Microcontroller based Projects on 8051, AVR and PIC for Final Engineering Students

A microcontroller is a small computer on a single IC, which consists of memory, processor core and programmable I/O peripherals, and these are designed for embedded applications. Microcontrollers are used in automatic controlled devices like medical instruments, automobile control systems, office machines, power tools, remote controls, toys and in other embedded systems.

An AVR microcontroller is an 8-bit-RISC single-chip microcontroller. This microcontroller was developed by Atmel, in 1996; and, it was from the first microcontroller families that would use on-chip flash memory for program storage. Coming to the PIC microcontroller, it is also from a family of microcontrollers, and is made by using microchip technology. The name PIC stands for Peripheral Interface Controller. This article lists many of the microcontroller based projects that use 8051, AVR and PIC microcontrollers.


1. Microcontroller Based Projects on 8051

8051 Microcontroller is an 8-bit, 40-pin microcontroller based on the Harvard Architecture in which the program memory and data memory are different. This 8051 microcontroller has been in use in quite a large number of machines, because it can be easily incorporated in a project or assembled around a machine. The following are some of the projects related to this type of microcontroller:

  1. Soft Start Induction Motor by ACPWM
  2. Vehicle Theft Location Intimation by GPS/GSM to the Owner
  3. Wireless Rash-Driving Detection
  4. ACPWM Control for Induction Motor
  5. GSM-Based Remote Monitoring of 8 Parameters of Transformer
  6. Remotely Controlled Android Based Electronic Notice Board
  7. Android Based Remotely Programmable Sequential Load Operation
  8. Remote Induction Motor Control by Android Application with 7-Segment Display
  9. Remote Operated Domestic Appliances Control by Android Application
  10. Remote Password Operated Security Control by Android Applications
  11. Density Based Auto Traffic Signal Control with Android Based Remote Override
  12. Firefighting Robot Remotely Operated by Android Applications
  13. Pick N Place Robot Arm and Movement Controlled by Android Wirelessly
  14. Voice Controlled Robotic Vehicle with Long Distance Speech Recognition
  15. Railway Level Crossing Gate Operation Remotely by Android Application
  16. XBEE Based Remote Monitoring of 3 Parameters on Transformer or Generator Health
  17. Propeller Display of Message by Virtual LEDs
  18. Parallel Telephone Lines with Security Systems
  19. Sine Pulse Width Modulation
  20. Pick N Place Robot with Soft Catching Gripper
  21. Synchronized Traffic Signals
  22. Load Control System by Using DTMF
  23. Movement Sensed Automatic Door Opening System
  24. Display of Dialed Telephone Numbers on Seven-Segment Display
  25. Line Following Robot Vehicle Using Microcontroller

2. Microcontroller Based Projects on AVR

The AVR microcontrollers are based on modified Harvard RISC architecture with separate memories for data and program. The speed of AVR is high when compared to the speed of 8051 and PIC microcontrollers. These microcontrollers can be tiny AVR, Mega AVR, Xmege AVR microcontrollers. The following is a list of projects based on these AVR based microcontrollers:

  1. ATmega Based Garage Door Opening
  2. How to Interface LED with ATmega Microcontroller
  3. How to Interface AVR Microcontroller with PC Using USART
  4. How to Write a Simple Boot Loader for AVR in C Language
  5. How to Interface RFID with AVR Microcontroller
  6. Interfacing SD Card with ATmega Microcontroller
  7. USART with Different Frame Size Using AVR Microcontroller
  8. How to Disable JTAG of AVR Microcontroller
  9. Smart Home Automation Using AVR
  10. Switch Status and LED with AVR Microcontroller
  11. Controlling RGB LED Color Using ATmega16
  12. Interfacing Serial Bluetooth Modem with Computer Using ATmega16
  13. LPG Gas Detector by Using AVR Microcontroller
  14. Green House Robot using AVR Microcontroller
  15. Bidirectional Person Counter Using ATmega
  16. Humidity Controller Using AVR Microcontroller
  17. Mobile Controlled Electrical Devices Using AVR Microcontroller

3. Microcontroller Based Projects on PIC

PIC microcontrollers are used in applications like smart phones, video gaming peripherals, advanced medical devices and audio accessories. PIC stands for Peripheral Interface Controller, and it consists of additional peripherals like analog to digital converter, timers, and PWM module. Some of the projects based on this microcontroller are:

  1. Using TV Remote As a Cordless Mouse for the Computer Using PIC Microcontroller
  2. Pre Stampede Monitoring and Alarm System Using PIC Microcontroller
  3. Portable Programmable Medication Reminder Using PIC Microcontroller
  4. Speed Synchronization of Multiple Motors in Industries Using PIC Microcontroller
  5. Synchronized Traffic Signals at Various Junctions Using PIC Microcontroller
  6. Vehicle Theft Intimation to the Owner on his Cell phone by GSM with User Programmable Number Features Using PIC Microcontroller
  7. Energy Meter Billing with Load Control over GSM with User Programmable Number Features Using PIC Microcontroller
  8. Solar Energy Measurement System Using PIC Microcontroller
  9. Density Based Traffic Signal System Using PIC Microcontroller
  10. Street Light That Glows on Detecting Vehicle Movement
  11. RFID Based Device Control and Authentication Using PIC Microcontroller
  12. 3-Switch Mini IR Remote Control
  13. Emergency Vehicle Flasher Using PIC
  14. A Real Time Clock IC Using PIC
  15. A PIC Ultrasonic Range Finder Using a Seven-Segment Display

These are the latest projects on different microcontrollers like basic 8051, AVR and PIC microcontrollers. Furthermore, for any doubts on implementing these projects, you can contact us by commenting in the comment section. We are always ready to serve you for better implementation of these projects.


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    I am a masters student in electrical and electronics ATBU Bauchi, Nigeria. I like your projects topics on pic micro controllers. Please i want your help on the following topics: 1. Speed synchronization of multiple motors in industries using pic microcontroller 2. Synchronized Traffic signals at various junctions using pic microcontrollers.
    Thank you.

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