Most Recent Electronics Project Ideas by Professional Experts

With the development of technologies, especially in embedded electronics, control nature of various systems in industrial and domestic applications has  become easier and more reliable. By keeping this in mind, in this article, we are listing out some electronics projects ideas for engineering students. These project ideas have more demand in engineering level, which is useful for ECE and EEE students.

Recent Electronics Project Ideas
Recent Electronics Project Ideas

Many of the students search for new electronics project ideas to complete their project work successfully.These project ideas are built by using various small and large circuits, and also include the usage of various components such as diodes, integrated circuits, resistors, etc. All the below mentioned project ideas are suggested by many professionals and experts.

Top 8 Electronics Projects Ideas for Engineering Students

1. Networking of Multiple Microcontrollers

The aim of this project is to develop and demonstrate how multiple microcontrollers can be connected as a network. This proposed system is mostly used in modern automobiles. In industrial environment and domestic area, many of the products are manufactured by using multiple microcontrollers- for instance, automobile sector. A modern car consists of many microcontrollers which are embedded within the system.

Networking of Multiple Microcontrollers
Networking of Multiple Microcontrollers

As the number of microcontroller increases, the communication and networking between them becomes necessary. The advantage of using multiple microcontrollers is that if any one of the microcontroller fails bad, then, only particular one will be affected.

2. Raspberry Pi Board based Programmable Sequential Switching

This project provides information on switching industrial loads using a user programmable logic control device to perform sequential operation by using a Raspberry Pi development board. This principle of sequential operation is generally used for the cyclic nature of work.

Raspberry Pi based Programmable Sequential Switching
Raspberry Pi based Programmable Sequential Switching

Programmable logic controllers are very expensive for performing simple operations like sequential switching of loads in industrial applications. With this proposed system, one can know the working and operation of the programmable sequential switching using a Raspberry Pi board. The application of the Raspberry Pi board is developed and configured by the program through the input key buttons of the keyboard. In industries, there are many tasks to be performed which require repeated operation in different time intervals at various orders and  therefore, this system does the job.


3. ARM Cortex (STM32) based Solar Street Light

The main purpose of this project is to design LED based street lights with auto intensity control using solar power generated from photovoltaic cells. With the growing awareness about solar energy, many industries are designing home appliances to use solar energy. In this proposed system, photo voltaic panels are used for charging the batteries by converting the sunlight into electricity. A charge controller circuit is used to control the charging using PWM technique.  This controller circuit also ensures deep discharging and overload protection. An ARM cortex processor from STM32 family is used as an advanced controller.

ARM Cortex (STM32) based Solar Street Light
ARM Cortex (STM32) based Solar Street Light

During the peak hours, the intensity of the street lights is kept very high. During late night hours, traffic on the roads decreases slowly; the intensity of the light also reduces accordingly until morning to save energy. Thus, the streetlights are turned on at the sunset and then turn off at the sunrise, automatically.

4. Railway Level Crossing Gate Control through GSM by SMS with User Programmable Number Features by the Station Master or the Driver

The purpose of implementing this project is to achieve a control over the railway level crossing gate through an SMS sent by the station master or the driver. Traditional system of railway gate control requires manpower for opening and closing of railway level crossing gate ,but sometimes it may lead to accidents due to human errors. To overcome this problem, this system is  proposed to control the opening and closing of the level crossing gate with the help of an SMS.

Railway Level Crossing Gate Control through GSM by SMS with User Programmable Number Features by the Station Master or the Driver
Railway Level Crossing Gate Control through GSM by SMS with User Programmable Number Features

A GSM modem is interfaced to the microcontroller with the Max232 converter. When the driver sends an SMS “open or close” to the modem (when the train is approaching or crossing the level crossing gate). This  data is received by the microcontroller which is programmed by using Embedded C language, then it sends an output data which finally performs the mechanical action to switch ON the motor to open or close the gate with the help of motor driver IC.

5. Innovative Car Park System integrated with NFC technology and e-Wallet function

The idea of implementing this kind of easy electronic projects is to develop an innovative car parking system integrated with e-Wallet technology. The function of the  e-Wallet is to works just like a valet parking functions.

Innovative Smart Car Park System integrated with NFC technology and e-Wallet function
Innovative Smart Car Park System Integrated with NFC technology

In this proposed system, a parking lot is available for the incoming customers. Every smart phone must be installed with android apps to enjoy the functions of innovative smart car parking system. Instead of using season pass or ticket, customer can book the parking slot in advance by using this mobile app with NFC technology. Whenever the smart phone is placed in front of the NFC reader, the customer need to tap the smart phone on the selected reader to go into the car park and tap again while coming out to complete the payment.

6. Contactless Liquid Level Controller

This is an advanced way of measuring and controlling the liquid level without using wires. This liquid level controller consists of an ultrasonic sensor that detects the precise range by reflection coming ahead it. This ultrasonic module is interfaced with a serial port of the 8051 microcontroller.

Contactless Liquid Level Controller
Contactless Liquid Level Controller

The water level is measured in cms and whenever the level falls below a set point, then the sensor module starts sensing the signal coming out of the transmitter sensor being reflects from the level, and then received by the receiver sensor placed inside the ultrasonic module. Then the received output is fed to the microcontroller. Whenever the microcontroller receives a signal from the ultrasonic receiver it activates the relays through a MOSFET that operates the pump in on or off conditions.

7. Remote Operated Domestic Appliances Control by Android Application

The main objective of this project is to operate electrical loads by using an Android application device. Based on the data sent by the android application, the operation of the electrical loads takes place. It is very difficult for physically handicapped or elderly people to operate conventional mechanical wall switches. To overcome this problem we have proposed a new system by integrating household appliances to a control unit  that can be operated by smart phone.

Remote Operated Domestic Appliances Control
Remote Operated Domestic Appliances Control

The operation is achieved by using Graphical User Interface application based on touch screen operation in Android mobile. Microcontroller communicates with a Bluetooth device for generating output data based on the input to operate the relays, and then the microcontroller controls the loads by using a relay driver.

8. Zigbee Technology based Home Appliances Controlling through Spoken Commands Using Handheld Devices

The aim of this project is to control the home appliances through voice commands by using Zigbee communication technology to make any home an automated one. This proposed system is simple and automated as even physically handicapped as well as patients can easily operate home appliances by using this technology.

Zigbee Technology based Home Appliances
Zigbee Technology based Home Appliances Control

In this proposed system, a Zigbee module receives voice commands as input signals and sends the input data to the ARM controller. The ARM controller converts the input data into a specified format, and then sends data to a microcontroller via Zigbee module wherein the equipments are connected. The received data is translated into control signals by using microcontroller and Zigbee receiver.

These control signals switches the home appliances connected to the relay driver circuit. This system makes use of voice translator software to translate the analog data into a digital format.

These are the new electronic project ideas by using different technologies such as Zigbee, Android, Touch screen and GSM, etc. We hope that you might be interested in at least one project from all these project ideas. If it is so, then write to us for practical implementation of it and even for any other simple electronics projects ideas in the comment section below.

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