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Nowadays, media of networking have been covered in various fields in the world such as health departments and computer networking. A network was developed for the sake of finding the chronic disease in the human body. That network is referred to as the BAN or body area network. Normally, the body area network can be defined as the various kinds of n/w’s that deals with the monitoring and detection of the entire system of the human body. It is also called as the BSN (body sensor network). This article discusses the body area network (BAN), this technology is used to implement global and inexpensive health care.

BAN-Body Area Network

A BAN (body area network) or a WBAN (wireless body area network) is a wireless n/w of the wearable computing device. These devices may be placed in the human body or surface mounted on the human body in a particular position. The growth of attention in wearable technologies such as glasses, watches have meant an improved focus on wireless networking. The term BAN (body area networks) have been invented to refer to the wireless network technology used in combination with wearables. The main purpose of these networks is to transmit data produced by wearable devices outside to a WLAN or the Internet. In some cases, wearables can also exchange the data directly with each other.

Body Area Network
Body Area Network

As we all know, researchers are implementing new and advanced technology in the field of science. Various kinds of the n/w’s or sensors are introduced in the networking field, which is used to monitor the traffic, health in a simple way. As a result of this technology, many researchers have been invented a new technology that is called the BAN or sensor that allows us to monitor the inside activities like chronic diseases.

The field of a BAN is a particular area that could permit cheap and constant health monitoring medical records through the Internet. A No.of intelligent physiological sensors can be combined into a wearable WBAN (wireless body area network), which can be used to detect medical conditions. This area relies on the viability of implanting very small biosensors inside of the human body. The fixed sensors in the human body will gather various physiological variations to observe the status of the patient’s health.

The information will be transferred wirelessly to an exterior processing unit. The BAN device will immediately transmit all the information to the doctors throughout the world. If an emergency is noticed, the doctors will instantly update the health status of the patient through the PC by sending a particular message.

Components of Body Area Network

A typical body area network needs energetic sign monitoring sensors, motion detectors to help recognize the location of the observed individual & some type of communication, to transmit motion readings to caregivers or medical practitioners. A typical BAN kit includes sensors, a battery, a transceiver, and a processor. And also Physiological sensors like SpO2, ECG sensors and other sensors like BP, PDA and EEG sensors are under development.

Components of Body Area Network
Components of Body Area Network

Some of the most important components of the AN network include the following.

  • Various types of detectors for motion and monitoring sensors
  • Various kinds of accelerometers are used as the component in the ban area network.
  • Different types of sensing techniques are used in the arrangement of BANs like physiological sensors(ECG or EEG)

Challenges of BAN

BAN has also faced various challenges in the competition of various technologies. The different challenges of BAN include

  • The different sensor devices are used in the formation of the BAN and the construction of complex nature and are very difficult.
  • Many people think that this BAN technology is not safe in the field of hospitality as equated to other medical devices.
  • When the BAN’s are used for the data transmission they are not beneficial and can intrude the transmission of data & decrease the efficiency

Applications of BAN

Body area networks are used in various applications due to its properties and reliability. These networks are used for monitoring and sensing diseases. Some of the common applications of BAN are discussed below.

Applications of BAN
Applications of BAN
  • BANs are used in the medical field for the sake of monitoring and detecting the internal diseases of the human body.
  • BANs are used for the detection of various chronic diseases such as heart attacks, asthma, etc.
  • BANs are also applicable for security departments, on the sports and also used for communication.

In the future, this BAN (body area network) is applicable in every field like monitoring, detection, networking, etc. If the problems of BANs would be solved then this technology will cover the entire technical world. Its applications will also support creating new technologies for the advantage of mankind.

Thus, this is all about the BAN Body Area Network (Sensor Network) which includes what is a body area network, components of BAN, challenges and applications of BAN. We hope that you have got a better understanding of this concept. Furthermore, any queries regarding this concept or electrical and electronics projects, please give your valuable suggestions by commenting in the comment section below. Here is a question for you, what is the main function of BAN technology?

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