Different types of Sensors Available for Building Projects

A sensor is an electrical device that detects some kind of input from a physical environment. The input could be heat, light, motion, pressure and moisture. Generally, the output is a signal. The different types of sensors that play an essential role in building projects and in industrial applications include gas sensor, temperature sensor, Infrared sensor, passive infrared sensor, ultrasonic sensor, laser sensor, pressure sensors etc.

Designing a project based on a sensor is a very good idea and some of the advanced projects that can be designed based on sensors include Data acquisition, Fuzzy logic and SCADA projects. The main objective of this infographic is to describe different types of sensors that can be used in building different projects.Thus, the following projects are very useful for those who are interested in building their own sensor-based projects in an easy way.

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Infographic - Different types of sensors for building projects

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