Peel and Stick Circuit Stickers For Electronics Beginners

Peel and Stick Circuit Stickers are used to make different electronic models that are compatible with any electronic devices. These circuit stickers can be used between any physical elements such as LED’s, Bulbs, Sensors, and Buttons for connectivity. Circuit Stickers are very unique, Budget Friendly and one can easily build electronic models and can save time. These stickers are very useful for Beginners, Educators, and Researchers. These are the simple building blocks that are used to construct an electronic device with elements in different forms of PCBs (Printed Circuit Board). Below is the picture of a sample device that is connected by using these Stickers.

Sample Of Circuit Stickers
Sample Of Circuit Stickers

Tools Used to Design Peel and Stick Circuit Stickers

Circuit Stickers can be designed by anyone but all they need is Innovative ideas and basic skills in electronics and electrical. These stickers can be designed on any software where the output can be printed. For example Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe Illustrator. However, we can also make circuits by hand from scratch but it is a time-consuming task and there are possibilities for errors. These circuit designers use Microsoft Visio to design the underside of the circuit. This tool has a feature called “Stencil” which is used to design the underside of the circuit sticker. There is another feature called “connector”, which is used to connect all the circuits once the desired model is ready. Below is the Image of this software.

Visio Software
Visio Software

Project Kit

Circuit stickers are light in weight, thin as paper and are flexible to use. It has an adhesive called anisotropic adhesive at the back of the circuits. These stickers are also provided with copper tapes so that one can make any big model. We can reuse these stickers multiple times as we use normal stickers. Here is the table below which gives detailed information about the Circuit Stickers kit.

Item Quantity
LED stickers (white) 12
LED stickers (Blue) 6
LED stickers (Red) 6
LED stickers (Yellow) 6
Copper Tape 1 Roll (5 Meters)
Cell Batteries – CR 2032 2
Binder Clips (Small) 2
Conductive plastic 1
Z conductive Tape 1
SketchBook 1

This kit also has a Sketch Book which consists of sample models where you can just stick the circuits in the book for better understanding. The total cost of these stickers will be around 25$. Below is the Image of the sketchbook.

sketch book