Microcontroller Based Project on Automatic Bell System for Schools

We are living in the world of automation where all the activities are getting automated through the use of advanced programmable controllers in home automation and industrial automation systems. An automatic school timer system reduces the effort needed to turn on or off an electric bell manually that gives alarm for certain intervals of time based on school timings. This automatic system is a microcontroller based project that uses a simple basic microcontroller, which makes this product affordable.

Automatic Bell System
Automatic Bell System

Automatic Bell System for Institutions or Schools

Usually, conventional methods require a peon or bell operator to attend and operate the bell system for every period and interval in schools and institutions. Such systems need sufficient human efforts to do so, and require advancement in order to become automated – the ones that minimize human efforts. As the bell system is important in schools, homes, and industries, the automatic operation of this instrument must have to be performed with a precise time controller economically.

This automatic school bell timer system is designed using a basic 8051 microcontroller for managing time intervals. Read or Write memory is also necessary for storing bell timings, but for less number of timings this memory is not needed. This system also provides the display of timing information in the seven-segment display for a user interface purpose.

Automatic Bell System for School
Automatic Bell System for School

This system uses a power-supply block to drive all the circuit components, an 8051 microcontroller to control and manage bell timings, a real-time clock for accurate timing operation, a matrix keypad to enter and configure the bell timings and a seven-segment display to display the time and information. The operation of this system can be easily understood from the above block diagram, wherein the keypad entered timings are stored in the microcontroller, which is responsible for operating the bell based on the program of the microcontroller.

Microcontroller based School Timer Circuit Operation

  • The Regulated DC power supply is given to the microcontroller using a power-supply block (In the circuit, it is not given but given in the block diagram). This power-supply block consists of a step-down transformer, a bridge rectifier, a filter, and a regulator IC. The mains 230V supply is stepped downed to a 12V AC by using the transformer. This AC is rectified to a DC supply by the bridge rectifier and capacitor filters to a pure DC, and then by a regulator that regulates the power to a constant DC to 5V. This power supply drives the entire circuit except for the relay and bell devices.
School Timer Circuit
School Timer Circuit
  • For making an accurate and precise time controller, DS1307 serial RTC (Real Time Clock) is connected to the microcontroller. This RTC is a low-power, fully binary-coded decimal clock with 56 bytes of SRAM. This clock displays year, month, date, day, hours, minutes, and seconds information. In this clock, data and addresses are serially transferred by the I2C bidirectional bus. It also has a built-in backup supply to keep time operation continuous in times of power failures as shown in the figure.
  • A matrix keypad is interfaced to the microcontroller for setting and storing the timing values. Various keys are used in this keypad for setting real-time hours and minutes, bell timing operations, and for storing and deleting bell and real timings.
  • The Seven-segment display is connected in common anode mode and interfaced with the microcontroller for displaying the timing information.
  • The buzzer is switched using relay and the relay coil is energized by the microcontroller.
  • The microcontroller has inbuilt flash EPROM memory to store the data that remains even after power failure.
  • The microcontroller is programmed in such a way that it accepts the real timing and bell timings and correspondingly sends the controls signals to the seven-segment display and also to the transistor connected to the relay coil.
  • When the relay transistor is enabled, it energizes the relay coil so that the path is closed to power the bell device.
  • Before working with this system we have to configure the real-time and bell time values using a matrix keypad. The procedure for the configuration is given below:

Enter the Current real-time using the keypad.
Press ‘#’ to store real-time.
Press ‘*’ display that shows all dashes.
Enter the 1st bell ON time.
Press ‘*’ to save the 1st bell ON time.
Continue this procedure for 5 bells.
Press ‘*’ to get the real-time

In this way, one can build a school bell timer using a simple microcontroller. You might have got clear understanding of this programmable timer with this microcontroller based project. You can also go through some additional microcontroller projects in the below list.


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The microcontroller project on school timer with the practical considerations along with the microcontroller-based projects’ list provides good information for the engineering students, and therefore, we hope that this article might have rendered a better understanding of the concept to you. Furthermore, for any help in this regard or any other practical and project-related aspects, you can comment in the commenting section given below.

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