ILD8150E IC by Infineon Technologies

Infineon has invented an LED driver IC namely ILD8150E IC LED dimming chip using hybrid dimming mode technology. This chip is mainly used to achieve 0.5% of the target current. The range of voltage supply of this chip ranges from 8V DC – 80V DC. Here, the LED driver IC is used to provide an extremely safety voltage boundary for different applications like which operates close to SELV limits. Here SELV stands for safe extra-low voltage.

The ILD8150E IC is appropriate for LED illumination applications which are used for general as well as professional with high dimming supplies. The LED driver IC like ILD8150/E provides not a bright performance without flash and stops clear sound.


The input signal of a pulse width modulation from 250 Hz to 20 kHz manages the supply of an LED within the mode of analog dimming output. This output ranges from 100-12.5 %. Similarly, in hybrid dimming mode the output will range from 12.5 to 0.5 % with 3.4 kHz frequency of a flicker-free modulation.

The dimming detection of digital pulse width modulation with high resolution as well as the low- power failure is equivalent to the ILD8150/E driver to microcontrollers. This IC also includes a function like dim-to-off along with a pull-down transistor to keep away from LED blinking within the mode of dim-to-off.

The ILD8150E IC drives up to 1.5A with the help of a high-side incorporated switch. The ILD8150 permits a high-power design which includes more than 95% of efficiency. It includes a soft-start function to guard the main stage against the sudden current as well as a shunt resistor intended for variable highest o/p current.

The accuracy of the exact output current from one device to another below all input voltage and load conditions will make the chip ideal. For instance, the current should be equal in the designing of flat panel & tunable white.


In addition, UVLO (under-voltage lockout) for the over-temperature protection & bootstrap voltage functions will offer an ideal fit for specialized LED illumination solutions.

The ILD8150E IC is available in DSO-8 package, and it allows wave soldering. By using this IC high thermal act can be attained with the help of an ILD8150E in DSO-8 package using an exposed pad.