OPTIGA Trust M Released by Infineon Technologies

The OPTIGA Trust M SLS32AIA controller was released by Infineon Technologies. It helps the device manufactures to increase the device security as well as improves the performance of the system. This controller stores the credentials of the device and permits to unite with the cloud up to 10-times quicker than software. This single chip is perfect for consumer electronics, smart homes, industry, drones & automation of building.

The supplying of cloud services can be easy by using OPTIGA Trust M to complete the requirement of cloud connectivity enhancement & applications based on AI. The family of OPTIGA controller adds hardware safety controllers using the software. This can be increases the total embedded systems security which includes cloud servers, IoT end nodes, and edge gateways.

When using this controller, the dangerous solution assets like key pairs and certificates are used to recognize a device that can be inserted into the controller at Infineon’s protected factory sites. The embedded systems design, operation effort, and integration can be minimized with turnkey set-up by providing a defended cryptographic toolbox, I2C interface & open-source rules on GitHub.

This controller is certified with high evaluation assurance level-CC EAL6+ & gives higher asymmetric cryptography. This chip provides a life span of 20 years, as well as its update, can be finished steadily in the field.


OPTIGA Trust M Controller Features

The features of OPTIGA Trust M include the following.

  • The user memory is up to 10 kB
  • The framework of software on GitHub
  • The temperature of this controller can range from -40°C to +105°C
  • Life span is up to 20 years for applications like infrastructure & industrial
  • The PG-USON 10-2 package dimension is 3 x 3 mm
  • Power consumption is zero with Hibernate mode
  • Device security can be monitored
  • High-end safety chip with high CC EAL6+ certification
  • Cryptographic toolbox
  • I2C interface through shielded connection

This is all about OPTIGA Trust M SLS32AIA controller and it can be used in industrial, automation of building, consumer devices, smart homes, and drones.