellite-Based Tsunami and Earthquake Early Warning System
  81. Speech Signal Analysis and Speaker Recognition by Signal Processing

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Thus, this is all about an overview of paper presentation topics for electronics engineering students. These are also known as PPTs for engineering students. These topics are collected from IEEE paper presentation topics which are very helpful to give the presentation for the technical students.

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